1-Minute Miracle Tool to Prevent “Over-Spending”

My Super-Simple Secret to Make Sure You ALWAYS Spend Money on the RIGHT Things!


How do you know if something will HELP your business . . . or hurt it?

More and more entrepreneurs are coming to me with some SERIOUSLY hefty debt or financial stress – having invested in programs, purchased products, or bought items that just weren’t a good fit for them.

But it’s MUCH harder to build a business when you’re stressing out about money – no matter how much you’re making. I know first-hand.

So I want to share my FAVORITE tip for knowing 100% whether a purchase will move you forward — or SLOW your progress.

In fact, it GUARANTEES it.

And the best thing is: it’s SUPER quick, and it’s FUN to do.

Plus, it can save you a literal FORTUNE over your business lifetime . . .

But first, let me set the stage and tell you how this insight came to me.

Picture this…

I was at a 7-day silent retreat in or gorgeous, remote mountaintop location.

After sitting for several days in total silence – relaxing into hours of deep meditation and contemplation, it was time for lunch: a special 2-hour break to do whatever felt delightful.

After an hour of making googly-eyes at an adorable butterfly coyfish, I headed to the gift shop to see what treasures I might find inside. (Oh joy!)

And that’s when she hit me: A breathtakingly gorgeous 3-foot sculpture of Lakshmi – Indian Goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune.

Be still my heart…

I’d been fond of her story for years. I even named my kitty Lakshmi! (Shmee for short).

“This must be a sign from the Universe… Won’t this SURELY inspire lots more abundance into my life? How can I pass up such beauty? What if I never find another as magical again?“ I mumbled hypnotically inside my head.

Finally I broke my trance, checked the time, and scurried back to the meditation hall – dreaming of visiting my newfound bronze-friend during the next break… and the next… and the next.

During the next 2 days of the retreat I spent my meditation hours fixating on Lakshmi. I felt exhillerating throughout my body. Total joy! Total love!

(Or so I thought.)

On the 3rd day, during another long break, I sat down to gaze at my favorite coyfish again, and do one of my favorite things: Talk to my Guides.

I often do this by simply writing questions, and then quieting my mind to let the answers drop in – 1 slow word at a time. (The answers ALWAYS amazing me.)

So can you guess what I asked?

Yup. You got it:

“Should I buy the Lakshmi sculpture?” I wrote.

And here is what was written as a response (verbatim, from my journal):

“You are using objects outside yourself in order to experience joy.

Learn to source your joy from within, and THEN buy those trinkets and bobbles. When they are just objects of great beauty, then they are joyful things. 

Do not buy anything from here forward if you believe it to hold the key to your success. BUY from a state of total joy — and let things that match this joy surround you. ”


And that’s when I saw it with crystal-clarity: WHY I had gone bankrupt. WHY I see countless women coming through my door who’ve spent a fortune on objects, programs, products or services  (and unfortunately all the WRONG ones!) in attempt to fill a void deep down inside.

So the 1-Minute Money-Moral of this story couldn’t be simpler:


If you believe that an object will cause you to be: more desirable; smarter; more worthy; less afraid; more beautiful; wealthier (and on and on and on), then you are USING your money to buy stuckness.

Oh sure, it’s sneaky to catch sometimes – it’s so slippery and seductive when we spot that perfect house; car; purse; shoe; program; couch. Whatever it is – when the feeling inside is telling you that you’ll somehow be “MORE” once you have it, that’s a pretty sure-fire sign you’ve been swept up in a Spending-Spell.

And here’s the ZINGER about #1: When the ______________ (fill in your object of desire) breaks, gets stolen, dies, or fades away… you’re SCREWED!!!

It’s a totally powerless way to live. You’re a puppet to objects or people outside yourself. And while it can feel GREAT in the beginning, it will always, always, always lead to a crash. (It’s just a matter of time.)


This doesn’t mean that you won’t take a class, or hire a mentor, or buy new shoes. Oh contraire! My heart calls me to take financial leaps of faith often – as if being guided by something far, far bigger (and wiser) than just lil’ ol me.

In fact, my biggest investments in my business came from this Soul-inspired place. But they are the expenses that have all lead me to great breakthroughs. Great strengths. Great insights. (Vs. my former great big ol’ DEBTS!).

And that, Unstoppable One, is my 1-minute miracle-tool to prevent ALL future over-spending!

It’s quick. You can use it in any situation. And it will always point you in the right direction.

…And guess what?

When I went BACK to the gift shop on the very next break — feeling full. Whole. Alive. Radiant… The sculpture was GONE!!!!!!

I scribbled on a piece of paper: “Where is Lakshmi?” and handed it to the clerk. (It’s a silent retreat – remember?) Then she pointed behind me.

I turned around, and spotted exactly what she was pointing at. A dull, dingy, plastic-looking sculpture that had been moved to the floor near the door.


…Could it BE?

Yes, it could.

That dull, dingy, plasticy thing was the former apple-of-my-obsessive-eye.

I’d been so blinded by my desire to fill an inner-void that I’d never noticed she wasn’t made of bronze – but rather, just painted resin.  She had 0 attraction. 0 magnetism.

The spell had been broken.

So when you’re ready to purchase your next object, item, tool or training, think twice.

Get centered. Feel into your whole, in-tact awesomeness. Step into your Soulful Unstoppability. And from that FULL place, let your heart lead the way!

But don’t think that will mean playing it safe, or saving a buck.

You won’t know until you tune in. And ask.

It may call you to take a huge financial leap! It may call you to hang-tight and wait. Who knows?

But 1 thing’s for sure: Your heart…Your SOUL… is the only thing you should ever trust with your money.

So with that – I’d love to hear YOUR comments on this week’s post…

Just share your own spending stories below… It’s time to get this money-party started!!!!!


© Copyright 2013 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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  1. Gin
    Posted June 26, 2013 at 8:06 pm | Permalink

    Thank you Stephanie!
    This has only happened to me countless times! The change and answer comes from within and to ask out guides is so true.
    You are a beam of light to guide us !
    Thank You !

  2. Cherith
    Posted June 26, 2013 at 11:38 pm | Permalink

    So true! Thank you!

  3. Jess Webb
    Posted June 27, 2013 at 2:58 pm | Permalink

    I LOVE this, Stephanie! Especially how the spell was broken and the statue completely changed. Wow. What a powerful example of this in motion!

    I’ve definitely made MOST of my money decisions from a place of lack and thinking that something outside myself will make me more. And this line from your Guides really jumped out at me: “Do not buy anything from here forward if you believe it to hold the key to your success.”

    BINGO! That’s exactly what I’ve believed of many of the things I’ve invested in! And it feels AMAZING to realize that it’s not the case at all – those things will not bring me success or make me more…. that comes from within myself and is something I have complete access to no matter what I do or have. Beautiful! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this…. it’s just what I needed for where I’m at! 😉

  4. Jessica
    Posted July 5, 2013 at 8:56 pm | Permalink

    Yes!!! Love it! Thank you!

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