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“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” — Carl Jung […]

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What if?

What if nothing was real? What if everything was an illusion? What if everyone was an actor in the play of your life? And what if each and every scenario was choreographed only for your highest good? On some very deep level, I believe this to be the case (or at least enjoy imagining this to be true). When someone betrays me, perhaps it’s just God in disguise. When someone criticizes me, perhaps that too is God. And when someone takes something from me, what if it’s just God once again? The challenge come in figuring out what we’re to […]

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It’s all about love…

Love. It’s the foundation of every single thing on the planet. It’s the energy that we arise from. It’s our nature, our core. It’s who we are without our limiting beliefs. But are you like me? Do you sometimes find it FAR too easy to find flaws in those you love? Isn’t it exhileratingly painful to cut down our partner, picking apart every single microscopic way that they appear to be “less than perfect”? I’ve found myself holding an emotional magnifying glass up to my partner lately, at moments only choosing to see the flaws of our connection. I make […]

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“The Work” in action

Are you ready to unravel your life? Are you ready to knock down the barriers that stand between you and deep, profound happiness? “The Work of Byron Katie” is the most profound experience I’ve ever encountered. I’ve done a LOT of work on myself in the past 2 decades, and have encountered some amazing modalities and healers, yet nothing, not even the practice of Feng Shui, has made the same impact in my life as Katie’s powerful, simple process. I need to admit something though… for the past 1-2 years I’ve put this process to practice very little. I’ve allowed […]

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When Food is Love

It seems as if every woman I talk to has some sort of disconnect surrounding food. Heck, even some of my male friends seem to be affected as well. Whether thin or curvy, older or younger, food seems to have an interesting hold on many of our hearts. Also let me remind you that I write each and every one of these articles for myself and my own healing. I write what I’m learning about, right along side you. We’re in this together, this dance through life. We’re all teachers and students, often at the same time. So, back to […]

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