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5 Ways to Turn Any Struggle into Strength!

STRESS: We all have it in some form or another. And while a little bit of stress can actually be good for us (helping to challenge you and stretch you outside your comfort zone), too much of a good thing can just be downright dreadful. Stress comes in many forms, but it is always an expression of resisting what’s going on around you. Really think about that — when are you stressed? It’s only when you’re believing life should be one way, and life’s believing something different. Have you ever thought… “I want my boss to be more flexible.” “I […]

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My Cup of Chi Newsletter

Hi there! Have you been as busy as I’ve been this summer? Boy, this is such a fiery, energetic time of year, and that energy has definitely been showing up beautifully and brightly in my own life…  I’m meeting so many inspiring new people, going to parties, attending BBQ’s, delighting in street fairs, watching movies and enjoying intimate dinners. Sometimes life moves slowly, and sometimes it moves quickly — so I’m making the most out of this speedy time in my own life. How about you? Here’s a mini-recap of the highlights from the past few weeks… 1. I attended […]

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June’s CYC Inspiration Expert: Jean Haner

Join me this month as we welcome back the Change Your Chi Monthly Teleseminar Series with a dear friend of mine, Jean Haner, author of a new book with Hay House: “The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face”. Call date and time: June 30th, 5pm P/T (8pm E/T) To learn more, or to sign up for this FREE life-changing call, please click here: See you on the call! […]

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The Wisdom of Your Child

I’m excited to join with Louise L. Hay, and Dr. Christiane Northrup to share with you this groundbreaking new book, that’s like a “user’s manual” for your child – an essential guide to understanding who your child really is! The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face — Discover Your Child’s True Nature with Chinese Face Reading by Jean Haner has just been released by Hay House! Find out more at: People joke that your child doesn’t come with a user’s manual, but they’re wrong. It’s written in their face and all you have to do is learn to read it. […]

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