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Feng Shui for Health: Cheesy Kale Chips!

(I know, I know… this is swiss chard, not kale. But it’s green… close enough, right?) I’m currently doing a detox for a few months, removing dairy, soy, corn, wheat, eggs and sugar from my diet… WHEW! It’s a great way to identify subtle food allergies that can easily slow our energy, alertness and well being. Taking time to work on the energy of your body is just as important as tending to your home. So here’s a fun and super-healthy recipe to try out this summer to help strengthen your immune system, boost your body’s energy and learn a […]

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Feng Shui Q&A: 3 Tips for Stepping into Your Power

Kim recently wrote to me saying, “I’m struggling to design a space around me to help me succeed in my life and open up myself to my life’s purpose. Help!” Thanks Kim for the great question. I get hundreds of questions like this a month, so you’re in good company! Without seeing your space, here are 3 great foundational tips that I hope will help. 1. Remove the blocks So often when we’re wanting to bring in something new or open to life’s abundance, first we have to start by removing those things that are getting in your way. Do […]

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3 Ways Your Energy-Approach is Likely Sabotaging Your Success…and 3 Tips for Turning Things Around!

You’re familiar with the saying “It’s the thought that counts!” It’s true: your intentions makes for most all of the success you’ll experience in life. So putting your best (energetic) foot forward can be one of the biggest steps in turning troubles into triumphs. But many people get tripped up when attempting to manifest their dreams. So often I see my clients innocently and unknowingly putting their WORST (energetic) foot forward, and then beating themselves up when things don’t turn out as they’d hoped. Never you fear – you can turn everything around today! Here’s a quick crash-course in aligning […]

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My Cup of Chi Newsletter

Hi there! I want to welcome the hundreds of new “Space for Success” members – welcome to our heartfelt online family – we’re thrilled to have you! LOTS has been happening for me this past month. I’ll quickly give you my summer run-down: At the beginning of the month I flew to San Francisco for several days to study some powerful energy clearing techniques with one of my dearest friends, Jean Haner. I was blessed to have the beautiful Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing, join us for this long weekend –delighting in several delicious dinners, fascinating conversations and […]

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