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The Multi-Tasking M-M-M-MONSTER! (and 5 Tips to Beat the Beast)

Let’s face it. I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve ALL done it. Yes, it’s the inner “Multi-tasking Monster” – the odd creature within that attempts to do 2+ things at once. But unless you’re a juggler with Cirque du Soleil, this mode of working… well… simply isn’t working. “But wait Stephanie, I am GOOD at multi-tasking. Really! I’m an entrepreneurial all-around go-getter who keeps my family (and sanity) together by this prized talent-o-mine!” Or so you think. What you may be calling multi-tasking is, in fact, simply blurred activity. Let’s slow things down with mental stop-motion photography to […]

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10 Tempting Tips for Falling in Love… Feng Shui Style

If you’ve been left in the Valentine’s dust, or simply wantin’ some good lovin’ all year round, here are 10 juicy tips to help keep the luv alive… Valentine’s Day is long gone… but that’s no excuse to neglect your special sweetie or soon-to-be snuggle-bug. Keeping love alive all year long is your heart’s ticket to ride. You see, Feng shui is manifesting at it’s best. It’s a way of inspiring our minds to think more about what you DO want, and less about what you don’t. When you create a bedroom that’s already built for our perfect partner, you’re […]

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