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5 Reasons Why Most Women DON’T Make a Difference…and how YOU Can.

There are SO many people who’ve been real-life living proof that 1 person can, in fact, make a big ol’ whopping’ difference. We all know the heavy hitters like Gandhi, Lincoln and Dr. King. And then there are those lesser-known heroes who are changing the world in small wonderful ways in our own backyards. Probably a lot like you…. Heroes like my high school art teacher Rick Jones (who spends every Wednesday crawling under bridges to feed the homeless); my friend Ariane (who recycles our junk by turning it into amazing art); my gifted friend Marion (who performs music for […]

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3 Things that Drive Me NUTS about Feng Shui!

Year after year, it pains me to watch wonderful, well-meaning women missing out on the full depth of what feng shui can actually do for them  — often ending in the belief:  “Feng Shui doesn’t really work!”. So I thought it fitting to share my biggest pet-peeves to help you get the biggest benefit from your own design shifts (PS: All these tidbits work just as well for your inner world too). STOP if you find yourself… 1. ROLLIN’ IN RULES I’ve found that most people (even practitioners) come at feng shui from a series of rigid rules — missing […]

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