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2 Words NO Woman Should Repeat…

I talk to a lot of women each month. Probably women much like yourself. And when met with opportunities to transform their lives and make big changes, I often hear them say 2 little words that make my chest ache: “I’ll wait.” No, no, I’m not talking about waiting when it comes to that delicious just-right divine timing. No. I’m talking about being ready… but being scared. So scared you innocently hit life’s breaks and come to screeching halt. It’s like having a world-traveling luxury liner at your fingertips, but you keep locking your inner Captain in the engine room […]

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Abraham Lincoln was a Big Ol’ Loser…

How our 16th President FAILED his way to Success It’s no joke. Abraham Lincoln WAS totally and completely a Big. Giant. L-O-S-E-R. I’ll explain why in a moment. But it’s important to start by addressing a phenomenon that runs rampant in the lives of women everywhere:  The belief that failure is bad. Granted, it ain’t always fun in the midst of a goof, I’ll agree. But failure in itself means… well… very, very, VERY little about you. If anything, failure means you’re out there trying on new things — engaged with life enough TO fail. And in my […]

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