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You have “Prince Charming Syndrome” if…

There’s a serious, silent syndrome that runs rampant in the lives of most women today – an old, outdated, toxic virus that has afflicted women for centuries and centuries. It’s called The Prince Charming Syndrome. It’s symptoms, while often subtle and seemingly benign, can wreak havoc on your financial future and self-worth in more ways than you can imagine. This disease appears when smart women like you and I find ourselves consciously (or not-so-consciously) waiting around for a white knight on a white horse (with a wagon full of cash) to come galloping into our lives — in 1 […]

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3 Powerful Secrets to PROFITABLE Actions

As you’ve noticed, we’re moving rapidly into a new economy — a time when you’re going to be challenged to think, feel and act differently in order to stay ahead of the curve. This fast-paced financial environment will call you to dive even deeper into the wild-n-wonderful workings of the Universe, to finally understand exactly HOW things get created out in the world. Once you get the ground rules, you can begin allowing more and more into your life — more money, more love and more fulfillment. More creativity, health and Soul. Now that might sound daunting, or that might […]

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Feng Shui your Money House

Time to Feng Shui your Money House! Too many smart women are are suffering needlessly around the subject of money. I’ve been there myself, so I know firsthand how much it S-U-C-K-S. Just like with your home, bringing conscious awareness into your “money house” can bring some serious Moolah-Mojo back into your bank account and your future financial outlook. So this month it’s all about redesigning your habits, throwing out your limiting beliefs and rearranging your money priorities so that the energy can flow more smoothly and abundantly into your open, outstretched arms. But first-things-first:  you’ve got to take a […]

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