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Walk on LilyPads (Instead of Leaping Across the Lake)

I heard a beautiful analogy lately that describes a core challenge for most unstoppable women. In fact, it’s SO pervasive that you likely suffer from it too — especially if you’re a women who has big, bold dreams or a passionate mission. Here’s the issue: You keep trying to leap all the way across the lake: . . . . Splash! And here’s what I mean: When you have a big vision or a bold goal, it’s easy to compare where you are with where you want to be. Now, focusing on your goal isn’t bad. In fact, it can […]

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3 Tips to tell Intuition from Intellect…

Intuition. It’s one of the MOST wonderful tools available to a woman. I use it daily in my practice – from getting to the real root of a client’s troubles, conveying messages from your long-gone relatives, or receiving hits on what to eat for lunch. While that may sound flashy, it’s actually quite soft and surprisingly subtle in reality. Unfortunately there are so many myths about this (very common) skill-set that I’ll guarantee you’re missing most of your intuitive opportunities on a regular basis. While I believe everyone’s got a bit of psychic chutzpah within them, the innate potential of […]

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5 Steps for “STICKY” Resolutions:

5 Reasons Most Goals Fail — and How to Finally Make them STICK This Year! New Year’s resolutions are extremely popular. But what’s even more popular is the breaking of those resolutions. Why is this? Why do well-meaning, smart and inspired women all over the world fall off the Resolution Wagon, only to find themselves slip-sliding back into old habits, patterns and perspectives? What’s a smart woman like you to do if you REALLY wants things to be different this year? I’ve got just the thing – my handy-dandy list of the top 5 ways resolutions get wrecked, and how […]

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