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He was just 55…

How to Live On-Purpose with the Time that You’ve Got. This past week a friend of mine passed away. Tom. He was just 55 years old. There weren’t any warnings. There weren’t any signs. On Friday he just collapsed. Gone. So over the past few days I’ve been reflecting on Tom’s life, vibrance, outrageous humor, beaming smile . . . and the rich, full life that he packed into 55 years. And it got me thinking: How much time DO we have? Where’s the guarantee you’ll be around ‘till you’re 86 — or beyond? And what does this “assumption” (that […]

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Just DO IT!

Today I’m feeling exhilarated. Want to know WHY? Because I did something for the very first time. I’ve been wanting to start creating videos for upcoming Unstoppable You events, programs and newsletters. But for whatever reason, real life, to-do lists, and more “familiar” activities kept getting in my way. But I know this feeling all too well at this stage of my game: it’s that gut-level knowing that I’m in resistance-mode (or perhaps more accurately: “Blow It All Out Of Proportion” mode) regarding video shoots. So I did what any Unstoppable Red-Head would do: I went ahead and booked the […]

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Comfort-Carrie or Daring-Darla: Which 1 Are YOU?

When it comes to living your divine mission, there are 2 paths to follow. You can either follow the lead of the Comfort-Carrie’s of the world, or follow the Daring-Darla’s. I see both kinds of women coming through my practice in a steady stream – 1 far more than the other. (Can you guess which?) While there’s very little innate, biological difference between both of these 2 women, there is 1 distinctly different core trait that each have developed. And I can instantly spot which “type” a woman is within just a few minutes of speaking with them. 1 of […]

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Smart Phones, Email + Facebook…Oh My!

Spending your time with purpose, power and potency. I was at a party recently and noticed a strange phenomenon: While most were mixing and mingling, there were several others glued to their cell phones – texting incessantly and checking their email. (I used to be 1 of these people.) I also hear the same strange phenomenon happening in the daily lives of my clients: women who SAY they want to build successful businesses… but are spending hours a day on social media, the internet, email, etc. But the technology age is here to stay. Which is why it’s 10,000x more […]

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The “Delusion” Factor

Sometimes the truth hurts. Yet as they saying goes: “The truth shall set you free.” So I have to be bluntly honest about what I’ve been seeing these past few years. It’s a pattern that keeps smart women from reaching the levels of success they desire in their business. (And for that matter, in their life, too.) It’s what I call the “Delusion Factor”. I’ve suffered from it. Chances are you have a case of it as well. But it’s not fatal. It’s 100% curable. And life AFTER “D.F.” is bigger and better than you can […]

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