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Discomfort: Your New BFF!

Redefining What Being Unstoppable Should FEEL Like Have you ever done something REALLY fulfilling that wasn’t a bit scary – at least at the start? That’s what I thought: because it’s not possible! When it comes to building your business, comfort is NOT a great thing. In fact, being “comfortable” can be dreadful for living out your mission. The reason most fulfilling things actually ARE fulfilling is because you know you’ve pushed bravely through a limitation, block or hurdle –– and have come out safe-n-sound on the other side. Think about it for sec: If it were easy, it wouldn’t […]

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Peeee-ew! 3 Things that REPELL Clients…

After working with hundreds of women, I’ve come to learn 1 thing: we simply can’t smell our own stinky-spots… No matter how smart, wise or intuitive you are, there’s just no way around it. No person on the planet can clearly see their own inner junk piles. I see it more often than I’d like: women who THINK they’ve got things handled, and have cleaned up their mental messes, but right on the end of their nose is a big ol’ glop of goo . . . Grose. So if you find yourself without an overflowing supply of clients, you’re […]

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My 6 Favorite Tools to Attract Great Clients:

Enjoy these Fun Ways to Get Into Action + Magnetize New Clients 1 truth in business is this: you’re always on the lookout for the next ideal client. But finding one is another matter all together. It’s tough to keep your spirits up 24-7 –– with your heart open and your energy set to “HIGH.” And every once in a while, even the best of us will need a little cheat-sheet to gain quick access to some client-attracting magic. So let’s have some fun while getting you into inspired action using 6 of my hands-down favorite client-attracting activities. Because when […]

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2 Questions to Pack on the Road Trip of Life

What Entrepreneurs MUST Bring on Every Entrepreneurial Adventure [ Download a free business tool as my gift — BELOW! ] Imagine that you and I are taking a road trip together… WEEEEEEEEE! Picture you and I, sitting in a little red convertible… with the top down, scarves in our hair, and smiles on our faces! We’ve like little kids — absolutely GIDDY about the adventure before us! We have energy to burn, hope in our hearts, a great sense of humor to pass the time, and a big, wide world spread out before us. BUT….. After driving for a few […]

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