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More Cursing = More Money?

How the Outrageous Art of Finding Your TRUE Voice Attracts Raving Fans + Infinite Income My private clients know a lil’ secret sumpin’-sumpin’: I can curse like a sailor. No. Not just your regular cursing – it’s cursing turned into art. It’s cursing used as verbal exclamation points to hit home whatever insight’s at hand. It’s my way of lightening somber moods. Jarring the brain. Getting folks unjammed from those places they’re stuck. And getting in a giggle now and then, too. It’s mental shock therapy with a silly, red headed twist. So WHY do I mention this absurd […]

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Running a Feather-Boa Business

Using Fun-Filled Rituals to Ignite Productivity – ON COMMAND. Ug,” I said to myself a few days ago. “TWO weeks have gone by without getting my newsletter done? I guess it’s time to bring in the big guns…” And 2 days later there was a knock on my door: “DING-DONG!” Ah, the UPS guy… (my hero.) In his hands was a small package – nothing special about it. Just a soft, squishy, plain manila-wrapped wad. BUT . . . inside? Inside there was something dripping with…      . . . Giggly passion!      . . . Overflowing creativity!      . . […]

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Falling in Love with Failure

Success Secrets of the Rich and Famous Failure. It’s that dreaded word that runs silently in the background of our lives. It dictates our actions, our words, our energy. It’s that mythical dragon that evokes spine-snapping fear. Whatever you do, avoid failure at ALL cost! (Or so you’ve been taught.) Why, just the other day a brilliantly-talented woman told me she was terrified to call a prospective client: What if I say the wrong thing? What if I screw things up? What if I do it all wrong?” History . . . or even plain ol’ reality . . […]

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