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Top 5 Holiday Tips to Feng Shui Your Office

Transform Your Office, Toss Your Trash, and Make Lots of Space for an Unstoppable 2013! Tis’ the season for wrapping things up (literally, and figuratively). It’s also time for looking forward and crafting a plan for the unstoppable year ahead. And what better way to help bring in the new year than clearing out the clutter, and designing a brand-spankin-new workspace that inspires the heck out of your inner unstoppable entrepreneur – one that is a direct reflection of your boldest dreams. Even if you’ve revamped things in the recent months, it’s important to continually upgrade your space as you […]

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Danger, Danger: Are your goals FLACCID?

3 Secrets for Setting Resolutions that Stick. If you’ve noticed weeks, months or years drifting by, and your biggest goals are no closer to reality — then your dreams may be a tad: Whimpy-dimpy. Limp-n-lifeless. Lacking Oompa-Loompa-ness. Draggin’ the spiritual ground. Shnooozerville. Sure, they may sound awesome on paper, and your friends may “Hoo-Rah!” when you say them out loud.  But if they don’t make you drool with anticipating, spark a passion in your swirling solar-plexus, and inspire you to take BIG action –– then you want to review your list before January 1st. Tis’ the […]

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GOLDFISH Have Longer Attention Spans Than Your Clients

Incorporating ENTERTAINMENT + FUN to Capture the Attention of your Ideal Clients Here are some sobering statistics: The average attention span of a human is 8 seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. That’s right. Your attention span is SHORTER than a gosh-darn goldfish. Yikes. So imagine this: • Your prospects open your emails . . . • You click “play” on your YouTube videos . . . • You pull up your webpage . . . And what they get is BOOOOOOOOOOOORING. So what do they do? In 1 single millisecond, they move on […]

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