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When Selling Feels SLEAZY!

A Simple Tip to Help You Fall Madly In Love With Sales When I first started my business, I worked my buns off. Bigtime. BUT . . . I was doing everything except SELLING my services. (Big mistake.) And after a few years my business tanked into the ground. BAM! Bankruptcy, baby… All because I had some very “icky” ideas about what it meant to SELL anything. So to avoid turning into a soulful Slick-Willy, I avoided sales conversations altogether, and hid behind my computer, created products, did telesummits, explored clever online strategies, and anything else that would keep me […]

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Stop Trying to be a Porsche – If You’re a BUICK!

The Deadly Game of “Comparisons” – and How to Squash ‘Em Flat So Your Business Can Soar I caught myself doing something EMBARRASSING a few weeks ago. So I figured I should come clean. Not just because it’s fun to tell you goofy stories about my life . . . But to shine a light on a habit that all of us soulful entrepreneurs have from time to time. A habit that is TOXIC to your success. Because without this little icky tidbit running rampant in your life, your confidence will literally shoot right off the charts AND you’ll have […]

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