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Stop Doing DUMB Stuff!

5 Steps to Guarantee You’re Doing the SMART Stuff First – and Avoid Spinning Your Wheels, Getting Lost in Information Overload, or Wasting Your Time on Social Media Here’s the SHOCKING truth: MOST ALL of the budding entrepreneurs I meet are wasting their time taking the wrong actions. This is NO exaggeration. (What’s sadder is they rarely have ANY idea they’re doing it.) But RESULTS speak: If you’re not serving a lot of people and making a great living, you likely are part of that 98%. When I quizzed my entire mailing list 2 weeks ago, and asked what you’re […]

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Kiss Your Frogs

The Surprising Twist To Turn ANY Warty Business Problem into a Royal Advantage! It was Saturday morning. I was clutching the steering wheel of my Buick, headed north for a romantic getaway up the west coast of California. The directions were loaded into the GPS. But at the last minute, a close friend whispered a “better way” to avoid the LA traffic (saving our sanity in the process). So when the GPS said to sail straight on the 5, I veered right onto the 57 instead. (I was livin’ on the edge . . . ‘cause that’s how Unstoppables roll.) […]

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