5 Peeps Who Can Make (or Break) your Biz:

How the Folks in Your Inner-Circle Can Dramatically Impact Your Income

5people Did you know that I can actually PREDICT your future finances by who you hang around?

I’ll explain HOW in a moment – but first, jot down the 5 people you spend the MOST time with:

  1. ___________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________
  5. ___________________________________________

Now let’s take a look at your list – and explore something people call: “The Law of Averages” –– which I define as the ability to PREDICT your business outcome by taking an average of all the surrounding influences.

. . . What the heck does all THAT hoodly-hah mean?

It means a LOT – especially to your INCOME.

Some say you can literally PREDICT your income by taking the average income of your 5 closest comrades.

And I believe this to be pretty darn true.

Here’s why . . .

If you’ve been around my block for a while, you’ve heard me talk a lot about environmental influences (namely, Feng Shui).

But your outer world is made up of more than just couches, plants and paint colors. It’s also made up of a whole lot of Human Beings too – all affecting your energy… for better, or for worse.

At every moment, your environment is doing only 1 of 2 things:

  1. Carrying you forward

  2. Holding you back

And unfortunately sometimes your closer connections may feel more like a giant bag of boulders than the wind beneath your wings.

Let’s use Cathy as an example . . .

Cathy was a fireball, go-getter entrepreneur (my favorite!) – but was struggling to break old habits of sharp, biting, internal self-criticism (taught to her by her very critical family) – and it was wrecking her business and immense financial future.

Cathy was also a sweet supporter of my work, an would often refer colleagues my way . . .

And guess what?

I could smell Cathy’s referrals comin’ from a MILE away . . .

Why? Because she had (inadvertently) surrounded herself with “familiar” energy:

Biting. Sharp. Negative. Critical.

Chats with her referrals would feel more like running through a shooting-range in my underpants with only my lightning-fast wit for protection (which is seriously unfortunate for me — as my wit is FAR from lightning fast!)

They were all angry women. Resentful. Stuck. Blaming. And while they SAID they wanted to grow their businesses – they were much happier setting up shop in Stucksville instead.

Even if you’re trying hard to make big changes, take great leaps, or shake bad habits – if your environment (especially people) reflect the “old” you, then it gets tough to transform – even for the strongest amongst us.

It’s like energetic quicksand – having the ability to swallow you whole at lightning speed.

Sure, you can go live at an ashram for a month, live with a Guru for a year, or have an “awakened” experience at Starbucks tomorrow morning — but if you come back home to a cesspool of doubting, limited, fearful and negative folks, you may find yourself unpacking your suitcases in Stucksville along side them once again.

But don’t worry – you won’t have to get rid of your best friend, husband or business partner to boost your bottom-line if you follow my suggestions.

Here’s why…

I was taught a POWERFUL concept during my Holistic Health training days – something that works wonders for EVERY part of one’s life:

When you want positive change…simply ADD positive influences!

If you take this approach in life, negative influences simply take care of themselves.

It’s a pretty cool phenomenon.

Here’s how it works: Instead of trying to “get rid of” those things you don’t want, simply add in more influences that are a MATCH to where you’re going… And Voila!

The folks around you eventually step up to the plate – inspired by your newfound radiance! — or —  they simply just start to fall away…. (sometimes without you even noticing).

Everything takes care of itself when you keep your sights set on what you DO want (and off of what you don’t).

It’s time to trust that the Universe has got your back – as long as you do YOUR job, and stay fine-tuned to ONLY life’s unstoppable frequencies.

Your job is to get your buns out there and open yourself up to embracing JUST ONE new unstoppable friend, colleague or mentor this month…

If you added just 1 new inspiring person to your life every 1-3 months – you’d be surrounded by a huge posse of powerhouses in just the next year (and beyond).


But what if you situation doesn’t feel so easy… Perhaps you’re married to a Grumpy-Gus, or have a business partner that gets their panties in a pinch?

Do you have to kick ‘em to the curb?


Most likely you’ve just gotten lazy about your thinking – allowing your sights to get set on their less-than-dreamy qualities. (And bumming yourself out in the process).

…Just go back to the magic formula!

Make a concerted effort to ADD thoughts about them that delight you: Fixate on their best qualities, their strongest skills, or your favorite memories.

You’ll be SHOCKED at how much power you have (and have always had) to influence your surroundings by fixating on everything fabulous.

Cause here’s the deal-e-o, chickadee: If you want an unstoppable life, you and only you must get into the driver’s seat. You choose what life you’ve got – always. With every thought. Every action. Every choice. Every word.

Will you choose connections that reflect your BEST self? Your greatest calling? Your 100% awesomeness?

(Or will you play it safe and settle for “Ho-Hum”?)

It’s time to remember YOU are in charge – so get your butt back into the driver’s seat – and DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE already!!!

So this week, stop trying to kill off those situations, people or circumstances that bum you out – and simply add in a whopping dollop of AWESOMENESS! Let Source take care of the rest…

It always does (IF you let it).

And while you’re at it – make sure you go grab up your spot in the upcoming free Unstoppable Money Training video series — a GREAT way to start meeting and hanging out with other abundance-minded people like yourself!!!

Just sign up here: www.UnstoppableMoneyTraining.com

Go get ‘em, Tiger…


© 2013 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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  1. Jess Webb
    Posted July 5, 2013 at 2:56 pm | Permalink

    Ahhh, your articles are always soo inspiring, Stephanie! 🙂 Thank you.

    I love the focus on MY thinking, because that’s something I can change! I can’t change the people around me, so it’s just frustrating to look at it from that perspective, but this puts it right back in my control so I can do something about it. 😉

    When I look at the people I hang around the most, I notice that I actually have 2 sets of peeps. There are those local friends, that are mostly friends of Mr Licious and I, as a couple – many/most of them were originally Mr Licious’ friends and became mine by default. And pretty all of them are broke, stuck, and often negative.

    Then I have my friends in the online world, who are all my own friends (Mr Licious doesn’t even know most of them) and who are exactly what I want MORE of in my life. 😉 My desire is to start to merge the two and to have more positive, inspiring IN PERSON connections, instead of them all being online. 😉

  2. Jess Webb
    Posted July 5, 2013 at 2:59 pm | Permalink

    Oh! I also wanted to say that I LOVE the focus on ADDING IN more positive instead of trying to get rid of the negative. A GREAT reminder to focus on what I WANT instead of what I DON’T want. 😉

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