9 Soulful Steps to Save Your Sanity

What to Do When Things Feel Like They’re Falling Apart…


Hey Unstoppable One . . .

So it’s been a while since I’ve touched base with you – but there are VERY good (and INTENSELY-WILD) reasons for this . . .

I’ll be filling you in big-time in upcoming emails – as this year’s journey has downloaded me full to the tippy-top with crazy-cool insights and intense new teachings — that I’m pretty sure are going to be VITAL for your own Unstoppable Mission.

Because as HUGE things shift for me, I want huge things shifting for YOU, too.

Now I won’t dump all my epiphanies onto you at once. . . I’ll do my best to drip-feed my recent tales of transformation over the coming weeks — giving you just a brief synopsis below of my “Ah-Ha! highlights” from my holy-cow-turn-me-inside-out adventures . . .

But let’s just say that I may have managed to cram in about 30 years of self-growth into just a few short months. (Not joking one teensy-weensy bit. Woah.)

‘Cause you know how people say: Watch out what you ask for!” . . .???

Well, I think I’ve finally (and fully) embraced that statement’s wisdom. (Whether I wanted to, or not.)

After spending all of January in China (I’ll fill you in on that in future email), the day before flying home my Feng Shui mentor pulled me aside and said: “Stephanie, if you don’t learn to love yourself COMPLETELY, you’ll NEVER achieve your dreams . . . “ (I knew she was right.)

(The picture at the top of the page is one of about 500+ photos taken of me in China — apparently there aren’t many tall, smiley red-heads floating around . . . That’s what it must feel like to be a famous Movie Star!!! I’ve never been kissed and hugged by so many strangers in my LIFE!!!)


(Above is a picture of me with my dear friend Jackie Patricia – out for a stroll on the streets of China . . . )

So basically, I flew all the way to China, just to hear that 1 life-altering truth. And I vowed in that moment that I’d dedicate my entire life to: LOVING MYSELF 100%.

And . . . well . . . NOTHING has been the same ever since.

It was like holding my finger on the FAST-FORWARD button of life . . . without letting up. I’ve watched almost EVERYTHING (and EVERYONE) I’ve clung to – in order to feel validated, lovable or worthy – fall away. Entirely. Ouch.

I lost 3 of my best friends within 1 month. I got my heart broken into smithereens. I spent countless hours sobbing on the floor of my office. You know: fun stuff like that!

But that comes with the territory when you’re committed to self-love: ANYTHING other than that — has gotta go! So since I’m on a massive mission to love every single cell of my being — every emotion, wonkiness, weirdness, flaw and wrinkle (ESPECIALLY those bits that I usually want to change, hide, or hate about myself) . . . it was just a matter of time until out-of-alignment thoughts, habits and connections would fall into the unstoppable abyss.

And while I’m still a major work-in-progress — I’ve made strides I never thought possible. At lightning speed.

. . . Funny how fast you transform when you’re pinned against life’s wall — and the shit is hittin’ the emotional fan!!!!

So here’s just a sample platter of wisdom I’ve come to know in my bones — tidbits I’ll be deep-diving into in future emails so you can also reap the same soulful, life-changing benefits I’ve personally been experiencing. . .

Because whether you’re a woman on a mission, or an Unstoppable Entrepreneur, what happens behind-the-scenes (and inside your head) powerfully affect every aspect of your life and work . . . So here goes:

9 Soulful Sanity-Saving Brain-Size Nuggets . . .

1. LIFE IS ALWAYS FOR YOU: Problems aren’t here to torture you – in fact, quite the opposite: they’re massive gifts in disguise! They are here to shine a light on what’s wanting (and ready) to be healed inside of you. Because your greatest pain is ALWAYS your greatest teacher, too.

2. YOU’VE GOT TO EMBRACE YOUR SUFFERING: No longer can you ignore, deny or dodge negative emotions. . . . The jig is up, Sister! It’s time to turn toward them instead, feel them deeply, and hug them to your heart — because everything you want is on the other side of that. (Trust me.)

3. YOUR “MANIFESTING” IS B.S. IN DISGUISE: If you’ve got unhealed wounds (and you DO!!!) — then most all of your manifesting efforts are actually just a hidden attempt to RUN AWAY from things you don’t want. And as we all know: what you resist, persists.

4. “PROBLEMS” AREN’T ACTUALLY PROBLEMS: It’s easy to take life’s crapola personally . . . but when things fall apart, it’s usually just a soulful sign from the Universe that the old-n-outdated is on its way out – and your untapped awesomeness is rarin’ to roll in!

5. THE RULES ARE DIFFERENT (AND FASTER) NOW: Like it or not, the rules have changed on the planet, and things are shifting faster than ever. So get ready for EVERY way you play safe, hide, or externalize your happiness. . . to fall apart. (Yay!!!)

6. INTUITION IS YOUR NEW B.F.F: If you’re not actively working on strengthening and opening up your intuition, get started . . . Pronto. It’s the Key #1 tool to keep your head above water, and access some seriously-wise guidance to help you gracefully maneuver through this wacky energetic galactic overhaul. . . . Hollah.

7. YOU ARE THE SOULMATE YOU’VE BEEN SEEKING: Every loving feeling is created inside of Y-O-U (having 0 to do with other people). So to experience the lovefest of a lifetime, simply start adoring yourself. Funny: THAT is the cake, the icing AND the cherry on top you’ve been waiting for all along…. (Who knew?!)

8. YOU ARE NOT ALONE: There is a crazy-cool (rather radical) shift taking place on the planet — and lots of wonderful women’s lives are twisting upside-down + inside-out. So you’re not the only one feeling like a hot-mess sometimes — in fact, you’re in some seriously Unstoppable company!

9. YOUR MISSION IS WAY BIGGER THAN YOU KNOW: As you shift and change, you’re not just transforming your life . . . you’re skyrocketing the entire collective, and uploading new bolder possibilities to our group consciousness, too. Because as YOU heal, so do all your Soul Sisters. . . . Sweeeeeeet.

So chew on a few of those nuggets this week. . . (I have about 387 more to add just from the summer alone!)

I’ll be back next week to share TONS more wild tales of awe and Unstoppability!!!

(Seriously: You’re going to flip your lid when you hear some of my recent stories — AND if you’re brave enough to embrace some of the tidbits and healing tools I’ve got comin’ your way, you won’t even recognize yourself in the next few months: YIPPEE!)

All for now, Beautiful . . .

Sending you LOTS of love until next week – BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!


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