Who is Stephanie McWilliams?

This may very well be the longest “About” page ever.

Here’s why…

I want you to get a feel for what I’m all about, and how I can help you get where you’re going. So read as much as you like — and may you find what you need to make a solid decision about whether we’re a match.

My promise:

You don’t have time to waste. Neither do I. So my goal is to always do the most important life work first, so you can live full-out, streaming at your awesome 100%. When you do this, details take care of themselves.

My clients are:

  • Hungry for change
  • Feeling the pull of something “bigger
  • Ready to dive deep (even if it scares them a little)
  • Want dreamier, higher-paying clients
  • Know they’re destined for 6-figures (and beyond)
  • Aware that staying where they are is no longer an option
  • Pretty darn smart
  • Yearning to “plug in” to a greater sense of purpose
  • Convinced of the value of investing in support to get where they want to go
  • Open to guidance and new ideas
  • Ready to let go of stuff that no longer serves them
  • Connoisseurs of honest feedback and radical truth-telling
  • Glad to be loved unconditionally
  • Willing to have mind-bending conversations
  • Into rolling up their sleeves and working to get what they want
  • 100% responsible for their lives
  • Hip to the fact that going it alone ain’t cuttin’ it – and are open to receiving strong support
  • Called to make a difference and long to be of service to the world
  • Feeling like the way their lives have been is too small for their big dreams
  • Funny, or have a pretty darn good sense of humor
  • Women. Fellas: I love you! And my work is just for the ladies.

Most of my clients are coaches, healers, budding entrepreneurs, and heartfelt service professionals ready to hit that 6-figure mark, as well as women chompin’ at the bit to start their own businesses.

No matter where they are in the process, most want to do something special with their lives AND give back in some way.

What I do for clients:

With firm, friendly, ferocious love, I see how incredible you are. Even when you can’t see it for yourself.

I tell you the God’s-honest truth about what it REALLY takes to pull off an unstoppable business. And give you the personalized guidance you’ll need to get there.

I show you how to mix your passion and heart with practical nuts-n-bolts business training. (You gotta have both to pull this baby off!)

I help you develop your “unstoppability”– the art of living your mission, no matter what life throws at you.

I’m by your side as you build your life AND business as you truly want it. And then, when before you know it, you’re getting dreamy clients, making oodles more money AND living your mission, big-time.

My clients will tell you:

You’ll feel like we’ve known one another forever. I have that way with people. Why? Because I genuinely love ya to pieces!

Plus, I’m intuitively privy to some bonus tidbits about you, your business, your patterns and your stuck spots (so get ready to have conversations that are deeper and more mind blowing than any you have with your girlfriends, husbands or best buds.)

How I work:

My work is guided by Source. Source is smarter than you. It’s WAY smarter than me. And when it takes the lead, big things happen. No, not big… Huge. Enormous. “That-can’t-possibly-happen” things!

That’s why our work together will be guided by the great Mystery-Mama in the sky (cause she’ll get you the sweetest, fastest results).

And on that note:

No matter how much of a smarty-pants you are, none of us CAN really see the big picture. That’s a natural flaw in the old-school operating systems of our brains.

Without a mentor, every smart woman will spin her wheels. We aren’t built to operate in isolation.

Be prepared to find your head crammed way up your bum on many occasions. It happens to the best of us…

(The real question is: Are you brave enough to pull it OUT?)

Which is why I’m here to jam a stick in your spokes… so you can get off the endless whirling and get on with the REAL purpose of your life.

After all these years, I've noticed that women tend to:

  1. Avoid the real issues.

  2. Not think big enough.

  3. Not have the RIGHT business skills. 

So our work together will focus on these 3 things. And I’ll be tapping into Source to guide us both.

I’ll toot my own horn here:

I’m a fantastic business mentor. My work is likely unlike anything you’ve experienced to date. For starters, I bring 20+ years of real-life experience and business training to the table (studying with some of the best movers-n-shakers on the planet).

Add to that a wicked intuitive ability and keen sense of humor. Mix it all together, and I promise you an adventure that will literally change your life. I don’t say that lightly.

I’ve learned how to manifest BIG things out of thin air. I landed my show on HGTV, “Fun Shui” with 0 experience (and a million other mind-bending manifestations), and I’m all about showing you how to do the same.

And boy, I’ve learned what NOT to do in business after bankrupting my first company. That being said, I also took my current business to 6-figures in less than 1 year — and I’m here to show you exactly how I did it.

Here’s the deal…

There are hidden reasons why your business may be stuck (or not skyrocketing to 6-figures). I can see, feel and taste them. Do you think I can keep that to myself? Me neither!

It breaks my heart that so many women spend endless decades and dollars skipping over these core challenges.

Which is why we’ll shift your thinking, outlook, actions and energy so you finally craft a whole new world of possibilities.

My clients are living proof of what can happen once you work on the important stuff FIRST.

Tidbits about me:

  • I’m funny.
  • I’ve got serious moxie. You need some? I’ve got plenty you can borrow.
  • I’ve claimed my well-rounded womanhood. I’ll show you how to be a woman who’s spiritually strong, breaks rules, leaps tall buildings in a single bound AND is sweet, playful and feminine, too.
  • I can sniff out the underbelly of anything and anyone.
  • I have a knack for business problem-solving. You got issues? I got solutions…
  • I love “going deep.”
  • I LOVE geeking out on anything related to business, marketing, sprituality and psychological.
  • I’ve taken superhuman leaps of faith (and lived to tell the tale).
  • I’m on a mission to help other women live their missions. BIGTIME.
  • I’ve struggled with some seriously tough stuff, and actually learned to turn those challenges into gems.
  • I’m still a student.
  • I love cats (all animals, actually).
  • I have oodles of energy when it comes to this work.
  • I’m SO not perfect (and that’s a strength!)
  • I don’t follow rules. Never have.
  • I teach what I know + use in my own life + business.
  • I’m a big-picture girl.
  • I have X-Ray vision: I only see YOU, not your garbage.
  • I’m trustworthy.
  • I can know more about you than your best friend – BEFORE even meeting you. (No, you don’t need to feel bashful because of it. I don’t see your deep-dark secrets or most private moments. But what I do see is the essential essence of you, and whatever details your Soul wants to share to help me, help YOU.)
  • I have a pretty magical connection to Source, which makes for some very interesting adventures.
  • I’m a little bit woo-woo. I’m a little bit not.
  • Sometimes I talk to dead people — so don’t be surprised if during our work together your old Aunt Sally or first family pet pops in to say “Hello!
  • My Midwest roots, practical upbringing, and salt-of-the-earth family keeps my feet on the ground.
  • That said, my head’s often in the clouds.
  • I’ve come to understand that spirituality doesn’t have to be serious.
  • I’m a total skeptic.
  • I question EVERYTHING.

Why it might be good to know me:

Maybe I can help you do what you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe I can help you crack the 6-Figure Code. Maybe I’ll make you laugh so hard you start snorting. Maybe you’re meant to teach me a thing or two about life. It’s hard to say from this distance. So, if drop me a line to say hello… and let’s find out!

Could we make incredible things happen, you and me?

Apply for a complimentary “Unstoppable Breakthrough” session to find out the biggest thing that’s stumping you and get a plan for moving past it, pronto.