Are you the Bacon, or the Eggs?

How Your COMMITMENT Determines Whether Your Business Succeeds . . . or Fails.


The phone rings: BRRRRRRRRRRring!!!!!!!

I put the receiver to my ear.

On the other end of the line is a sweet voice … a passionate woman who says she wants to finally build a thriving business. (Hip-Hip-Hoorah!)

What have you been doing so far to build your business?” I ask curiously.

Well . . . “ she says, followed by a long, awkward pause, and some less-than-confident rambling.

So I clarify: “What are you willing to do to make your business successful?

Silence. Again.

Ah . . .” I thought to myself. The root of her problem = COMMITMENT!

Because after talking to HUNDREDS of business owners, I’ve discovered only 2 types of entrepreneurs:

  1. Those who ARE 1000% committed.
  2. Those who THINK they’re committed (but actually aren’t).

And while I hate to be a downer, I’m meeting FAR too many women who are deluding themselves about their future business prospects.

And it has to stop.

But the good news is: All this can change in the blink of an eye . . .

What does all this have to do with ham and eggs, you say? – Keep reading!!!

Because no matter where you’re at, I’m going to help strengthen your inner resolve to make sure you’re destined for the business success that you deserve.

(Oink- Oink.)

First, let me start by clarifying what I mean by Commitment.

REAL commitment — 1000% commitment — Is when you are willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

And NOTHING will stand in your way.


Sure, it might take some time.

Sure, you may hit some road blocks.

Sure, you may fall down. Go boom.

But you always get back up because there is NO OTHER OPTION for you. It’s do, or die (so to speak).

There’s no backup plan. No escape hatch. No “Get Out of Jail Free” card peeking out of your back pocket.

For you, no matter how long it takes. No matter what it costs. No matter what blocks you hit — you will rise to the occasion!

That, my pet, is what 1000% commitment looks like.

But, on the flip side:

There is delusion disguised as commitment.

For these people, they may TALK a good game. But when you pull back the curtain on their lives, they’re not taking smart actions, facing their biggest fears, taking running leaps of faith, or investing in themselves in bold ways.

These women often have day-jobs they just can’t seem to shake, or elaborate back-up plans — just in case things don’t pan out.

And while they genuinely DO want a business, they are only putting their pinky-toe into the business waters . . .

But a pinky in the water will never ever be confused with swimming — no matter how much you splash…

Giving lip-service to your dreams — while always well-intentioned — does 0 to actually build a viable, profitable business.

So if you’re not 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to get clients, cleaning up your money issues, putting yourself out there, and failing OFTEN — you may be blowing smoke up your own bum (and not even know it.)

Because to be successful takes WAY more than lip-service.

It’s how you show up every day. It’s in the actions you take.

And I think this quote by Martina Navratilova says it ALL:

“The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

So if you’re currently an “EGG” – and want to be the “HAM”:

  1. You have to take SMART, lucrative steps first every day.
  2. You have to sell your services, and receive good money for doing it.
  3. You have to clean up your money beliefs, limitations and patterns.

You see: being an entrepreneur is NOT for the faint of heart.

Yet if you long for a life that’s endlessly rewarding and satisfying like I do — while also providing you with the best, hard-core, spiritual training available on the planet! — you’ve come to the right place.


What if you’re NOT currently at that 1000% commitment level . . . yet?

No worries. It’s happened to the best of us!

Here are 3 steps to help you re-commit and get lazer-focused on YOUR dreams this month – getting you 1 step closer to “Unstoppable”:

1. Reclaim your “BIG WHY”.

…WHY do you want a business?

…WHY do you want money?

Because — surprise, surprise — having the goal of more clients or more money is NOT enough. Oh no no no…

Money is just the little green middle-man for the opportunities, experiences and objects you REALLY desire.

Knowing your “Big Why” — the REAL inspiration that gets you out of bed every day — can be the big, fluffy wings beneath your most unstoppable dreams.


  • Do you want to inspire the world?
  • Do you want more freedom so you can spend time with your family?
  • Are you an adventure junkie, and want a business that supports exotic travels?

If you’re not crystal-clear and emotionally-moved by your “Big Why” – when the road gets bumpy (and trust me, it will!) you’ll end up taking the easy way out, give up, or sabotage your efforts.

2. Put your back against the wall.

Having a back-up plan can be devastating to your dreams.

If you have an “out” — a job to go back to, an alternate plan to fall back on, or any other means of escape – it will keep you from being 100% committed to the game.

And while the following idea MIGHT sound a bit “Negative Nelly”, having a very icky ramification whenever you don’t meet a business goal can actually light a bright, beautiful fire under even the most stuck-n-stubborn bum.

When your fears are screaming LOUDLY, having an even worse outcome can help you step THROUGH those fears — so you FINALLY realize those darn fears are (and always have been) imaginary monsters.

But what does it mean to have a “negative ramification”? Here’s one of my favorite methods:

  • Write a big fat check to your LEAST favorite person or organization — then give that check to a trusted friend. If you don’t reach your goal by a certain date, they mail your check.

I’ve heard people writing checks to the Ku Klux Clan. Personally, I’d write a check to Dick Cheney. One of my Unstoppable Diamond clients has decided to write a check to Monsanto.

You get the gist . . .

3. Get your butt focused.

Distraction is one of the biggest squasher-o-dreams — especially in this information-drenched, fast-paced world.

With every object you own, every pull on your attention, every item on your to-do list — you diffuse your energy.

And diffused energy gets you diffused results.

You only give birth to desires when you laser in at 100%. When your entire being is aligned with the goal at hand.

If you’re not TRULY committed deep down inside – and aren’t willing to put EVERYTHING on the line in order to manifest what you desire – they your energy and efforts will be majorly watered down.

And you’ll get results similar to watered-down coffee. Sure, it might LOOK brown, but the taste is whimpy, tasteless and unfulfilling.

One of my favorite ways to stay focused is to have my goals written on “Vision Cards” (simple note cards or laminated paper) posted all over the house and office — so I can look at them as OFTEN as possible!

But be sure to keep your lists short — I rarely have more than 3-4 goals on my own Vision Cards. And keep copies everywhere — I keep mine in my purse, wallet, car, desk, bathroom, nightstand, etc.

The more you stay laser-focused and inspired about your MOST exciting tasks, the more likely you are to actually pull them off. Leave all the other non-vital tasks for your regular to-do list…

While being committed takes a huge amount of bravery — you CAN develop stronger resolve as you continue to clear out old, limiting beliefs and keep cracking your heart wide open.

…That’s how the love and inspiration gets in! So take 1 idea from today’s topic and apply it to your life this week. And if you have questions about how to increase YOUR commitment – or any other questions about YOUR unstoppable business, just leave your comments below.

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  1. Jess Webb
    Posted June 1, 2013 at 4:22 pm | Permalink

    Loved this article, Stephanie! I needed the reminder about the Vision Cards – I haven’t done that in a while. Going to write those out today! 🙂

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