At Midnight He Gave Me “THE Ring!”

Hey there, Unstoppable-One!

Well . . I was going to save this story until December 31st. 

But . . . from all the VERY sweet emails flooding in after last week’s newsletter –– congratulating me on my recent “marriage” (and a few befuddled “Huh?” comments from my closest gal-pals) –– I figured I should tell you this crazy story NOW (to avoid any further confusion). . .

So let me take you back to that magical night almost 10 months ago. . .

It was last New Year’s Eve. And I was sitting by the fire, curled up with a soft blanket, a warm cup of lavender tea, a deck of oracle cards and my favorite journal.

But just as the clock struck midnight, I immediately got that familiar “buzz” (and tickling in my ear) = the sign that a Spirit is trying to get my attention!

Now, if you don’t know this about me already: I’ve become pretty wildly clairaudient – especially over the past year. That basically means I HEAR Spirits . . . 24-7.

While I’ve been doing intuitive work for over 2 decades now, the “voices” started about 4 years – and have been escalating rapidly ever since.

From dead relatives, Spirit Guides, Saints, Ascended Masters and other highly-evolved Beings –– however bat-shit crazy it may sound to you (and it did to me once, too!) – this is now my “normal” life.

Go figure.

So, back to my (rather strange) story of wedded bliss. . .

As I tuned-in to the voice whispering in my right ear, I knew immediately who was “calling”: MY DAD (who passed back in 2013).

That’s when I heard the following message (which are the EXACT words I transcribed that night as he spoke):

“Happy New Year, Stephinious-Merinious!” 

(Which is my super-goofy childhood nickname, FYI.)

After I chuckled, he continued: 

Now, I must make a comment about 2016 now that it is officially over: Do not EVER let a man wreck your life — EVER EVER EVER EVER AGAIN!”

Yikes . . .

But he was right, as I had very clearly given away my power to a man just a few months before – a man that I loved more than anyone else in the world.

But my mistake was in making his less-than-sensitive actions and extremely confusing choices mean something about my own lovability, beauty and worthiness as a woman.

. . . Double-Yikes!

Then Dad told me to turn on my phone and open up the Etsy app.

As the screen started to glow, and the Etsy logo lit up the dim corner of my living room, he told me to look at the small photo of a ring being featured in the very center of the homepage:

A beautiful oval Sunstone Ring . . . 

In the exact size of my ring finger (of course!)

That’s when he said again: 

“Happy New Years, Stephanie . . . “

. . . As he explained to me that this was my New Year’s gift – a token of the undying love of a father, to his daughter.

After teasing him that he was officially the SHITTIEST Gift-Giver E-V-E-R!!!! –– since his “being dead” status rendered him pretty worthless when it came to whipping out a credit card: cleverly forcing me to buy my own present! (*wink*) –– I also tenderly knew that this was a special symbol that I would wear EVERY day for the next 365 days (and beyond).

A sacred object that sparkles and shimmers like the Sun itself –– to reflect my dedication to FINALLY love and accept myself, just as I am . . . wholely, totally and completely.

. . . And to NEVER giving my power away to anyone (or anything) again.

Call it “Spiritual Wedding Sing” of sorts – to symbolize my newfound commitment to radical self-care and self-love and self-compassion.

And, no surprise: I haven’t taken this ring off my wedding finger for the past 10+ months, and counting . . .

“But why a SUNSTONE, Stephanie?”

Because the symbolism of the Sun is my hands-down-FAVORITE symbol for UNSTOPPABILITY!!!!!

It represents what you and I long to embody MOST in this life: A bright, shining object that is whole and complete and unwavering within herself.

No, the Sun doesn’t get sucked into another’s gravitational pull – morphing or changing herself to fit another planet’s whims . . . Nor does she require others to affirm her own worth, or ignite her inner light.

Oh no . . .

. . . The Sun SHINES from within!

. . . And from that light, she provides WARMTH (and LIFE) for others!

She is so bright and powerful and radiant and beautiful –– that all the other planets want to come and gravitate towards HER. (Not the other way ‘round.)

That is what an Unstoppable woman is here to embody.

She does not: waver, or cower, or get thrown off her path, or take things personally, or try to dim her light to make others more “comfortable” (or less threatened). . . .

. . . OH NO!!! That is NOT the Unstoppable way.

It means to be so strong that others want to gravitate around YOU . . . and you stand still, and strong, and shining from WITHIN!

And through your own shining radiance, you teach others how to do the same.

But make no mistake: This tale does NOT mean that I’ve been floating in self-love bliss 24-7 for the past many months. FAR from it!

But . . . I’m a LOT more tender, compassionate, honest and gentle with myself than I’ve EVER been before.

And that’s what I want for you, too.

So I hope this lil’ strange, silly and “sunny” story gets you revved up for the year ahead: chewing on ideas, shifts or symbols that can help keep YOU inspired and focused and uplifted along your own Unstoppable journey ahead . . .

Whatever it takes, I say: 

. . . GO FOR IT!

I adore you to the moon-and-back, Beautiful Soul . . .


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