Banishing Your Inner “Money Pimp”

How to Stop Feeling SLEEZY when You Sell Your Services


Inside your brain lives a slick, sly fellow.

A dude decked out in purple velvet and leopard-print pants.

Whether you like it or not, I want to introduce you to your inner “Money Pimp”.

And boy, he has a keen knack for showing up at the WORST time: Basically, whenever you’re selling (or thinking about selling) your services.


You’ll know he’s around when thoughts like this pop into your head:

• “I’m TAKING money away from people who need it!”

• “I’m afraid I’ll sound like a sleezy USED-CAR salesman!”

•  “I feel like a FRAUD when I tell people about my services!”

(Or various other uncomfortable combinations.)

So what’s an Unstoppable Entepreneur like you to do?

Here are a few of my favorite steps to evict your Inner-Pimp from ALL future sales conversations —  once and for all.  . . . Adiós, Amigo!

Once you give him the boot, you’ll finally start feeling confident, compassionate and oh-so-very-soul-full when offering your services to those who long for the gifts you’ve got . . .

. . . Adiós, Amigos!

Once you give him the boot, you’ll finally start feeling confident, compassionate and oh-so-very-soulful when offering your services to those who long for the gifts you’ve got.

What IS your “Inner Pimp”, anyway? 

Just like you’ll see in any bad 70’s movie, there’s a Slick Willy living inside your head wearing polyester and platform shoes — beliefs that are built to con you out of making big changes. Or making smart choices. Or shining your light brightly.

Gag a maggot.

Like a sleezy dude lurking down a dark alleyway — this part of your brain will seduce you into stagnation; whisper bold untruths; keep you endlessly stuck; and beat down your mojo.

While your Inner Pimp means well — and was designed to keep you safe from hungry dinosaurs, bears or saber-toothed tigers — it HURTS today’s modern woman (who’s most dangerous enemy is a tantrumy-teen, or a gossipy neighbor).

Your job is to learn NOT to listen to your inner Pimpish self-talk when it tries to con you into giving up, giving in, or turning back altogether.  That voice that tricks you into thinking sales are grody — and ends up tanking your business dreams.

Your Inner Pimp ALSO lurks it’s ugly head when it’s time to talk about prices, money or making an offer.

Those lousy limiting beliefs about sales, money and the value of what you do causes even the BEST of us feel like a pushy, creepy con-artist.

When the Inner Pimp takes over your sales conversations, you may end up feeling so downright dirty afterwards that you want to boil your entire body, and run straight to a nearest Confession Booth.

(Or worse yet, you avoid sales conversations altogether = GASP!!!!!)

So here’s a new (empowered) definition of “SALES”:

• Sales is what makes your business an actual BUSINESS!

Even though most heartfelt entrepreneurs try desperately to skip over this vital business element, without SALES you don’t have a business.

What you’ll have is simply a glorified hobby.

If you don’t embrace this fact and learn to fall madly head-over-heels with selling – then you won’t have a business for long. Because whether you like it or not, money is a required currency in this culture.

But never you fear: sales is simply an exchange of energy. Simply put: you trade YOUR energy (ie. your services) in exchange for THEIR energy (ie. checks, cash or credit cards).

• Sales is what allows you to SERVE.

Sales is how you get your spiritual gifts out into the world. Period.

Sales IS the very lifeblood of your mission. It is the river that allows you to flow all your divine talents out into the world so that others can drink from your unstoppable waters.

Just look around at the objects or services you love and adore: Every single solitary one of them was SOLD to you! So it’s time to face facts: Selling is a very, very VERY worthy thing to embrace.

• Good Sales is NOT about force, manipulation or lying.

While there ARE the Used-Car-Salesman types out there (that gives sales a sleeeeeezy name), there are also lots of heartfelt, wonderful, mission-driven people selling products and services they believe in wholeheartedly.

It’s your choice as to which one you choose to model. But sales in itself is NOT innately pushy, annoying or manipulative in nature.

Helping people understand the value of what you offer, and supporting them to make a purchase aligned with their desires is the exact OPPOSITE of sleeze.

Great sales people believe in what they offer. They KNOW the profound benefit they provide. And they help the right people realize this important fact.

And when done well, lives are changed for the better.

But there are still a few sales problems I see many entrepreneurs facing. So let’s go through the top 2 — and get YOU on solid sales ground:


Many heartfelt entrepreneurs switch into “Sales Mode” when talking to prospective clients, or giving a live talk.

Some even get SO uncomfortable around “sales” that they skip over their services entirely.

If you’re like most, it’s easier to share great content, or spill out your best-kept secrets — but when it’s time to talk about money, offers and programs, your inner Pimp often leaps to the foreground…

That’s when things get GROSE.

If that happens to you, then here’s your fatal flaw: You think that teaching is SEPARATE from selling.

But these 2 areas are NOT separate — they’re as linked as Siamese Twins.

In fact, they should feel like the SAME energy inside you…

And until you see them as such, your sales results will be squashed.

Sure, it’s nice to give a great talk, or tell some awesome insights – but that alone isn’t going to rock someone’s world for long. No siree!

Your awesome energy may oomph them up for an hour or two. But at the end of the day, it’s only when they get to work with YOU personally — over many weeks, months or YEARS — that they truly get the deep transformation they so desperately desire.

So your teaching moments AND your sales moments are equally priceless — they are both times when you are SERVING others in deep, powerful ways.

So keep your heart open when you’re teaching and ALSO when you’re selling — as you gift people the opportunity to work with the one-and-only YOU.


Your Inner Money Pimp is a pushy little bugger…

And that’s all because of the myth that runs rampant in today’s world. The myth that you need to push and effort in order to get ahead.


No belief could be more untrue. (Or more widely believed, unfortunately).

Sales is not something you do TO someone. It’s something you do FOR someone.

And if you believe you have to force your services onto other humans, you will repel them (instead of attract them).

It comes down to simple physics: For ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If you push, folks will run away. If you shine brightly, they’ll snuggle up to your side.

So try the opposite of “pushiness” on YOUR next sales conversations. Stand strong, open your heart, speak your truth, and share your services – without strings attached. Without needing them to enroll. Without having an expected outcome.

Then post your results in the comment section below….

ALWAYS REMEMBER:  Sales is the core. The spine. The foundation. The end-all-be-all to any business.

And the sooner you learn to embrace it’s magic, and see that selling IS serving others – the sooner you get to make a much bigger difference in the world around you. (And start making more money, too.)

So hop to it, chickadee! People are waiting for what only YOU can provide… It’s time to start a love affair with all-things-selling…

…Your confidence, your pocketbook and your clients will all thank you!

PS: If you’re struggling to stand strong in YOUR sales conversations, post your biggest challenge or question below – I’m happy to answer!


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  1. Jessica
    Posted June 10, 2013 at 4:15 pm | Permalink

    Always benefit from reminders here as my subconscious seems to take over at the selling part of the complimentary session. Thanks, Steph!!!

  2. elvee
    Posted June 11, 2013 at 8:42 pm | Permalink

    This is my biggest block..I cannot ‘sell’ myself .. ARRRG, I am demented by it.. I end up sorting everyone’s problems for free. Also lots of people ask me for advice, I am not qualified as anything special, I have just had enough life experiences to help others and I have a good understanding of others..I have studied Personal Development for numerous years and have a Diploma in Life Coaching and Stress Management , but no one ever knows what a life coach is!! I feel a fake and therefor afraid to put myself out there, also i help lots of poor folk, so would never take their money and i don’t know how to market myself to the big fish…I am a tad stuck, I’d say x

    • Stephanie McWilliams
      Posted June 14, 2013 at 8:47 pm | Permalink

      Elvee, boy I’m sure most EVERYONE can relate to what you’ve written… This is where most of us save-the-world entrepreneurs start!

      And yes, you want to commit to learning all you can about sales and sales conversations so you’re able to help more people AND pay the rent.

      Also, I’m SURE that if I were to speak with you, I could spot an area where you have VERY unique skills – talents that you may not be acknowledging right now. And likely, they’re RIGHT under your nose! Once you claim your area of expertise, it will be far easier to seek out those who want your services (and are willing to pay for them).

      I also find that SO many of us end up giving away OODLES of free advice to people – and wonder why they’re not buying. While giving some awesome advice is GREAT on a sales conversation, you also don’t want to give so much that they walk away thinking that they have all the answers, and are “FULL”. Give them 2-3 amazing tips or suggestions, and they follow that with either:

      “Now that I have a clear picture of what you want, and where you’re at, here’s what I recommend…. (tell them about the service you have that would fit the bill).”


      “So how can I support you with getting “(outcome they desire)”?” — and they’ll often follow that up by asking YOU what services you have, etc.

      I hope that’s a BIT of a starting point… and make sure to invest in your BUSINESS training… far too many women invest highly in gaining skills with their healing talents, but totally neglect investing in their business/marketing/sales skills (which are EQUALLY, if not MORE important!)…

      Stay in touch, and let me know how I can help!

      Much love,


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