Are Vaccines BAD? Hear a SURPRISING Answer…

A client asked me a question recently about the safety of vaccines, and her concern over immunization, in general… So I tossed it out to my Guides, and here’s what I heard: QUESTION: “Tell me about vaccines….” SPIRIT GUIDES RESPONSE: “They are antigens that create a chaos response throughout the body to trigger an immune reaction — to strengthen your system against attack in the future. The only reason vaccines are lethal or toxic is when combined with dangerous chemicals that do not serve the overall desired results. When purely created, they can be immensely beneficial. But most vaccines do […]

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9 Soulful Steps to Save Your Sanity

What to Do When Things Feel Like They’re Falling Apart… Hey Unstoppable One . . . So it’s been a while since I’ve touched base with you – but there are VERY good (and INTENSELY-WILD) reasons for this . . . I’ll be filling you in big-time in upcoming emails – as this year’s journey has downloaded me full to the tippy-top with crazy-cool insights and intense new teachings — that I’m pretty sure are going to be VITAL for your own Unstoppable Mission. Because as HUGE things shift for me, I want huge things shifting for YOU, too. Now […]

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What To Do When You’re Feeling Frazzled, Fried and Flustered.  Feeling overwhelmed. A common feeling for many of us… But why does 1 person stress, freak or go into overload – while another person just rolls right through their to-do list? If it ever feels like you’ve got 1 foot on the break — and one foot on the gas — while trying to move your life forward… You are NOT alone. This usually has roots in early childhood. But that’s fora  longer, deeper chat. In the meantime, let’s look at what tends to happen: You stress, worry, waste time, […]

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The Shockingly-Soulful Truth Behind Using Hard-Core Commitment Practices – To Help Get Yourself Into Massive Action (Under ANY Circumstances)! Once upon a time, there was an Unstoppable Dude named Ulysses . . . He was on a sailing mission — and NOTHING was going to stop him. But one day he found himself headed toward Muse-Infested waters… and he knew the Sirens of the Sea would soon be casting their spell upon his boat, himself, and all the men aboard ship. He ALSO knew that these singin’-sisters would render all his men (including himself) hopeless, helpless, useless puddles o’ jiggly-jello-y-love. […]

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Why No Woman Becomes Unstoppable All By Herself — And How To Pick the Perfect Mentors, Support and Guidance to Get Where You Want to Go! I never thought I’d write this article. I honestly never thought I’d have to. I just assumed that what I’m about to discuss was obvious. Evident. Clear as a bell. Plain as the nose on your face. But apparently not. I’m referring to: MENTORS. (Or more accurately: GOOD Mentors!) There’s a wild phenomenon of women thinking that they’re going to figure out this crazy world on their own. Or build businesses in […]

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How Smart Women [Unknowingly] Let Total Goofballs Determine their Self-Worth, Lovability and Value — and How To Finally Stop Giving a Rat’s Ass What Other People Think! So I’ve had a hankerin’ to start giving local talks here in the San Diego area. And while I’ve been SAYING I want this . . . I simply wasn’t DOING it. (Big difference.)= And that got me thinking: “Why would a smart girl like me be dodging something SO important for my mission?” Without realizing it, those questions unraveled a whole deeper world of awareness: I was worried about what other people […]

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How A Little Girl’s Photo Sparked a Walk to Remember Every day I get new pictures of my niece – delivered right to my iPad. It’s the first thing I check every morning. But this week, when I opened up the day’s new pic – I was struck hard. In awe. Mesmerized. Enchanted. There she was – in all her glorious perfection . . . nestled in my brother’s arms. Witnessing SNOW for the very first time. The look on her face said: “Lookie, Auntie Stephie – I’ve discovered the answer . . . to EVERYTHING!” And indeed she had. […]

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She Smashed My {Stupid} Chair . . . TO SMITHEREENS!!!

TRYING TO CONTROL LIFE’S DETAILS — HAS YOU MISS OUT ON THE MIRACLES. So picture this: It’s a glorious San Diego day – and I’m out for a hike with one of my dearest gal-pals in the world, M.E. Law (a ridiculously talented singer-songwriter) . . . And just ask we’re getting into our walkin’ groove — we come across a pile of furniture by the side of the road. Now, mind you: M.E. and I lived in the same building in Brooklyn way back in the day – and if you’ve ever lived in NYC, you know that […]

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“Does That Feeling Belong to ME?”

The Surprising (And Unseen) Forces That Can Derail, Depress and Drag You Down… And the 1 Magic Question that can Take It All Away. You may not believe this, but I’m a delicate flower. Oh sure, I may appear as a red-headed powerhouse at times. But I am also super-duper-uper sensitive –– to the people, places, energy . . . and even Spirits . . . all around me. In fact, I sometimes find myself feeling out-of-sorts, grumpy, spaced-out, anxious . . . or even just downright sick. For no apparent reason at all. While my brain is more […]

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Why Ditching the Dream of Perfection May Hold the Clue to Your Future Happiness What if you woke up tomorrow, and EVERYONE had a bullhorn attached to their brains (yours included!) — blasting every person’s most-private thoughts, far and wide… Does that thought terrify you? (It does for most . . . ) And would you believe me if I told you that this (seemingly) dreadful scenario might actually be the very best day of your entire life? Well, you will. By the end of this story. But first things first . . . My clients always sound SHOCKED when […]

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6 “Break Up” Insights for Love (and Life)

How Leaving My Long-Term Relationship Inspired 6 Invaluable Life Lessons Gender gap and sex inequality concept as a male and female symbol painted on an asphalt road that is cracked in two as a metaphor for pay or wages inequity or divorce. A month ago I broke up with my boyfriend… It had been coming for a while. I had tried my best to shove down the feelings… Deny the stirring in my heart… Block out the gnawing in my gut… Ignoring the truth that was scratching and clawing its way to the surface. I stayed because I loved my […]

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How to Have Zero Expectations (Without Ditching Your Dreams!) Today was an unusual Christmas. With my Dad no longer (physically) with us, and my little Brother’s family missing from the mix, our usual rituals, antics and energy were dialed way, way WAY down. As my Mom, my older Brother, and myself loafed leisurely around the house, I realized how far I’ve come with how I view the world — as this kind of change might have ruffled my feathers many years earlier . . . Did you know that expectations are the cause of almost all holiday sorrow and sadness? […]

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Your “Sensitivity” IS Your Super-Power!

Stop Turning Away from your Soulful Strengths – and Start Tuning Into Them Instead. I was talking to a few women last week who all said the same FASCINATING thing to me: “I’m a very spiritual woman, and a very sensitive person – but I have NO interest in becoming intuitive.” Now I say this with love, but: What a super-stinky boat-load o’ hoo-hah. I hate to break it to them, but: being “sensitive” IS being intuitive. And you can NOT fully embrace your spiritual side without becoming more intuitive, too. Boy, the words “intuitive” and “psychic” are in desperate […]

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Your Thoughts Are the ONLY Thing Standing Between You and Your Soul’s Wisdom I remember back to 3rd grade art class . . . Little girls on either side of me were whispering “I’m just no good at art!” And that always made me scratch my head. Sure, drawing and painting always came easily to me. But when I’d look down at their little 3rd grade creations, even I knew that their artwork was a-o-tay. In fact, with a little practice, they all could have been pretty gosh-darn great! But they’d already bought into some pretty crappy thinking. […]

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Why Most Women are Still Using Only 1% of Their Potential — and How to Crack Yourself Open To 100% of Support, Answers and Guidance Available To You Nobody likes playing small. Blah. Gag. Phooey. In fact, we’d all like to think we’re out there in the world –– living life to it’s fullest. BUT THE Shocking truth: Even though you literally have an entire Universe at your fingertips –– most women are still only tapping into (less than) 1% of what’s ACTUALLY available. Yucko-Frowny-Pants . . . It’s time to crack you open to a wide new […]

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The “Law of Attraction” Can BITE Me.

This Common Misconception about the Law Of Attraction Can Secretly Wreck Your Happiness, Confidence and Intuition. The recent death of Robin Williams stirred up a lot of buzz about death, suicide and depression. LOTS of soulful women I work with also struggle with bouts of sadness and sorrow throughout their life, too. And most of them are trying desperately to “get happy”. But unfortunately, some major misunderstandings around the Law of Attraction are wreaking way more havoc than happiness . . . So this morning it got me thinking back to the summer of 1997 — when I was lying […]

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My [VERY EMBARRASSING] Story of Becoming “Intuitive”

  The Practical Truth About Intuitive Abilities, And How You Can Develop Them Too to Transform Your Work + Life So picture this: I was in my mid-20’s, living in Brooklyn, and had been dating this guy for a few weeks named John (who I’d met via a personal ad in a hip, local magazine). I liked him. I was pretty sure at times he liked me too. We were having fun. But… Something wasn’t quite “right” (I could feel it in my bones). So I went to bed late one Thursday night — but around 3am, I had a […]

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Intuition is the New REQUIREMENT for Success

Why Developing  Your Intuition is VITAL To Lasting Success — In Life, Business, Love and MORE! It’s something you hear talked about now and then. Maybe you’ve even visited a psychic or two. But most “normal” women are totally missing out on using this soulful-skill for themselves. And it’s my strong belief that the ONLY women who will thrive in the years to come will be those who’ve embraced – and strengthened – their inner intuitive talents. Now, you may be thinking: “Wait, I’m NOT intuitive!?“ . . . Oh, but you most definitely are, my sweet (and by […]

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The Unexpected Magic Surrounding My Father’s Death — and How It May Hold the Key to Living YOUR Best Life My Dad and I were what some would call: “Twin Souls.” We had the same life goals. Same goof-ball sense of humor. Same intensely blue eyes. And same desire to make a difference . . . So if there was 1 person on Earth I was NOT keen on losing, it was most definitely my Dad. But I knew 1 day it would be his time to go. I just had no idea WHEN. And I had even […]

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5 Things a Slug Taught Me About Business + Life

The Odd Truth About What’s REALLY Required in an Unstoppable Business (Hold the Salt!) It was midnight on Saturday. My new mastermind had just spent the past 3 days cracking ourselves open, upleveling our lives, and launching bigger, better business plans for the months ahead. I stood, holding hands, with 3 power-house woman around a fire pit – watching the last bits of our former “Limitations” – thoughtfully scribbled onto various pieces of paper and post-it notes – sizzle and smolder into small streamers of smoke. Then disappearing into the ink black sky. All the while a large, wet slug […]

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Women Who Leap Too Soon

How to Tell When It’s REALLY The Right Time To Leave Your Day-Job Leaping into the land of full-time Entrepreneurship: It’s what EVERY Unstoppable woman dreams of, deep down. Thing is, how do you know exactly WHEN to take the leap? What’s REALLY the “right” time to step off that day-job ledge, and soar out into the big, wild world of the entrepreneurial-unknown? It’s easy to mistake those inner “It’s Time to Quit!” signals: 1 leaves you standing tall, and taking massive momentum — with things working out in a divinely-designed sort o’ way. (The other leaves you rocking […]

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You Just Can’t Smell Your Own Stink

Sniff Out Your Biggest (Hidden) Stuck-Spot – And Stay On the Sweet Road to Success! This week a friend sent me a surprise treat: a FitBit Flex – a “bracelet” that you wear day-and-night, tracking your sleep; your steps; your food, etc. I’m normally not into detaily-gadgets like this. But as I started playing with it, my eyes opened to the hidden habits that were lurking EVERYWHERE: Places where I’d been sticking my head in the sand. No matter how smart I and aware I might be, I just could NOT see what was right in front of my […]

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Kiss Your Frogs

The Surprising Twist To Turn ANY Warty Business Problem into a Royal Advantage! It was Saturday morning. I was clutching the steering wheel of my Buick, headed north for a romantic getaway up the west coast of California. The directions were loaded into the GPS. But at the last minute, a close friend whispered a “better way” to avoid the LA traffic (saving our sanity in the process). So when the GPS said to sail straight on the 5, I veered right onto the 57 instead. (I was livin’ on the edge . . . ‘cause that’s how Unstoppables roll.) […]

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Putting the “Woo” Back in Work

How Woo-Woo Can DRAMATICALLY Boost Your Business Sure, if you’re like me, your “Woo-Woo” nature is a big part of your business. It’s likely the inspiration behind your mission, and a part of the gifts you share with your clients. (Whether you’re conscious of it, or not.) But if you’re like most of my private clients, you’re just not utilizing your “Woo” to your advantage. Or at least not enough. Especially in your biz. So here’s a lil’ reminder you’ll likely need to hear every single day: Source is WAY freakin’ smarter than you and I put together!!!!! Yet here […]

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When Selling Feels SLEAZY!

A Simple Tip to Help You Fall Madly In Love With Sales When I first started my business, I worked my buns off. Bigtime. BUT . . . I was doing everything except SELLING my services. (Big mistake.) And after a few years my business tanked into the ground. BAM! Bankruptcy, baby… All because I had some very “icky” ideas about what it meant to SELL anything. So to avoid turning into a soulful Slick-Willy, I avoided sales conversations altogether, and hid behind my computer, created products, did telesummits, explored clever online strategies, and anything else that would keep me […]

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Stop Trying to be a Porsche – If You’re a BUICK!

The Deadly Game of “Comparisons” – and How to Squash ‘Em Flat So Your Business Can Soar I caught myself doing something EMBARRASSING a few weeks ago. So I figured I should come clean. Not just because it’s fun to tell you goofy stories about my life . . . But to shine a light on a habit that all of us soulful entrepreneurs have from time to time. A habit that is TOXIC to your success. Because without this little icky tidbit running rampant in your life, your confidence will literally shoot right off the charts AND you’ll have […]

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It’s the HIDDEN Stuff That’s Holdin’ Ya Back

2 Questions to End Sneaky Self-Sabotage, Business Plateaus and Income Blockaroos  Lately I’ve been exploring a whole new level of limiting beliefs I’ve been carrying about in my energetic backpack. Beliefs I had NO idea were lurking . . . It’s a process I have to do regularly to keep pace with my ever-evolving, expanding soulful side.  So whenever I start hitting one of life’s many road-blocks, I have 2 choices: 1. Explore the inner-gremlins getting in my way. Or… 2. Do nothing (and suffer.) It’s totally normal to hit bumps, blocks and plateaus. But it’s what you DO with […]

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How to Describe Your Services — So People BUY!!!

And What You Should NEVER Say (If You Want to Make a Sale) We soulful entrepreneurs are funny folks… We’re most definitely NOT like “normal” entrepreneurs. You and I decided to start our businesses because we care about others – and have a super-skill, service or passion that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. And honestly, that’s a LIGHT-YEAR’s difference from those selling shoe-strings, squeegies, adult diapers, or popsicle-sticks. Why? Because you, my dear, are selling YOURSELF. And that can be a pretty darn intimate, intense and overwhelming situation for many of us. But here’s the PROBLEM with that: […]

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Tips to Become an Expert in Your Field

How to Describe What You Do — So You Stand Out in ANY Crowd!  Let’s continue last week’s important topic by diving a bit deeper – and let’s explore how to talk about the results you get for people so they see you as an expert in your field. (*If you haven’t read last week’s post, click here to get up to speed: ) When you know how to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack, then you stand out. Competition falls away. People step forward and pay you well for the gifts you hold. And you […]

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5 Peeps Who Can Make (or Break) your Biz:

How the Folks in Your Inner-Circle Can Dramatically Impact Your Income  Did you know that I can actually PREDICT your future finances by who you hang around? I’ll explain HOW in a moment – but first, jot down the 5 people you spend the MOST time with:
  1. ___________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________
  5. ___________________________________________
Now let’s take a look at your list – and explore something people call: “The Law of Averages” –– which I define as the ability to PREDICT your business outcome by taking an average of all the surrounding influences. . . . What the heck does all THAT […]

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1-Minute Miracle Tool to Prevent “Over-Spending”

My Super-Simple Secret to Make Sure You ALWAYS Spend Money on the RIGHT Things! How do you know if something will HELP your business . . . or hurt it? More and more entrepreneurs are coming to me with some SERIOUSLY hefty debt or financial stress – having invested in programs, purchased products, or bought items that just weren’t a good fit for them. But it’s MUCH harder to build a business when you’re stressing out about money – no matter how much you’re making. I know first-hand. So I want to share my FAVORITE tip for knowing 100% whether […]

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3 Simple Steps: The More you Focus on your Finances – the BIGGER Your Bank Account! I’ve never worked with a woman who DIDN’T want more money. (You probably can relate.) And most of the Unstoppables I work with are VERY aware that their thinking and energy can make (or break) their financial status. But . . . There is 1 devastating pattern that I see MOST entrepreneurs struggling with (especially ones who would LOVE to make 6-figures – but just haven’t gotten there yet): You are NOT paying enough attention to your MOOLAH!!!!!!! Sure, you may be thinking about […]

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Banishing Your Inner “Money Pimp”

How to Stop Feeling SLEEZY when You Sell Your Services Inside your brain lives a slick, sly fellow. A dude decked out in purple velvet and leopard-print pants. Whether you like it or not, I want to introduce you to your inner “Money Pimp”. And boy, he has a keen knack for showing up at the WORST time: Basically, whenever you’re selling (or thinking about selling) your services. Yucko. You’ll know he’s around when thoughts like this pop into your head: • “I’m TAKING money away from people who need it!” • “I’m afraid I’ll sound like a sleezy USED-CAR […]

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Are you the Bacon, or the Eggs?

How Your COMMITMENT Determines Whether Your Business Succeeds . . . or Fails. The phone rings: BRRRRRRRRRRring!!!!!!! I put the receiver to my ear. On the other end of the line is a sweet voice … a passionate woman who says she wants to finally build a thriving business. (Hip-Hip-Hoorah!) What have you been doing so far to build your business?” I ask curiously. “Well . . . “ she says, followed by a long, awkward pause, and some less-than-confident rambling. So I clarify: “What are you willing to do to make your business successful?“ Silence.  […]

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Build Your Business WITHOUT a Website or Business Cards

How to Ditch These 2 Common Business Tools – and Grow your Business Even FASTER! If you think you need a business card and a smokin’ hot website to start your business, you’re in very good company. But you’re still wrong. Dead wrong. And in fact, having a website and business cards may actually be HURTING your business . . . I talk to hundreds of women each year, and I have a pretty darn good idea what’s happening behind the scenes. And this misguided thinking that all the new-fangled bells and bright shiny whistles are what will grow your […]

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How FUN Affects Your Finances $$$

How to Turn Ho-Hum Business Tasks into Laughter-Filled Lucrative Moves. Entrepreneurs. Unfortunately far too few are having enough fun in their day-to-day businesses. (Myself included some days.) And that is a sad, cryin’ shame . . . So if you’re crunched about cash-flow, worrying yourself sick over your to-do list, or nauseous about selling your services – never you fear!  I’m here to yank you out of that stuck-spot, and shake some red-headed sense into your unstoppable lil’ self. Because the entire POINT of your life – and most especially your business – is, and will always be: […]

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Stop Asking “WHY?”

Life’s Miracles Come in Strange Packages –– Stop Squashing Them FLAT with this Seemingly-Small Word. Most Unstoppable Entrepreneurs have a lousy habit: They innocently misinterpreting the road-bumps along the entrepreneurial highway — labeling things as “BAD” (when they’re actually not. ) Here’s 2 great examples . . . 1. I was robbed. (Literally.) While I was away at a business conference 2 weeks ago, someone decided to pry open the door to my storage unit and take a “free” shopping spree . . . 2. I lost a contest I was really excited about. I entered a contest at last […]

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Enjoy my “Coming Out of the Video-Closet” Creation to Inspire YOU to Play BIG!!! If someone would have asked me 6 months ago: “Are you playing small? I would have said: Hell no!” But that wouldn’t have been true.  Not really. And over the past few months, my body has been chiming in to remind me of just that. It’s been getting sick. Feeling funky. Basically, my bod has been downright P.O.’d with me. I didn’t quite understand the malaise for many months. But with my renewed 20-20 vision, I’ve realized that I’ve only been living out a […]

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President… TRUMP?

THE PARADOXES OF LIFE, HEALING + POLITICS Well… it’s a surreal day, indeed. And I’ve had tears flowing all evening… My tears stem from realizing just how unhappy people truly are around this country… and the planet… How raging and unhappy and sad and confused we are all, as a whole. Tapping into that, and feeling into that pain (that I tend to block out) is worthy of honoring with some tears of connection, I think… So I’m just letting whatever emotions arise to be welcomed, felt, and released. And my heart goes out to all those in pain right […]

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Desire to Choose: You all are magnificent creatures, yet you all amble about your lives without taking stock of your deeper truths. Let this card spread express your deepest desires to you more clearly, so that you can cause a cascade of momentum thru your life — without fear of failure or resistance any longer! Time in your bodies is SO short from your Soul’s perspective, yet long from your mind’s perspective. So stop wasting time being something that you are NOT! Stop trying to fit into society’s structures to stay “safe” and status-quo. Enjoy the miracles of taking action […]

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Intuitive Tarot-Scope Video Reading

FOR WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 26TH: Hey there, Unstoppable-One! So I thought it would be fun to keep shakin’ things up, trying something new, and finding playful new ways to ignite a fire under your Unstoppable buns . . . And since our recent “Unstoppable Monday Morning Magic” series was such an INSANELY popular hit – I thought we’d continue down that soulful, intuitive pathway . . . . . . So I’ve decided to gift you with an Intuitive *VIDEO* Tarot reading to kick off your week! (Including plenty of irreverent, campy, red-headed moments . . […]

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I’m as Delicate as a Butterfly’s Wing

So on my walk this weekend I was hit with ANOTHER miraculous moment…. and it went like this: I was feeling a bit blue on Saturday –– thinking of a few of my dearest friends who have NOT been very happy with me lately… As I was walking along my usual canyon trails, I was thinking about how PO’d several of these friends have been — taking some of my decisions and/or lack of connection personally. (Even though I’m still loving them all fiercely from afar…) I’ve been like a caterpillar this summer: turning myself into liquid-sludge over the past […]

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Sunsets, Tears and Trollers

Yesterday I did an intense guided meditation with a client who’s struggling with the fear of what others will think of her if her business really takes off… So I had her focus on her worst-case scenario: a woman who’d started an online attack campaign against her last year… And then I had her sink into this bitter woman’s skin — to witness life through her eyes… As if she WAS HER, completely. I was doing this along with my client… and the minute I sank into this troller’s body, I started to cry… the amount of pain and shame […]

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Hey Guys: Where’s My MIRACLE?

I was at least 10 blocks into my hike this afternoon, and was noticing that nothing wonderfully-weird had happened yet. (Which is NOT acceptable!!!) I usually have some sort of “coincidence” or array of symbols spelling out a story, message or answer to a question that I’ve posed. That may sound far-out to some, but now it’s my “norm”. So I asked the Universe: “Um… hey guys, where’s my miracles today? — I need to feel some LOVE!!!” That’s when Taylor Dayne starts singing “Tell it to my Heart”. And just as she says: “…as long as I receive the […]

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The Ghosts of the Past…

My life is like science-fiction at this point… Twilight Zone on steroids, in fact. Yesterday was a whopping 24-hour stretch of EXTREME strangeness (far too much to fit into this post). But 1 highlight was during a skype call with my friend Ellie in Australia — who’s also a fellow intuitive/medium. She said that her office had been filled up with my Guides (including my Dad) for an hour+ before we chatted. (No surprise!) And as we start to talk –– without her hands touching the keyboard –– her computer starts playing a VERY specific song (with lyrics containing a […]

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My Deepest Social-Media Apologies…

I woke up yesterday to a text from an old friend saying: “Stephanie, I’m so glad to see you SO HAPPY – your facebook posts are BEAMING SUNSHINE!!!” And I was actually MORTIFIED to hear that. It’s not that I don’t genuinely feel VERY intense joyful emotions. Regularly. And pretty much daily. BUT… there’s lots more happening behind-the-scenes… It made me realize that I only share one SMALL aspect of myself here — the part of me that was “acceptable” as a kid: My Sunshiny-side. (And honestly, I’m befuddled sometimes as to how to share those other aspects of myself […]

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