Build Your Business WITHOUT a Website or Business Cards

How to Ditch These 2 Common Business Tools –
and Grow your Business Even FASTER!

Young woman holding a blank business card

If you think you need a business card and a smokin’ hot website to start your business, you’re in very good company.

But you’re still wrong.

Dead wrong.

And in fact, having a website and business cards may actually be HURTING your business . . .

I talk to hundreds of women each year, and I have a pretty darn good idea what’s happening behind the scenes.

And this misguided thinking that all the new-fangled bells and bright shiny whistles are what will grow your business are THE VERY THINGS distracting you from what really works.

From what REALLY matters.

From what REALLY gets you more clients. More money . . .

Here’s the truth: 99.9999% of ALL the women who come through my practice are doing ALL the wrong things first.

And he more you focus on the WRONG things, the more time you waste, the more money you flush, and the more confidence you lose.

That sucks, bigtime.

So this week let’s talk about what’s really important in order to get yourself booked solid.

But first things first…

WHY would a smart woman like you work on the WRONG things? It’s easy:

Your Brain is scared shitless.

That squishy little bugger will avoid, dodge and circumvent anything it perceives as “scary” or uncomfortable. And that almost always means avoiding anything having to do with sales and money.

Problem is: without sales, you have 0 business. None. Nada. Zipidy-doo-dah.

The lifeblood of your business is SELLING your services.

( If you don’t, then you simply have a glorified hobby. )


Your brain will con you into thinking that the time-wasting tasks you’re working are ARE the smart moves.

That often looks like:

• Futzing with your website

• Working on business cards and brochures

• Wasting hours on facebook or twitter

• Creating logos

• Trying to figure out the perfect business name

• Answering emails throughout the day

• Getting lost on the internet

• Making products

• Starting continuity programs

…Etc. Etc. Etc.

While these items above CAN all be beneficial if done in the right way, at the right time  — building a booked-solid practice is far easier than you’ve been making it.

It’s all about MUSCLES.

No, not the kind in your arm, thighs or tushie. It’s the hustle-muscle that lives inside your heart. Your Soul.

What exactly IS a Hustle-Muscle?

— It’s your growing inner resolve to walk RIGHT into — and through — your biggest fears.

— It’s your willingness to put yourself out there, connect with others, and let EVERYONE know what it is you do.

— It’s increasing your fearlessness by stepping toward things that are uncomfortable — only to realize there was never anything to fear in the first place.

So here’s the SIMPLE 3 step rinse-and-repeat formula* to follow until you get booked-solid:

  1. ASK: Invite at least 3 people every day to a complimentary chat with you — to see how you can support them with their goals, or solve one of their specific problems.
  2. CONNECT: When you have them on the phone (or are sitting down with them in person), learn about their challenges, give them a few insightful bits of advice, and tell them about which of your services or programs you would recommend (if they’re a good fit, of course).
  3. ENROLL: Enroll interested prospects into your practice — and watch their transformation begin!

(*If you want to learn more about this process, just ask in the comment section below, or apply for a strategy session to learn more about our programs that teach this skill: )

Can it REALLY be this easy?

Why yes — in fact it CAN.

— People are NOT hiring you because you have a pretty website.

— People are NOT hiring you because your tagline is spectacular.

— People are NOT hiring you because your business card looks fab.

And focusing on all these “wrong” bits are just sneaky ways to sabotage your success, keep you small, and prevent you from EVER living the life of your dreams.

Please hear me when I say: I’ve never ONCE hired a mentor because of a logo or pretty website. I could give a rats ass about these things.

I hired experts because:

  1. I resonated with them.
  2. They are confident they can help solve my problem.
  3. They are whip-smart and/or great at their craft.

So do you want a cool reason why not having a business card can actually be BETTER? Get this…


It can actually be BETTER not to have business cards when you’re out networking. No matter how charming you are, most people will lose (or toss) your card within a week of meeting you.

BUT, if you ask for THEIR card – apologizing for not having your card on you at the moment – you get to collect THEIR information, and follow up accordingly.

That puts all the power back into YOUR hands. Which is where it should have been in the first place.

And what about websites?


While websites can be cause for some level of “legitimacy” in your business, some of my mentors didn’t HAVE a website at all. Some of the others had pretty darn boooooring ones.

I didn’t care.

Prospects want YOU. Not some stinking website!

So get out there. Let them meet you! Let them see and hear and love you! Let them get to know YOU – don’t hide behind websites or business cards.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Just as you are. Without the bells and whistles.

Learning how to communicate, connect and cash-in on your divinely unique design is where all your attention should be focused. So get off of Facebook. Turn off your email. Get out of the house.

It’s time to approach your business in a smart new way.

So this week, sit down and get VERY honest with yourself. Look at every task that’s on your plate, and ask yourself:

1. Is this activity directly linked leading toward an opportunity to ASK someone to a complimentary chat with you?

2. Is this activity INCOME-PRODUCING?

If its not, it has to go.

Then commit to removing 1 time-wasting task from your schedule this week — replacing it with a smart, savvy LUCRATIVE one!

And as always, share your insights in the comment section below.

Have other questions about YOUR business? Ask away – I’m always here to help!


© 2013 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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    Outstanding reminder!!! Thanks and LOVE!

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