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Intuitive Tarot-Scope Video Reading

FOR WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 26TH: Hey there, Unstoppable-One! So I thought it would be fun to keep shakin’ things up, trying something new, and finding playful new ways to ignite a fire under your Unstoppable buns . . . And since our recent “Unstoppable Monday Morning Magic” series was such an INSANELY popular hit – I thought we’d continue down that soulful, intuitive pathway . . . . . . So I’ve decided to gift you with an Intuitive *VIDEO* Tarot reading to kick off your week! (Including plenty of irreverent, campy, red-headed moments . . […]

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SuperCat Catches Treats With Her Bare Paws!

Yup, this is what we do for fun every single morning . . . Shmee goes CRAZY if she doesn’t get a chance to strut her feline fabulousness every single morning. I’ll post more videos as I catch her brilliance in the act – normally she catches 75% of her treats either directly into her mouth, or catching them mid-air and bringing them to her mouth — without them touching the ground! Ah, an Unstoppably-talented kitty, indeed… […]

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When Selling Feels SLEAZY!

A Simple Tip to Help You Fall Madly In Love With Sales When I first started my business, I worked my buns off. Bigtime. BUT . . . I was doing everything except SELLING my services. (Big mistake.) And after a few years my business tanked into the ground. BAM! Bankruptcy, baby… All because I had some very “icky” ideas about what it meant to SELL anything. So to avoid turning into a soulful Slick-Willy, I avoided sales conversations altogether, and hid behind my computer, created products, did telesummits, explored clever online strategies, and anything else that would keep me […]

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Stop Trying to be a Porsche – If You’re a BUICK!

The Deadly Game of “Comparisons” – and How to Squash ‘Em Flat So Your Business Can Soar I caught myself doing something EMBARRASSING a few weeks ago. So I figured I should come clean. Not just because it’s fun to tell you goofy stories about my life . . . But to shine a light on a habit that all of us soulful entrepreneurs have from time to time. A habit that is TOXIC to your success. Because without this little icky tidbit running rampant in your life, your confidence will literally shoot right off the charts AND you’ll have […]

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5 Ways to Use GRATITUDE to Build Your Biz

Turning Thanksgiving Joy into a Powerful Year-Round Practice Gratitude. Sure, it gets a TON of press this time of year. But gratitude is WAY too important to focus on just 1 day out of 365. So today I want to focus on how to USE gratitude to build your business. So lets explore 5 ways to bring more gratitude-filled habits into your daily rituals and practices — so you become more radiant and attractive to all those things you desire most. And best of all: It will leave you feeling totally, utterly, wonderfully UNSTOPPABLE at the very same time. Win, […]

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Get the “Unstoppable Factor” in Your Business

5 Steps That Will Put You in the 1% of SUCCESSFUL Entrepreneurs After watching thousands of soulful entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed something SHOCKING: Only about 1% of them are actually making a living doing their work in the world. The other 99% are left struggling to get their businesses off the ground. And that’s a real drag . . . not only for the entrepreneur, but also for all the people they could be serving. So this week’s UnstoppableTV series takes you on an overview of what I call “The Unstoppable Factor” –– those things that REALLY set apart successful businesses […]

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Very Personal Video About My Dad

I’m back! I know it’s been several weeks since I’ve written – but if you’ve read my last 2 emails, you already know that my father made his Earthly “farewell” recently — and I’ve been in Indiana to be with my family through this huge and important transition. And honestly, I’ve struggled with what to write in this first newsletter back . . . How do I BEGIN to capture such a monumental, life-changing, intense AND beautiful experience like this in words? It’s tough to know where to start. So just to get the “Unstoppable” ball rollin’ again, I decided […]

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Enjoy my “Coming Out of the Video-Closet” Creation to Inspire YOU to Play BIG!!! If someone would have asked me 6 months ago: “Are you playing small? I would have said: Hell no!” But that wouldn’t have been true.  Not really. And over the past few months, my body has been chiming in to remind me of just that. It’s been getting sick. Feeling funky. Basically, my bod has been downright P.O.’d with me. I didn’t quite understand the malaise for many months. But with my renewed 20-20 vision, I’ve realized that I’ve only been living out a […]

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DEADLY Virus Spreads Thru Entrepreneurial World

I’m on my way to Suzanne Evan’s “Be the Change” event in Orlando, Florida to help save Entrepreneurs around the world from the DEADLY virus killing businesses left and right!!!!!!!!! There are 7 multant strains with the most horrifying, unspeakable symptoms. Be on the lookout for them in yourself, your colleagues and your local business communities. We have to stop this terrifying outbreak — with YOUR help, we CAN end the madness… (This was for the fabulous 2013 “Be the Change” Contest… FYI.)   […]

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