“Does That Feeling Belong to ME?”

The Surprising (And Unseen) Forces That Can Derail, Depress and Drag You Down… And the 1 Magic Question that can Take It All Away.

Crazy new age woman in a yellow robe concentrating or forming image

You may not believe this, but I’m a delicate flower.

Oh sure, I may appear as a red-headed powerhouse at times.

But I am also super-duper-uper sensitive –– to the people, places, energy . . . and even Spirits . . . all around me.

In fact, I sometimes find myself feeling out-of-sorts, grumpy, spaced-out, anxious . . . or even just downright sick. For no apparent reason at all.

While my brain is more than happy to swoop in and give me two kicks to the keister for not being the “perfect” Unstoppable Poster Child – sometimes those feelings don’t actually belong to ME.

And I’m not alone.

You’re likely picking up on the folks in YOUR environment, too – and beating yourself up for feelings that never ever belonged to you in the first place.

So let me start by rolling back the clock 2 years – when I found myself lying in bed, sick-as-a-dog for 3+ weeks straight – and how I discovered the VERY surprising *real* cause of my symptoms…

It was mid-January.

The start of a beautiful new year.

Thing is: I was feeling like dirt.

I was fatigued. Fevery. Depressed. Lethargic. And at moments, on the verge of downright despair.

The entire holiday season basically blew chunks – feeling pretty darn lousy throughout the entire Christmasy craziness.

And after over 3 weeks of dragging my sad self around the house, and spending countless days in bed, enough was enough.

This red-head was DONE!

It was on a late Wednesday evening when my physical frustration came to a head – and I pulled out my journal to ask my Guides what the heck was going on.

I use a process I call “Automatic Writing” to ask questions to my Guides, and get answers –– simply by closing my eyes, emptying my mind, and letting words drip into my brain… one at a time… as I scribble them onto the paper.

An exercise something I do almost every day of my life. (You should see my journal bill!)

And what came pouring out onto the pages was confusing . . . and rather shocking.

I was told that an dear old friend (who I hadn’t seen or talked to in several years) was extremely ill. But since the energetic cords that bind she and I together are still SO strong, my body was downloading and processing her energy (and illness!) through my very own body.

Ding-Ding-Ding = I THINK WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!

Crazy woman wearing a metal colander for a helmet

Once I had that awareness, the symptoms stopped. In that very moment.

Oh sure, I did some extra-deep meditations that week. Cleared my energy. Visualized myself surrounded in a pink bubble of light. And sent images of love to my dear, dear friend . . . (not knowing 100% if the information I’d received was accurate, or not).

Less than 24 hours later I found myself chatting with a fellow intuitive gal-pal –– recounting this wild message from my Guides to get her 2 cents.

And that’s when she said: “Oh, you mean her CANCER?”

[ What?… ]

Somehow… some way… through the great grapevine of the Universe… she had heard about my friend’s illness (even though she’d never met her, and they lived thousands of miles from each other).

Small. Flippin. World.

And once I reached out to my long-lost friend, the diagnosis was confirmed. I had, in fact, been experiencing her symptoms — both physically, and emotionally.

While things like this were NOT new to me, it woke me up, and opened my eyes even more to the subtle, silent, invisible influences floating ALL around us. Day and night.

I remembered…

  • How a neighbor would get P.O.’d at me –– and I could feel all her energy-zingers being hurled my way with every one of her bitchy, biting thoughts.
  • Walking into a back room at a gym, and almost collapsing… only to realize that a reiki practitioner had been treating people in that room (but had never cleared the space).
  • Sitting down in a subway seat, and getting a stabbing back pain – as I turn to see the old, bent man hobbling to the exit, cane in hand.
  • Being in a fabulous mood – until walking into a friend’s living room and falling into a funk – discovering later that she and her husband had been fighting in that spot for hours earlier that day.
  • Or having uncomfortable physical + emotional sensations – only to realize that the spirit of a friend’s relative had breezed by to visit me, and was projecting sensations to help convey a message.

And I could go on and on and on…

Sure, I could have laid in bed, beat myself up, tried 100 more remedies to get myself feeling better.

But I doubt any of them would have worked.

Not without knowing what was REALLY going on.

It baffles my mind to think of how many other times a year… a month… a DAY!!!… that things like this are happening to you and I.

Without any awareness on our part.

And if you’re a coach, healer or service professional, it’s almost GUARANTEED that this is happening between you and your precious clients from time to time (or more).

So first, be aware that these “symptoms” often come in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. An idea, thought or person repeatedly popping into your mind
  2. A sudden or dramatic shift in your mood
  3. Physical symptoms like pains, illness, discomfort, buzzing in the ears, temperature changes, pressure, etc.

Traveling just like radio waves — everyone’s thoughts and energy are being teleported, far and wide. And are far more real than you might ever begin to imagine.

Girl listening with her hand on an ear

Then be on the lookout for situations like these, when:

  1. A client is going through big emotions, stress or trauma.
  2. Someone is upset or angry with you.
  3. Someone close to you is sick, or experiencing emotional pain.
  4. Your mood changes when you enter a new space.
  5. Your mood changes when a particular person enters the room.
  6. Your mood changes when you spend time with a particular person.
  7. Your mood changes when walking through a crowd, store, etc.
  8. Your partner is going through a particularly tough time.
  9. You’ve experienced a lot of stress or sorrow in a particular space.
  10. There’s been a deep history in a location or space.
  11. A Spirit, Guide, Ghost (or other Being) might be hanging around

Side note: You can also experience energetic shifts from other influences — like limiting beliefs, feng shui factors, dietary impacts, and taxing tasks. We’ll cover more about theses energy “downers” in another article.

Hand and big gold key isolated on white background


While there are lots of techniques to help shift your energy, and keep you delightfully detached from all sorts o’ gunky mojo, there’s 1 that is my go-to tool for breaking these types of energetic spells…

So this week, I want you to practice just 1 ridiculously-simple exercise — but one that can be extremely powerful, nonetheless…

Whenever you’re feeling ANYTHING other than bliss, ask yourself:

“Does this belong to me?”

Then wait.

You may get a gut feeling. You may not.

A person or idea may pop into your mind. Or not.

A clear-as-a-bell answer may download into your brain. Or not.

Or you’ll simply notice a dissipation of those unwanted feelings.

Just the act of hitting life’s pause-button, and opening up your awareness, is often all that it takes.

It breaks that knee-jerk habit of blaming, shaming or berating yourself for what’s happening in your mind, or body.

It reminds you that your body is just an fleshy soft antennae – here to absorb, pick up and translate the subtle sea of energetic languages swirling all around you.

And it opens up a new, soulful space for greater, truer insights to flow on through you.

the gentle touch of hands couple in love which lies on the floor naked ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

What you may discover on the other side of this phenomenon is a richer, more intimate connection with your friends, lovers, clients, colleagues and other fellow humans… as the sensations you’re feeling, and the insights you glean, may just be the silent state of one beautiful Soul speaking to another.

A deliciously deep way to communicate… far beyond what mere words could ever hope to convey.

We are all so deeply interconnected. And the web of love between you, me and everyone else is thinner, more elaborate, and more awe-inspiring than our minds can comprehend…

So have fun practicing repeating this question: “Does this belong to me?” — over and over and over this week… and make sure to report your results!

Big love –



© Copyright 2015 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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  1. Vatsala Shukla
    Posted November 12, 2015 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    I’m ultra-sensitive too, Stephanie and have had to learn to deal with it for the higher good of everyone. I have had dreams and feelings about imminent bereavements among my loved ones and have learned to accept that I am being prepared for a temporary good-bye so I have used it to express more love and feel at peace knowing that I cannot change the course of events but I am prepared for them.

    Another thing that I do if I find myself in a situation where I am feeling negative vibrations and cannot get away is to close circuits with my hands and at the ankles. I find it protects me and if anything vibration is being sent my way, it boomerangs. Loved your advice, thanks for sharing it, Stephanie.

  2. Cherrise
    Posted November 12, 2015 at 3:26 pm | Permalink

    Fantastic article Stephanie! Isn’t it amazing how connected we are? <3

  3. Jesse Webb
    Posted November 25, 2015 at 10:23 pm | Permalink

    Oooohhh, I LOVE this tool/question: “Does this belong to me?” I can’t wait to use it and today is such PERFECT timing for this to come my way as I’ve definitely been feeling some emotions that I couldn’t quite make sense of. Thanks for this awesome little tool, and the reminder that it doesn’t all even belong to me, Stephanie! 🙂

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