My [VERY EMBARRASSING] Story of Becoming “Intuitive”


The Practical Truth About Intuitive Abilities, And How You Can Develop Them Too to Transform Your Work + Life

Sex ComedySo picture this:

I was in my mid-20’s, living in Brooklyn, and had been dating this guy for a few weeks named John (who I’d met via a personal ad in a hip, local magazine).

I liked him. I was pretty sure at times he liked me too.

We were having fun. But… Something wasn’t quite “right” (I could feel it in my bones).

So I went to bed late one Thursday night — but around 3am, I had a dream that jolted me awake.

Here’s how it went…

The dream I’d been having suddenly disappeared in a flash — to be replaced with a big empty room with nothing but a small café table in the center. When I took a seat, and an older, kind, wise-looking gentleman suddenly appeared across from me.

He leaned across the table, whispered these exact words:

“In 3 days you will know…”

And then a lightning-bolt of electricity shoots up my spine, and I was wide-awake – filled with a butt-load of adrenaline.

My heart was racing. And I had a strong “knowing” that the message meant I would find out exactly WHY I’d had a rather bad-vibe about John.

3 days passed, and around mid-day on Sunday, while I was working around the house, I got a gnawing, nagging feeling to go pick up the newspapers on my living room footstool.

As I sat down to sort my stash, I came across the week’s copy of the magazine where I’d first seen John’s ad.

I opened it up randomly, looked down to see the personal ads staring back… and whadda ya know: John’s ad was BACK in the paper!

Not only that. But get THIS gem:

He had added 1 tiny word to his previous ad. Now it started with:

“Looking for a smart, vibrant, THIN woman who…”


Screaming woman over black background

(The rest was a blur… my heart was too broken to give a rat’s arse what words came next.)

The truth was out. And needless to say, I was humiliated, devastated, and crushed.


I was strangely consoled (and also rather flabbergasted!) at the supportive “warning” I received to help lessen the blow. And it did indeed turn a pretty tough scenario into a more tolerable (and less lonely) experience.

Now, here’s an IMPORTANT fact to know: I am NOT a kid who ever had “intuitive” things happening to her growing up.

Not at ALL.

In fact, that was the ONLY “supernatural” thing that had EVER happened to me. Period.

I was also raised in a house filled to the brim with hard-core skeptics. (I’m one too, thank-you-very-much.)

So the fact that something so odd. So accurate. So unexplainable – was happening to me shocked the pants clean off me for months to come…

So time went on, and a year or two passed… and I found myself at an intuition-building class.

I’ll admit, it was — hands-down — THE WORST class I’ve ever taken in my life. (No. Really.) But… there was one part of the class that changed my life. Permanently.

At one point we were asked to do a practice “psychic reading” on the stranger sitting directly across from us.

(I already knew for a fact that I would SUCK at this exercise – not only because I wasn’t intuitive, BUT I also have a terminal case of performance anxiety… and when put on the spot, I’ve have a lifelong history of debilitating “brain-fart-itis”.)

But to humor the teacher, I closed my eyes and followed the instructions:

“Don’t censor a THING that pops into your mind!”

So that’s what I did… For the next 5 minutes.

beautiful girl with headache

I let my brain wander, as it always did. And I made sure to note my mental “ramblings” as various images and thoughts flitted across my mind…

When it was time to share, I started describing the random (seemingly random) images I’d seen in my head — assuming the woman across from me would roll her eyes, or kick me in the shin.

I saw…

• A big blonde dog, running

• A wooden ranch house with a dark blue Cadillac in the driveway

• A very DEEP-set windowsill with brightly-painted gourds sitting in it

• Hands ruffling through huge stacks of typed papers

• The inside of a house that was ENTIRELY raw wood

• A glass of soymilk (and got the thought of “dairy allergy”)

• A woman holding broccoli and asparagus, with 2 men behind her (1 older, 1 younger)

• A car with 3 flowerpots in the back window

• A beach, with seashells — and feet walking in the sand

When I shared these images, the woman across from me just stared for a minute — and then proceeded to confirm each and every item on my list:

• She had been out running her Yellow Lab in the dog park earlier that day

• She had a ranch house and a dark-blue Cadillac parked in the drive

• She had abnormally-deep windowsills where she collected Native-American gourds

• She was a writer, so her house was filled with stacks of manuscripts

• The interior of her house was made entirely of raw, unpainted wood

• She was allergic to dairy

• She had bought broccoli and asparagus that morning with her brother (the younger man I’d seen)– and they were talking about their father who had recently died (the 2nd older gentleman).

• She had planted3 pots of flowers that morning (and had them in her car)

• She walked on the beach every morning for exercise


Man wearing woman clothing on white

And that’s when I was officially freaked out.

(In fact, I avoided this whole subject for YEARS after that day.)

So…Was this situation random? OH NO. In hindsight, I knew that specific shifts I’d been making in my life had caused this type of “psychic opening” to occur (and I want to teach YOU how to do this, too.)

But that moment taught me some things that were BEYOND invaluable:

  1. Even “non-intuitive” women can have lurking psychic super-skills
  1. Intuition is subtle — just like “normal” everyday thoughts and feelings (Who knew?)
  1. I had been blocking those super-subtle sensations my entire life (and likely, so are YOU!)

I would have bet my LIFE that I didn’t have an intuitive bone in my body before this all happened.

But now I believe in my bones that EVERY woman has the capacity to do the same.

The veil is lifting. No longer do you have to stay trapped inside just the 3-dimensional world you see all around you.

There is a vast, ENDLESS Universe at your fingertips: filled with all the insights and information you could ever dream up.

And as you develop your own intuitive abilities, you can use them for just about anything — like:

• Knowing when to quit your job

• Help inspire, guide or heal others

• Figuring out where to find great clients!

• See into your own blocks – so you can clear them faster

• Know which mentors to work with (and which to avoid)

• Get tips on what foods lift you up – and which may be secretly sabotaging your health

…and the list goes on. And on. And on. And on!!!


The list also gets weirder. Wilder. Scratch-your-head “That Just Can’t Happen!” kinda craziness. (Oh baby, the stories I could tell!)

Now I get to use my intuition EVERY SINGLE DAY – from the big decisions, to the teensy inconsequential bits. (And it gets bigger and stronger every single day.)

Cute blonde yoga meditation in futuristic holographic media touc

But my MOST FAVORITE way to use intuition is with women just like you — to help YOU uncover your blocks, embrace your strengths, and step into your deliciously-divine purpose. Yummorama!

You see: Intuition is practical. Extremely precise. Ridiculously powerful. And more fun than a bucket full o’ Monkeys!

And most of all, intuition is no longer just for those super-duper-Woo-Woo chicks, or full-time professional psychics.

It’s the next wave of “normal”.

So the sooner you embrace this fact, the faster you too can start cracking yourself open to a whole new dimension of reality. Love. Wisdom. And more.

Sure, there are steps you’ll need to get there: You’ve got to quiet your mind; open yourself up; learn to trust the information; expand your energy; know what to look for; and craft just the right questions to ask.

But with the right amount of desire, practice and faith, you CAN do this.

And if you play your cards right, it may all happen quicken than you’d expect.

Even though I’ve had to learn all of this on my own — piecing bits together over many, many years — my goal is always to help shave off a few decades (and dollars) from your own intuitive learning-curve.

It’s what I live for, Sweet-Cakes…

So feel free to post any crazy intuitive stories YOU might have — or ask all of your questions about intuition in the space below – ALL questions are welcomed! I’ll be happy to answer them all, or use it for a future newsletter post.

Your wish is my command…


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  1. Wendell
    Posted August 21, 2014 at 4:27 pm | Permalink

    Freaky story about intuition but it intrigues me

    So can you email me an example of how I could use this – or your skills – to get thru my present blocks?
    I feel stuck – normal state is full of child like joy and possibility but going through divorce thst I cant see end and want to get started on my biz idea I have but doubt that too – scared because no income , no home security at same time no ties

    Thank you appreciate any help you have for me 🙂

  2. Sunshine
    Posted August 24, 2014 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

    Hey! I loved your article! Yes, we need to “listen” to our intuition. It is extremely powerful and can keep us out of hot water. “I just had a feeling” is our mind trying to tell us what our heart already knows. Thank you for taking the time to share with us your wisdom. Namaste and God bless!

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