If hard work was all it took to win at business, you’d be rich by now. So what’s really going on?

Get the ultimate training to building
a 6-figure business (and more!)—
and a life that works for you.

Hey there, my Entrepreneurial Soul-Sister…

Does any of this sound familiar?
  • You are already successful, but the truth is you want MORE
  • You want to start a business -- but you aren’t sure you have what it takes
  • You are “dabbling” in your business by offering too many trades, giving your work away for free, and bartering… and even THEN you have a hard time getting clients.

If that sounds like you, it’s time for an intervention.

I love you. But I can’t stand to see this sort of thing anymore.

You’re way too smart to be in this suck-o situation…

And there’s a giant opportunity sitting at your doorstep.

If you’re struggling to build a business that reflects your true talents, and pays you every penny you’re worth, then your luck is about to change.


I’m going to make it easy for you.

I am so frustrated seeing smart women wasting their time… for peanuts.

In fact, a little while ago, I got SO frustrated that I made a master list of all the ways women totally screw up their businesses (without even knowing it).

That list ended up being 91 items long!!!

(And trust me, these 91 goofs were JUST the tip of the iceberg.)

I was shocked.

Mostly because ALL these things were SO easily avoidable — if they only had the RIGHT information.

After uncovering these 91+ problems, I started figuring out the fix. It turns out, there are 10 core principles about how to run a business that’s unstoppable.

There are the 10 things you HAVE to “get” to rock your business:

And unfortunately it’s the very information most heart-based female entrepreneurs are missing entirely (and don’t even know it).

News flash: working harder, training more, or trying the next shiny object strategy ain’t gonna cut it.

All that stuff just wastes time. Money. And gets you 1 step closer to tossing in the towel.

What you need is how to be a woman who knows how business REALLY works. So NOTHING can stop you from living out you mission.

Once you build this foundation, it’s yours for a lifetime… and nothing can stop you ever again.

I’ve already done the hard-part —
Now just apply these steps to your business.

I’m 1,000% convinced that these 10 key steps are your 1-way ticket out of mediocre results.

They are the same 10 things every female entrepreneur (myself included) has struggled with.

And until you know these 10 commandments in your bones, you’re going to keep tripping yourself up. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

Luckily, I’ve paved the way for you. More on that in a moment. But first:

CASE STUDY 1: Jane Antonovich

I want you to meet Jane, a Feng Shui Designer and Organizational Specialist....

Jane joined my Platinum business mentoring group a little over 2 years ago. Jane is super-smart, and was working hard — but no matter what she tried, she was still making only a few hundred dollars a month (MAX!) with her organizing business..

Her husband was retiring soon, and she desperately wanted to be able to cover their expenses retirement expenses... all by herself. But she had 0 clue how that was ever going to happen.

But in no time, Jane was making THOUSANDS a month...

Now Jane brings in over $6300 a month — is booked months in advance, has a full-time employee, is a dynamic andsought-after public speaker... and is building her dream brick-and-mortar business, too.

Jane is a transformed woman — in EVERY area of her life: overflowing with confidence, excitement, creativity... and cash! And now she takes off weeks at a time to travel the globe — while still making an amazing income.

CASE STUDY 2: A'ndrea Blake Reiter

I want you to meet A'ndrea, a Women's Holistic Infertility Specialist....

A'ndrea came to me just 2 years ago — with just the starting idea for a business. She was working as a personal trainer, barely making ends meet. And the financial strain was putting pressure on her marriage.

After our first intimate group-mentoring session, A'ndrea left our call in tears –– scared and excited! — realizing that her entire life was about to change in the most amazing ways. Even though she was stepping FAR outside her comfort-zone — she felt the fear, and took the leap anyway!!!

Just a few short months into our work together, A'ndrea was signing high-paying clients left and right. By the end of our first year together she was able to leave her personal training job, and more than DOUBLE her previous income as an Unstoppable Entrepreneur!

A'ndrea started having $5,000+ weeks, is booked solid, launched a group program, wrote her first book, and has articles published with Deepak Chopra and Oprah's OWN.

But better yet: She's paid off student loans... and has finally been able to pay for several Europen vacations for she and her husband. All on her own. Now A'ndrea is dreaming BIG. She's constantly stretching herself. Now her entire life is unrecognizable... And she did it all at lightning-speed.

CASE STUDY 3: Jess Webb

"Working with Stephanie has changed my life! When I met Stephanie I was barely getting by… But in just a short time I’ve completely re-branded my company, my income has way more than quadrupled, I have more clients than I’ve ever had before, and now I'm having $5,500 DAYS, $10,000 WEEKS — and 5-figure MONTHS!"

—Jess Webb | Website Branding + Online Media Strategist

Jess is a super-smart, soulful entrepreneur with a HUGE heart — and had been studying marketing, working really hard, thinking she was doing everything “right”… but was still barely making ends meet.

Jess has BIG dreams. She knew in her heart she was capable of so much more. But she had struggled for so long that she was moments away from closing up shop (and getting a J-O-B.)

But then Jess started applying the 10 Commandments of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur to her business (and life). And in less than 6 months she started landing her idea, (high-paying!) clients, and more than quadrupled her monthly income.

Jess started earning $5,500+… not over a month, not over a week, but in 1 day!

Jess began to understand her value. She charged what she was worth. She spoke up. Stood tall. And best of all, she watched her biggest dreams come true right before her eyes. Plus, she never felt so good about herself in her entire life. (Or had so much FUN in the process.)

I did it. Jane, A'ndrea and Jess did it. And you can, too.

With the RIGHT training + RIGHT actions, you can:

  • Know exactly what to do in your marketing, and when to do it
  • Invest your time + money in actions that feed your wallet (and Soul).
  • Attract your IDEAL clients who value your gifts (and pay you well).
  • Set your pricing + packages so you can make more — and give back
  • Gain serious business-traction that grows over time (and work less)
  • Want to know HOW you can do all that? Here it is:



Welcome to the answer to your business prayers.

This program has been designed to teach you the most important principles of every thriving, heart-based entrepreneur — the steps that aren’t in most business training and marketing courses.

You won’t find these principles in any free gifts.

They rarely appear in any teleseminar.

But they are the principles that EVERY successful entrepreneur uses to get what she wants.

But to become “Unstoppable”, you’re going to have to dump a lot of old programming.

You have to stop thinking you can simply “think” your way to wealth.

You have to stop believing that working MORE will get you ahead.

You have to stop chasing the next bright, shiny marketing fads.

Unstoppable Entrepreneurs know the Magic Mix:

Marketing, Mindset + Massive Momentum.

There are countless women out there learning everything they can about marketing.

That’s NOT enough.

There are women saying affirmations, visualizations + manifesting their hearts out.

That’s NOT enough.

BUT, if you learn to put it all together in the “right” way — with smart, results-based marketing; the best mindset strategies; and earth-shaking BOLD actions — then, and ONLY then, do you have the “right” recipe for your Secret Sauce.

Hear me Sister when I say this: Your business isn’t stuck because you’re not smart, talented, pretty, charming, thin or confident enough. Your business is stuck because you’ve been doing everything backwards. Wrong. Upside-down. Konky-wonky.

But that’s all about to change. And soon…

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”
— Albert Einstein

"One of the most genuine and brilliant gifts I have ever encountered is Stephanie McWilliams — I’ve gone from making a few hundred dollars a month — to making over $7,000 a month!"

"I was surprised by Stephanie’s depth, accuracy and connection with me right off the bat — She is extremely intuitive! She provides a level of comfort and awareness that makes you feel as if you have known her since the beginning of your own time. She is lovely and loving. Working with her was meticulously magical in a way that allowed me to quickly see beyond my unnecessary fluff and, furthermore, hear my own internal wisdom. Stephanie’s level of support and understanding of my own unique qualities supports me in letting go of any blocks that prevent me from fully living what I am here to do.

I’ve gone from having no private clients, and making a few hundred dollars a month –– to being booked-solid, and bringing in over $7,000 these past 2 months — which has been a dream of mine for many years now. (I have little tears as I type this.) She helped me identify which financial beliefs I had inherited from my family and were unwittingly carrying over into my financial life. Since taking the course I have learned that my mood and emotions affect the amount of money I allow into my life. Which is HUGE!

I cannot express fully the benefits that have come from applying Stephanie’s insights and practical tools. Stephanie really knows how to teach! Her visuals, voice, worksheets and communal support make learning and implementing an enjoyable experience. Her own self-awareness and authenticity are evident in the course. She has been through so much within her own life, that her empathy and strength come through in everything she does. She taught me that big shifts happen when you make investments in yourself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Stephanie for showing up in my life, and coaching my through my biggest fears.   You are an Earth Angel to me.  I love you!"

—Jessica McCleskey Hood | Women's Weight Loss Expert| Sensual


"I call my time since working with Stephanie “MY NEW LIFE” — I get business like never before, my client conversion rate has increased, and I’m making more money!"

"Before working with Stephanie, I was constantly pushing to achieve something I wasn’t ready for. I almost felt ADD running from one project to another. I was not working from a solid foundation. Then Stephanie pulled me by my coat tail and said “Wait a minute sister!” I was not expecting Stephanie to have the ability to look so deeply into my soul: She immediately knew that I was working from a state of panic. I was spinning my wheels trying to achieve X, Y and Z (when in reality I had not done A, B, or C). Now I know there are so many amazing things in store for me but now I’m not “chasing” them – I’m allowing everything to come to me easily! I’ve slowed down and now I’m enjoy my journey as it comes — without forcing things to happen. I actually feel like clients are drawn to me more since I’ve worked with Stephanie. And I actually feel younger! I’m more present and aware in my life. My husband even mentioned the other day how much happier I am after working with Stephanie. Now I can build this new beautiful life and career on solid ground (not pie in the sky stuff like I was trying before)."

—Chris Fulkerson, Image Consultant |


"Stephanie, you tapped so beautifully and powerfully into your intuition to read me and show me places where I was stuck. The week after our call I got three new clients...! I have been repeatedly blown away by Stephanie’s intuitive ability, and her way of lasering in on the most important issues — so that you get the greatest results. She’s the real deal!"

"OMG, working with Stephanie is one of the most powerful experiences ever!!!  For years Stephanie has been supporting my mission with her intuitive work — showing me that part of my path includes owning certain gifts even more fully than I have up to now– patiently helping me course-correct, adjust and embrace my deeper life’s purpose.  She’s holds a much larger vision for me than even I can see for myself — steadily guiding me in my business and life in the most powerful, soulful and loving way imaginable.  She has an uncanny way of ‘seeing’ where you are supposed to go, whoyou are at your core, and the steps necessary to get you where you want to go.  Stephanie is a crazy-cool blend of an ass-kicking coach, masterful spiritual teacher, mushy love-bug, and a total goofball with a crazy-wicked sense of humor.  Plus, she’s smart as hell! I don’t know many who will take the stand for you, and be the guide for you, the way she can.  I highly, highly, highly recommend Stephanie if you want to grow your life, your biz, or your soul — in the fastest, and most FUN way possible!"

—Therese Skelly, Business Coach |


"Within the 1st month of working with Stephanie, I was not only able to TRIPLE my income for that month — but also signed on my very 1st paid-in-full client!"

"Know the difference between lettuce and garbage?  TIME!  So, if you’re ready to stop flailing around and start taking your business seriously – you run, run, RUN to Stephanie!

Let me say this… I’ve spoken with many business coaches, and the reason I decided to jump at the chance to work with Stephanie is her “no holds bar”, tell-you-how-it-is (while still loving you up) approach.  She’s like a Fairy Godmother, only this one is armed to the teeth in business tools and armor!

The vision for my business was always there, but it was behind a murky glass I couldn’t see through.  Then in comes Stephanie: she whips out the magic Windex and “POOF!”  I can actually, finally, SEE what’s been there all along!  …only now in crystal clarity. I’m finally attracting motivated, high paying prospects…  Plus, I’m actually working  LESS, and have MORE free time for me!

That’s what she does: Sees the potential, and hold it up for you.  She sees in you what you’re afraid to see in yourself, but brings it to you in a way that’s empowering instead of petrifying.  She’ll zero in on your block SO WELL that you’ll feel a little… well… naked.  But guess what, once you can NAME the beast, then you can SLAY the breast.  And if it seems scary, not to worry!  Stephanie is there, ready to arm you for success and give you a pep kick in the tush if needed.

You’ll be LUCKY if you ever get a chance to speak to this woman for even a few minutes, because it will change your life and amp your drive 10-fold. You just don’t KNOW the gifts that are awaiting you behind this door of opportunity – Stephanie just hands you the keys."

—Irina Kachalenko | Your Neighborhood Fat-busting Diva |

Hold up — Who am I...
And how did I become Unstoppable?

My current life is a dream come true! It’s an experience I never could have imagined for myself 20 years ago. And the best part is: it just seems to get better… and better… and better each year!

I get to make a massive difference in people’s lives all over the planet. I’ve been blessed to inspire millions each week via my former HGTV show “Fun Shui”. I live a life in alignment with my purpose and divine-design. And I get to share that with my amazing partner Ian, the sweet sunshine of San Diego, and my two crazy-cute kitties.

Plus, I get to make a great living while doing it all.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I’ve been through hell and back to get to where I am.

I’ve battled some seriously BIG life challenges, and have transformed my life many times over. And let’s just say, I’m one of the toughest cases I’ve ever seen. So if I can do it, then you can too.

If I can go from being severely depressed, shy, bankrupt, and hopeless – to being on TV, build a profitable business, and living my divine life’s mission, then you absolutely are capable of doing the same.

I’m your POSTER-CHILD for what’s possible…

And oh happy day: It’s not as hard as you might think!

I’m here to show you how I took my business from bankruptcy — to making 5-figures each MONTH — so that you can do the same.

Join me — and kick your business up a notch. (Actually, more like 10!)

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Academy:

  • You will learn how to run your business like a 6-figure entrepreneur.
  • You will learn to grow your empire (and income) consistently.
  • You will learn how awesome it feels to live your 100% divine mission.
  • You’ll learn my own business-building mistakes, so you can avoid them.
  • You’ll learn to zap fear, doubts and limited thinking to the curb.
  • You’ll learn how to fall madly in love with the “spirituality” of selling.
  • You’ll learn the God’s-honest-truth about it really takes to be successful.
  • You’ll learn to take on “impossible” challenges with ease + optimism.
  • You’ll learn to have more fun making money than almost anything else.
  • You’ll learn to stare your biggest fears in the face (+ take action anyway!)
  • You’ll learn how to make a smart, leveraged, lucrative marketing plan.
  • You’ll learn the behind-the-scenes secrets that make Entrepreneur’s tick.
  • You’ll learn to work less, get more done, and make more money doing it.
  • You’ll learn why the current business models don’t work for heartfelt women.
  • You’ll learn how to show up bigger + bolder than you’ve ever done before.
  • You’ll learn the perks of setting goals that you have 0 idea how to achieve.
  • You’ll learn why many coaches + healers never make it — so YOU can.
  • You’ll learn to find your own outrageous confidence like entrepreneurs you idolize.
  • You’ll learn how being super-successful will actually strengthen your spirituality.

And buckets, bundles and oodles more!

But that’s just scraping my nail across the surface of this program. Keep reading and I’ll dish out the real meat of this oh-so-delicious, soul-filled, business-building adventure.


The 10 Core Commandments that can add $100,000+
to your bottom line.

*Click here to get the PDF with the 10 Core Commandments – my gift to you!


Commandment #1: Take Bold Actions, Often.
Everyone’s afraid. Keep moving forward, no matter what.

  • Ways to get moving FAST — and book clients before you're "ready"
  • Understand exactly what it takes to be unstoppable + how to get it
  • Striking while the iron’s hot: moving on inspiration (+ intuition) instantly
  • Learning the foundational aspects to leading a free + fearless life
  • Dealing with your doubts, fears + limitations when inspiration hits
  • Procrastination: what it really is, and how to move through it rapidly
  • The simple secrets to showing up bravely (while still being terrified!)

Commandment #2: Focus on the RIGHT Customers.
Only offer your services to those who want what you have.

  • Crafting your Perfect USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Avoid the classic client pitfalls + go confidently after your ideal client.
  • Why your ideas about changing the world might be costing you customers
  • Reasons why your client's PAIN is “good” + how to use it for transformation
  • Signs for spotting an ideal client vs. those who will suck you dry
  • Learn the top 10 tips for becoming irresistible in your client’s eyes
  • The 3 magic questions to determine if you have a product they’ll buy


Commandment #3: Become a (Soulful) Sales Ninja.
You can’t change the world until selling is "Spiritual".

  • How selling the opposite of what you do can be beneficial for your clients
  • The #1 way women sabotage sales conversations, and how to prevent it
  • Tips for bringing spirituality into sales for the best, most lucrative, results
  • Sure-fire ideas for adding heart AND income to your sales process
  • How not caring what your client things is the best way to help them
  • Secrets to removing YOU from the sales process so you can selflessly!
  • Learn the 6 simple steps to discover your most unique selling strengths
  • How to develop an authentic image that inspires…and attracts!

Commandment #4: Design Irresistible Packages.
Stop working dollars-for-hours. Offer transformation instead.

  • Why charging more is much, much easier than charging less
  • The Top 7 ways to package your services for greater conversion + profits
  • Tips for bundling your services so you can offer more AND make more
  • The types of packages that attract the MOST ideal clients
  • It’s all in a name: ways to create captivating names for what you offer
  • Secrets to flaunting the transformation you provide, and hide the details
  • 5 reasons why people benefit more from packages than individual offers


Commandment #5: Have a Magnetic Mindset.
Your thoughts create things. So choose them wisely.

  • Discover a simple 5-step process that stops ALL stuckness in it’s tracks
  • Conquer the 10 core beliefs that hold back ALL female entrepreneurs
  • How not taking ANYTHING seriously is the best way to make a difference
  • Steps for walking in the same confidence as your role models - NOW!
  • How to tune your "magnetic" frequency QUICKLY to attract ideal clients
  • Discover how your challenges are the BEST tools to Unstoppability
  • How to cultivate, collect + respond to “Winks from the Universe”

Commandment #6: Speak with Unstoppable Style.
Your success depends on how well you connect with others.

  • Tips for designing the perfect signature talk that reflects your mission.
  • How to get over your fears of public speaking ... through speaking!
  • The top 10 ways to make your branding emotional + memorable
  • Why consistency is vital + ways to implement this throughout your business
  • Why your best strengths may not be what you think + how to find them


Commandment #7: Build a List of Raving Fans.
You’re only as good as your relationship with your peeps.

  • The 5 best ways to build a thriving, loyal group of fans and followers
  • How to build your list rapidly — without leaving home!
  • Why doing things exactly opposite of everyone else is the best path to success
  • How to stand out in the crowd (without stepping on anyone’s feet)
  • 3 secrets for grabbing email addresses when giving live or virtual talks

Commandment #8: Write Love-Notes to your Niche.
Make ideal clients fall head-over-heels for your services.

  • Why writing a newsletter is so crucial for your long-term success
  • 5 steps to make sure your copy connects with your ideal audience
  • A simple techniqe for writing articles quickly, painlessly + painfully
  • How to stay grounded + centered while writing marketing copy that sells
  • Crafting your Unstoppable Mission statement that attracts ideal clients


COMMANDMENT #9: Work on the Smart Stuff, First.
Spend your time purposefully. Once it's gone, it's gone.

  • The 10 Best Unstoppable Entrepreneur's Time + Productivity secrets
  • How to work smart, not hard + embrace Unstoppable time management magic
  • Determining Which Massive Actions will Reap the Most Massive Rewards.
  • Establishing a masterful, consistent SIMPLE marketing plan that get’s BIG results.
  • How to build a simple, solid business plan that’s easily repeatable
  • The core foundation of all online and offline marketing
  • Embracing the 5 core steps of unstoppably magnetic marketing.

COMMANDMENT #10: Embrace a Bigger YOU.
When you up-level your vision, you up-level your Mission.

  • Set a bold goal that’s perfectly designed for maximum momentum.
  • Craft a powerful, personalized visual tool to accelerate your success.
  • How to step into your FUTURE potential by using the power of the present.
  • How to become a leader in your field – in an hour or less a day
  • The top 5 ways that unstoppable women can become fearless in business
  • Learn to think “unrealistically” in order to achieve more than ever before.



Everyone has a unique learning style, so I’ve made sure to include tons of customized and lazer-focused activities in 10 beautifully-designed and full-color action guides that you can transform into your very own Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Academy binder. Each action guide contains strategically designed worksheets, templates and done-for-you checklists that go along with each module of the program to help make your experience long-lasting, and help you take in the information in a deeper, more powerful way. You’ll love referring back to these exercises over and over, as they’re guaranteed to help you open up new pathways, insights and awareness. (If you’ve taken any of my previous programs, you’ll know that the handouts and activities are an invaluable addition.)


Since there’s a lot to learn about Marketing, I want you learning from the BEST! So I’m bringing in my MOST masterful comrades to teach you a thing or two about their own areas of expertise — so you get a powerful, well-rounded business-building experience.

Stella Orange
Adrienne Trappani Karen Graves Therese Skelly

You’ll learn not only ninja copywriting skills, but also branding brilliance, from my very own marketing mentor Stella Orange ( ). You'll find your Soul -- through selling! -- with my dear friend and sales guru, Therese Skelly ( You'll embrace online marketing the easy, gentle way with the Online Marketing Fairy, Adrienne Trappani ( ). And learn more soulful sales skills with my dear friend and powerhouse entrepreneur, Karen Graves ( I’ve added these female powerhouses so you to come away from UEA knowing everything you need to get your business started RIGHT!


It’s the topic that everyone flips over most: the fabulous world of feng shui — for all-things BUSINESS! I’m going to teach you the core principles of environmental design, geared to radically transform your mindset and emotions around: money, abundance, focus, confidence, creativity, connections and Unstoppability! We’ll cover layout, color, artwork, energy, organization, and more!

That’s over $1200+ worth of bonuses alone!

"Stephanie brings her gifts of insight and compassion together into an experience where suddenly “everything makes sense."

"Stephanie McWilliams highlights what is in the shadow and brings clarity to the path of healing. Stephanie brings her gifts of insight and compassion together into an experience where suddenly “everything makes sense.” If you are feeling lost, immobilized or in fear, reaching out to Stephanie is one of the best things you can do."

—Susan Liddy |  Founder, a HeartMind Leadership


"Stephanie is one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever met…"

"Stephanie is one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever met. She’s helped me… and is currently helping me… as I move towards an exciting new direction in my business. No matter what you want to do in your business, having someone who is so *in tune* with the best way to help you get there is absolutely invaluable. If you want to do more in your business and your life, you need to work with Stephanie!"

—Henry Evans |  Author, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur,


"I’ve done energy work with a lot of different healers, and in the line-up, Stephanie ranks near the top in insightfulness, accuracy and generosity. The real deal!"

"I had a one-on-one session with Stephanie and was so impressed with the quality of information she had for me (not to mention the QUANTITY – she sure packed a lot in an hour!). I’ve done energy work with a lot of different healers, and in the line-up, Stephanie ranks near the top in insightfulness, accuracy and generosity. The real deal!"

—Alison Marks, M.A, CFSC | Author, Speaker, Organizing and Productivity Mentor | Founder of 6 Figure Home Office |

"After Stephanie’s course, I sold my first program. Now I KNOW I can get out and earn money… Working with Stephanie is a must!"

"Before this course, I was not making any money as a health coach! And I knew my relationship to money was in the way. I also became aware of the core root issue of my money issues, which was a huge revelation! In just a few weeks, I did a full house cleaning on my relationship to money. Now I know I can spend money from a more powerful place. Stephanie has an abundance of tools and tips that are invaluable — not only for money, but for your entire LIFE! I was amazed at how laser-focused her tools were on shifting my stinkin’ thinkin’. Her resources are top of the line, her passion and knowledge run deep, and your life will change from working with her."

—Jennifer Fanning, Holistic Health Practitioner |


"In a marketplace where many claim to have the key to helping people live more successful, fulfilling lives, Stephanie McWilliams actually has and delivers a whole set of keys that open doors to health, harmony and success."

"I have benefitted personally and professionally both from her support, her wide open heart, and her accessible, practical applications of transformative tools that before were merely theory to me. Stephanie is also one of my favorite collaborators. I gratefully and joyfully accept her invitations to participate in projects where she offers her students and subscribers access to her impressive network of teachers and experts. Her generosity, creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious, creating ripple effects from whatever she touches."

—Carol Skolnick | Founder of Clear Life Solutions |


"Stephanie showed me the way to go from $100-$200 a month, to THOUSANDS of dollars a month!"

"After floundering around for years searching for a way to share my jewelry, Stephanie showed me the way to go from $100-$200 a month, to THOUSANDS of dollars a month –– all in less than 6 short months!  Her insights into what needs to be accomplished, along with a clear and focused plan have me on my way to the six figure income that I was only dreaming of before.

After the first phone conversation I felt like I had just spoken to my best friend.  That special someone that knows me, understands, and just “gets” me.  That is so incredibly rare, and indescribably freeing.  Stephanie has the ability to see where you are and where it is you are meant to go.  Just an hour on the phone with her and I am ready to take on the world.  And I am finding the success she told me was there just waiting for me to claim it.

With the help of Stephanie and her Unstoppable energy I finally have a plan and goal to match up with my hopes and dreams."

—Carol LePierre | Jewelry Design Expert |


The Academy is for YOU if you’re…

  • A female coach, healer or purpose-driven service professional — or a woman ready to start her own business
  • Spiritually-minded, and want to make a big difference in the world through your work
  • Committed to making your business work, no matter what — and know you need help.
  • Wanting to play a much bigger game — but you don’t know where to even begin
  • Clear that you’re here for a divine purpose — but can’t get your dream into reality
  • Someone with a seriously great sense of humor (or at least appreciate it in others!)

The Academy is NOT for you if...

  • If you’re flat broke + needed more customers and money YESTERDAY.

If you’re flat broke and worrying about how you’ll pay the rent, this program isn’t for you. This is for people that are already making money in their business (even just a little bit), or women who have income from other sources (like a J-O-B, savings, partner’s income, etc.).

  • If you’re looking for easy money without having to do the work.

Many other programs sell the “easy way out”, and paint a picture of a woman working 4 hours a week and making multi-6-figure incomes. While I’m sure a small handful of them exist somewhere — they don’t exist in my world. You’re going to have to take big risks and take big actions to get big results. But trust me, the confidence, creativity and meaning you’ll receive in return is well worth the work required.

  • If you’re not willing to see things differently + DO things differently.

Becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur requires big cojones. It’s going to require that you think about yourself, the world, money and your business 180° from where you are right now. Sometimes that’s exciting. And sometimes there’s big resistance. But what you learn by moving through it is a whole new world of possibilities. Don’t worry… I’ll be there to hold your hand!

How this program can (literally) pay for itself…

In this program we’ll be working on shifting your mindset, teaching you smart, savvy marketing, and getting you into massive momentum — all designed to make you money.

So if you made even 1 small shift, how much more moolah could you make?

…What if you had the confidence to asked for a raise?
…What if you had the mojo to Increase your prices?
…What if you started working smarter + got more done?
…What if you made just 1 more sale per month?

What would this injection of confidence be worth to your business each month? No, really: How much more money could you finally make if you were taking the “right” steps — at last? (I’m asking for real. Take a moment to crunch some numbers...)

Got that monthly amount?

Great… now DOUBLE it!

Then, multiply that number by 12 (for the number of months in a year).

That’s a great guestimate of how much more money you could (and SHOULD) be making annually. No joke.

It’s also a great gauge of how much more you should be investing in yourself, too. If you’re not spending AT LEAST double the amount you’re spending on your car, clothes and coffee combined, then you’re probably a bit delusional about what it takes to pull off a business.

You CANNOT pull off a successful business by piece-mealing things together. Ain’t gonna happen. Heck, I personally spend many tens of thousands of dollars on mentorships, masterminds, coaching and training each year. Every successful person does the same.

So, how willing are YOU to invest in yourself? And most importantly: are you willing to trust that you CAN do it?

Maybe you have faith. Maybe you don’t.

But I do.

Take it from Stuart Smalley:

“You’re good enough. You’re smart enough. And doggone it: People like you!”

SO over the next 5 months I’ll be here to believe in your dreams when you’re afraid. I’ll remind you of what’s possible when you forget. I’ll hold you steady while you’re: learning the ropes; trying on your entrepreneurial training wheels; and building up your unstoppable muscles… Until you’re strong enough to stand on your own 2 feet.

It’s my promise that if you follow every step in this course, and embrace these tried-and-true principles, you’re guaranteed to transform your business… and boost your finances.

Even teensy shifts in your mindset, marketing or momentum can create some pretty big financial tidal waves over time.

Question is: are you willing to do what it takes? Are you ready to finally live your mission?

"The freedom and exhilaration resulting from one phone session was worth the investment in the whole package! Her intuition and support are truly priceless…"

"I am so grateful to have found Stephanie! It’s difficult to express in words the exhilaration and excitement I feel. She is fun and loving and inspiringly insightful. In my first phone session with her, Stephanie provided me with a simple, yet crucial insight that resonated so deeply with me, and my understanding of my life has increased a million-fold! For the longest time, I’d been struggling to figure out what I’m supposed to do with my life. I was frustrated that nothing I did really gave me the fulfillment I knew I could have. I’d been trying to piece together all my disparate interests and occupations, figuring out how they fit together into a path that felt meaningful and gave me a sense of purpose. Stephanie, with her graceful intuitiveness, sensed and explored a beautifully accurate truth about me, and I just “got” it. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle, and it has liberated me! Now, instead of spending so much mental energy trying to figure out how everything is supposed to come together in my life and worrying about what I should be doing, I now experience an unbelievable sense of self. My life is making more sense, and I live each day with so much more joy and confidence! I have a greater capacity to experience the present, and I’m more trusting that what I need will come my way. The freedom and exhilaration resulting from this one phone session was worth the investment in the whole package! I’ve now had two sessions with Stephanie, and I really feel that through love and joy I’m going to take my creativity, success and personal “power” to the level I’ve always known it could be but couldn’t reach previously. I’m really, really excited!!"

—Kiki Ong, Small Business Owner |

"So many programs out there promise “life changing” benefits. This one delivers it. I’m no longer exhausted and frightened. The happier I get, the more productive I am — and the more money that flows!"

"My relationship with money (or lack of it) was a dark cloud over my life for the past 20 years. Even when I had it, I feared losing it. I ignored it. I hid from it. Before I took this course, I actually carried all of my bills in a huge purse, on my back, everywhere I went. It was my burden. I didn’t want anyone at home to find it, so I carried it with me everywhere I went. It was heavy. It was a constant reminder of debt. Today, that big bag is empty. The bills are paid..And the guilt, sadness and insecurity is gone. Amazing……but true!!!

This program made me re-think, re-organize and re-wire all my beliefs about myself and money in my world. Now, I find myself checking my bank balances, looking in my purse and smiling at the sudden accumulation of money that did not exist before. I guess I can sum this up in one statement: “A relationship with our money is alot like our love relationships. If you ignore it, it goes sour. If you refused to deal with it, it leaves. If you honor it and give it your attention…it grows and supports you in return.” That’s it. Simple and sweet! So thank you for your voice..comforting and supportive..on this journey to finding a new relationship with our money. I’m going to be ingesting this information for a very long,long time. Thank you for showing me how to empty out my big bag of insecurity!!!!"

—Linda Monteleone, RN Hospice Nurse and Graphic Designer | Pittsburgh, PA

"Gosh, this course was a total bargain. The value was at least 10X what I paid. Now anything is possible!"

"Before this program, I felt so much stress around money. When I sat down to pay my bills I could feel the tension in my neck and shoulders. I decided to do this program because I loved the preview calls for the program, and wanted more! Since doing this program, I feel so much more positive and there are so many more possibilities for me. I actually lost a couple of pounds during this course! Now I don’t feel the stress in my body when I pay my bills. I 100% recommmend working with Stephanie. If you’re on the fence about one of her programs: Just do it! You will get so much more than you can ever imagine…"

—Marla Schechs, Healthy Cooking Coach | Philadelphia, PA


"In just 1 month working with Stephanie I have had HUGE results: My recent webinar earned me TRIPLE the amount of business than any other webinar I’ve done – $4.5k to be exact! In just 3 months I'm making $13,000+/month and on track to making 6-figures in my FIRST YEAR of business!"

"She just totally gets stuff straight away + is able to really drill down to the nub of matters."

—Emma O’Sullivan, Mumpreneur Mentor + Time Management Expert  |

Frequently Asked Questions…
I’m dedicated to growing my business, but I can’t afford this right now.

If you’re not bringing in enough income, clients and opportunities, then my honest response is: You can’t afford NOT to join a program like this. That’s not meant to be a sales gimmick or a guilt trip. Simply take a look around at those who are living the life you want. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single 1 of them that has gotten there on their own without some SERIOUS support and mentorship. So if you’re not already doing this, you have to start TODAY. Because really: if you could have done it by yourself, wouldn’t you have figured out this “business thing” already?

FYI: Most women who say they can’t afford something are REALLY just saying: “It’s just NOT my priority.” Most women come up with the money for things like vacations, shoes, manicures and lattés. So your first step is to just be HONEST about the situation: Stepping it up, and building a booming business is NOT your priority. That will get you much much farther than telling yourself you don’t have enough money (when you “technically” do).

I think this sounds great — but I’m not ready yet.

If you don’t think you’re “ready” for something, that’s all the more reason you should absolutely DO it. Seriously. That’s simply resistance talking. And I’ll tell you a big ol’ success secret: You will NEVER feel ready. I’ve never felt “ready” for anything I’ve done so far. But I keep moving forward, anyway. Feeling “ready” is a big, giant, fat, ugly myth.

If you wait to feel “ready”, you will never, ever start. Promise. You won’t ever get unstuck by standing still. You only GET “ready” by taking action, staying in action, and learning along the way. Entrepreneurs keep their boats in the water, flowing downstream, fast. Ready, or not. Wait another year, and you’ve wasted 1 entire year of your life. Once it’s gone, it’s over. Done. Poof! Adios, amegos… And sadly, you’ll be exactly where you are today. Waiting…

Of course this can happen for you, Stephanie. But I don’t think I have what it takes…

I always chuckle when I hear women say this — because how you see me today is NOT how it’s always been. Far from it. I know first-hand how hopeless it feels to live far beneath my true capabilities. But I also know first-hand how exhilarating it is to turn everything around, too. I went from painfully shy, self-conscious, and ashamed to my core — into the sassy, silly, bold woman you see today — a woman who gets to live out my heart’s mission each and every day. And life doesn’t get ANY better than that.

So, when you doubt you can do it, just know that the ONLY trait you need to succeed is the willingness to never ever EVER give up. It’s the only common denominator between you, me, and ever other successful woman on the planet. But feel free to lean on me in the meantime: I’m here to walk you step-by-step through the very ways I built my business, and how you can follow in my footsteps, too.

What days and times are the mentoring calls?…

Right now, we're scheduled to meet on Wednesday evenings at 5pm P/T (8pm E/T), starting in August. These sessions will generally fall on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month (but may vary). ...Once you've enrolled, we'll get you the complete schedule!

Note: If this first group fills up fast, I may be opening up another group on Thursdays at 5pm P/T. So if you're interested in joining, but can't make it at the above time, just email me directly to let me know -- and I'll see if we can accomodate you, etc:


Have more questions? Email me directly:

If your business isn’t making enough money, you’re just a few simple tweaks away from success.

When you don’t have the right pieces in place:

  1. You waste money on programs and products that don’t get results.
  2. You spin your wheels, beat yourself up + wonder if you’ve got what it takes.
  3. You burn yourself out by working harder and harder (praying that will help).

And that, as you know, really stinks! (And costs you money, especially if you are trying to use freebies and free calls for information — that’s just not how it works).

But when you put all the right business pieces together:

  1. You finally get traction, watching your business grow + grow + grow + grow!
  2. You’re totally fulfilled, knowing your big mission is moving out into the world.
  3. You make a great living, get your needs met + able to give back generously!

“Gosh, Stephanie… this all sounds GREAT! I’m sold. So, my last question is…”

“What’s my investment?”


You’ll receive:

  • 2 Monthly 30-Min Hot-Seats — in an intimate group of 5 women MAX!
  • 2 Intuitive "Tune-Ins" per month before each HotSeat
  • Over 20 years of my own business experience, professional wisdom + personalized guidance (Priceless!)
  • Ten (10) business-building training modules ($2497 value)
  • Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Action Guides ($497 value)
  • Advanced Bonus Training Modules ($497 value)
  • 3-Hour “Feng Shui for your Office” Virtual Bootcamp ($397 value)
  • ENROLL BY AUGUST 1: 1-Day “Unstoppable Money Makeover” Virtual Bootcamp ($797 value)
  • ENROLL BY AUGUST 1: Free Access to "Club Unstoppable" — including monthly challenges + *FREE ACESS* to my entire Digital Success Library ($999+7 value) [ See details: ]

Total Value: $3900+

Two (2) live 2-hour+ Monthly Group Mentoring Meetings–including two 20-30+ min HotSeats–5 Women Max! ($3597+ value)
My professional guidance + 20 years of experience (Priceless!)
10 extensive training modules – digital ($2497 value)
Entrepreneurs Action Guides – digital ($497)
Bonus Training Modules – digital ($497 value)
3-Hour Feng Shui Bootcamp – digital ($597)
Including Full Access to Digital Success Library + Monthly Challenges ($9,997+ value)
[ See details: ]
1-Day Virtual Money Makeover Training ($797+ value)
6 Monthly Payments =
(Special Savings: 1st 5 women!)

Pay in Full =
(Special Savings: 1st 5 women!)


*Prefer Private 1-on-1 Business or Personal Mentoring?
Email me personally:

*By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to these legal

Warning: This program will offend 95% of all female entrepreneurs.

You might want to sit down before reading this…

Did you know that only 1% of people will ever be “RICH?

And only 3-4% more will be financially good-to-go?

…And did you know that 95% of ALL people won’t have enough money for their basic needs by the time they hit retirement? That means 95% of all people will be stuck with whatever’s left of social programs, handouts or the kindness of family + strangers.

That’s the cost of doing nothing.

It’s a grim reality. But it’s important to know the facts.

This is why this program is so near and dear to my heart. Because I know you want more.
But you’re going to need support, wisdom and some elbow grease to get to where you want to go.

(And that totally ticks off people who aren’t ready to play big.)

You’re going to have to go against the grain. Think differently. Act differently. Associate with different people. And not sweat what the other 95% think of you.

That may sound like a tall order. But the Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Academy is here to show you how to make that easy. Fun. Entertaining. And totally 100% POSSIBLE.

Heck, no one ever changed the world by playing small!

My prediction for 2016 (and beyond):

Let’s face facts: The world is changing. And the economy is changing.

Those who learn to: live their true mission, show up fearlessly at 100%, get their head on straight about money + business AND stay ahead of the curve by listening to their core, intuitive callings — they will THRIVE.

The rest? Not so much.

Is that fair? Perhaps not. But I believe that’s the reality coming around the corner.

It’s time for us in the Unstoppable Sisterhood to step things up, and play a bigger game…

You know it. I know it.

So, what will it be? Will you stay where you are, or step into your unstoppability?

I hope to see YOU on the first class starting June 19th.

(Knowing you, I think I will.)

Until then, be Unstoppable!



Hey, I’m over-the-moon positive that this program will completely rock your business + financial world… But I also know it’s a big decision, too.

Do you have questions? Are you wondering if this is really the right fit for YOUR unique business? Then let’s have a quick phone chat to get those questions answered!

I want to find out more about you, your business goals, and biggest stuck spots. Then I’ll tell you honestly about what I’d suggest in order to get your life moving forward.

Email me and we’ll set up a quick phone chat ASAP to answer any and all of your questions:


If you know you need to make a change + start doing things differently…and you think this program might be the answer to your business prayers…come and try it out for a month.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Remember: you’re totally backed up by my 100% money-back-guarantee if you’re not TOTALLY head-over-heels with the program.

Just click the payment links to get signed up!

"Stephanie over-delivers! She not only inspires; she launches you into action… and you get real results! I am so glad that I invested in this experience…"

"I loved Stephanie’s program and the energy that Stephanie puts into her programs — I come away feeling I received more than expected. The modules were rich with content, and got me thinking in new directions. I will definitely go back to listen to the mp3’s again and again. Stephanie has the ability to get to the heart of the matter and inspire action. Her programs are always well-planned, and I love the way she delivers the content so thoroughly. She utilizes auditory, visual, and interactive learning, and I found myself taking action immediately after each of the 5 modules, as the ideas build upon each other from week to week. And her visual aids and handouts reinforce the learning. Now, after Unstoppable Bootcamp, my thoughts are calmer, I am inspired, and have taken action to move my projects from an idea to reality."

—Katherine Quintana |

"The Unstoppable Bootcamp experience was priceless! The difference in the way I am perceiving life will impact everything and everyone else I encounter — for the rest of my life."

"Before bootcamp, I was confused on why the heck everything I was doing in business and life was not getting me the bigger results. After taking Unstoppable Bootcamp I see myself as an even happier person, open to opportunities, making more money, and effortlessly living life with more excitement and ease! I’m so much more peaceful, open, and “flowy”…. I have already started receiving new requests for interviews and article contributions for my business. Stephanie can flip your thoughts upside down and make them land right side up, and dives right to the heart of what you are struggling with. Her information was delivered in a timely, consistent manner that kept you digging deep to untangle messes created in your head. I’ve taken other programs, and the exercises in Unstoppable Bootcamp are easier to do because she gave plenty of lists and examples to help navigate where she wanted us to go. In a way, she brought previous concepts “home” for me."

—Melody Granger, Spatial Expert |

"This was by far the best program I’ve ever taken. My whole way of thinking has changed!"

"I loved, loved, loved Stephanie’s program! Before the course, I was… well, STUCK. But since the end of Unstoppable Bootcamp, I’ve moved 1,200 miles, am sleeping better, getting up earlier, planning my very first teleclass, and am finally EXCITED and confident about building my coaching business! Had I known just how much Stephanie would give out, I wouldn’t have hesitated so long to sign up! And the cost of the program was a fantastic value for the amount of information Stephanie gave out! Now I definitely feel as though I’ve stepped into my path, and there really is no stopping me! Now EVERYTHING is possible – SERIOUSLY! Now I’m so much more aware of my thoughts and actions and how things affect me. This will help me be more positive, more enthusiastic, more adventuresome … just MORE, which is exactly what I’ve always wanted to be. I’m definitely feeling as thought I’m ready to take on the world!"

—Jessica Aycock, Holistic Health Coach |

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.