Enjoy my “Coming Out of the Video-Closet” Creation to Inspire YOU to Play BIG!!!

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If someone would have asked me 6 months ago: “Are you playing small? I would have said: Hell no!”

But that wouldn’t have been true.  Not really.

And over the past few months, my body has been chiming in to remind me of just that.

It’s been getting sick. Feeling funky. Basically, my bod has been downright P.O.’d with me.

I didn’t quite understand the malaise for many months. But with my renewed 20-20 vision, I’ve realized that I’ve only been living out a teensy % of who I really am deep down inside.

. . . and I sure-as-shit haven’t been having enough FUN along the way!!!!!

So what wackier way to shake things up than create a video that unleashes my true, inner Unstoppable creative craziness!?. . .

Because as you know, my mission is to help YOU step into your 100% — and there’s no better way to do that than to become the role model for what’s possible.

With all the Universe has handed me, and with all that I’ve asked for deep down inside –– My outer life has simply not been up-to-speed with my inner awesomeness.

I’ll bet you can relate just a little? (Or a LOT.)

But don’t worry: You’ll NEVER catch up with your core nature. Nope. Not ever.

Being “behind” your Soul’s outrageous perfection is normal. Natural. And is happening to everyone on the planet. That’s not bad – it’s the way this game is designed!

That cute lil’ Inner-Unstoppable-Nature-O-Yours is constantly growing like wildfire. And the real fun of this life-adventure is in trying to keep up with it . . .

No matter how much my brain hopes that there’s an end point; a permanent paradise; a sweet spot where I’ll finally get to kick back in a purple La-Z-Boy and sip coffee till the end of my days — It’s just not the way life rolls. (And it’s the LAST thing our Soul’s want, anyway = BOOOOOOORING!)

So if you’re here, reading this, you likely fall into this category too: Someone who’s got a shit-ton o’ great things banked in Spiritual-Escrow – but you’re just not fully aligned with it yet so you can start taking out deposits.

I know from first-hand experience that it’s uber-important to step back and re-evaluate your life (and business) on a regular basis – just to make sure you’re still up to speed.

And if you’re not? Then there’s some fun-filled course-correcting to be done!

So are you experiencing any of the following?

• Malaise around your future business plans?

• Major procrastination on current projects?

• Feeling a funk around your current client work?

• Struggling with any pain-in-the-butt chronic illnesses?

• Just not living life in a way that feels aligned to that “Inner You”?

• No longer expressing the energy, personality or interests you innately had as a kid?

If so, close your eyes and sit with each of the following questions:

— If all your fears were removed, WHAT changes would you make to your business?

— If money were no longer an issue, what new ideas would you implement?

— If you knew you couldn’t fail, what direction would your life take now?

— If you no longer cared about what other people thought, what new freedom would you feel?

Write down what came to you: New ideas? Plans? Inspirations? Restructuring?

Then sit with these new insights this next week – letting them sink in. Marinade. Percolate.

What I’ve come to realize is this:

Just because something was right for you a year ago (or a week ago), it doesn’t mean it’s right for you NOW.

Life calls us to constantly grow and change.

Yup, there’s just no rest for Unstoppables like you and I.

. . . But that is NOT bad news!!!

That means that things will always remain fresh. You will always discover more hidden gems within. And there will always be more possibilities, opportunities, and love waiting around each and every corner.

(But only if you’re brave — and unstoppable enough — to reach for them.)

So enjoy this week’s video — as I bare my raw, passionate, WACKY side – unleashing my inner creative beast out into the spotlight!

The more you learn to reveal who you REALLY are – warts, wigs and all! – the more creative you’ll feel, the more impact you’ll make, and the better your business will grow.

Make no mistake though – it can be TERRIFYING to do this! I was scared out of my mind before doing this video… no joke.

My brain went Nuts-O along the way: It worried what you might think. It wondered if I was good enough. It encouraged me to tone it down. Play nice. Be safe. Give up.

But that’s just not the REAL me.

(And that’s just not the REAL you, either.)

So what core, natural parts of YOU have gotten damped? Ditched? Or pummeled to pieces? How can you shake things up and follow your inner drummer?

Because here’s the deal-e-o, ladybug:

Life is meant to be a FUN F-ing Adventure!

So lighten up, reach outside your zone of comfort this week, and do something at 100% — with abandon, passion, and overflowing excitement.

And don’t worry what others will think. ‘Cause really: What do those goofballs know, anyway?

Shine bright, baby!!!!!!

***After you watch the video, leave a comment and let me know which of the 7 characters YOU related with most…

*** And if you like the video, make sure to share it with all your friends!


© 2013 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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  1. Nancy
    Posted May 3, 2013 at 10:10 pm | Permalink

    Stephanie, This was an awesome video! I did not realize that you are also an Actor! One of the characters did not look like you!!! And this was such a great way to present the blocks that we have: yikes!!! and you have such a great sense of humor!!! Rock on Unstoppable you!!!!!

  2. Samantha
    Posted May 4, 2013 at 2:39 am | Permalink

    This is a great post, I go through funks myself and get myself all gummed up. Thank you for the reminder that I am doing it to myself and if I can do it, I can UNDO it! HOORAY!

  3. Jessica Hood
    Posted May 5, 2013 at 7:54 pm | Permalink

    “That cute lil’ Inner-Unstoppable-Nature-O-Yours is constantly growing like wildfire. And the real fun of this life-adventure is in trying to keep up with it . . .” – outstanding line!

    Loved your videos and ALL of YOU!

    Thanks,Steph, always for the inspiration!!!!!

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