Intuition is the New REQUIREMENT for Success

Why Developing  Your Intuition is VITAL To Lasting Success — In Life, Business, Love and MORE!

which-wayIt’s something you hear talked about now and then. Maybe you’ve even visited a psychic or two. But most “normal” women are totally missing out on using this soulful-skill for themselves.

And it’s my strong belief that the ONLY women who will thrive in the years to come will be those who’ve embraced – and strengthened – their inner intuitive talents.

Now, you may be thinking: “Wait, I’m NOT intuitive!?“

. . . Oh, but you most definitely are, my sweet (and by the end of this article, I think you’ll agree with me, too).

So this week let’s talk about WHY intuition is so vital to your success, and what’s possible once you’ve fully embraced your natural, intuitive talents. 

So, to dive in, let’s start with first things first:

What IS Intuition, Anyway?

Intuition is the art of expanding your awareness beyond this tangible, touchable, 3-D reality… It’s the act of lifting the veil of what most believe is “truth”, and sending out your intuitive tentacles so you can access a broader new reality: a vast, endless world of guidance, information, and so very much more.

Simply put: Intuition is WHO YOU ARE (underneath your current baggage, beliefs and learned limitations).

While intuition gets a Woo-Woo reputation, what I’ve discovered first-hand is that it’s ANYTHING but “woo-woo”: It is solid, practical, and POWERFUL guidance that is the very thing to help you live at your unique 100%.

But what if I’m NOT Intuitive?

If you doubt you’re intuitive, think again.

Sure, some women have a stealth, natural ability that has their talents so finely-tuned that intuitive downloads shoot through them like water through a broken fire hydrant!

But like developing ANY super-skill, it requires desire, focus and practice, practice, practice… and more practice. Sure, there will always be the Child Prodigies in every arena — but that doesn’t mean that, with a little intuitive elbow-grease, you can’t get some impressive intuitive results, too.

beautiful girl with headache

Why is Intuition a REQUIREMENT for Success?

This lil’ old world we live on — that big round ball that hurls us through space at a gojillion miles a second — is changing. And changing FAST.

Now there are countless more pulls on your attention. You have more options than ever before. And with the lightning-speed evolution of technology, the internet, social media, and global communication, info spreads like wildfire.

That means that when you get a creative idea: hundreds, thousands or MILLIONS of people can find out about it, instantly.

— Come up with a new trend? = It’s burned itself out worldwide in just a few weeks.

— Start a new business sales strategy? = Before you know it, everyone including your mother, 3rd cousin and the neighbor’s cat has jumped on the bandwagon.

Next thing you know, you try that “clever, cutting-edge” idea… and no one bites. It’s old news. They’re all on to the next great idea.

(And if you think this “trend” is going to slow down, you’ve got another thing comin’.)

Things are ONLY going to get faster… and faster… and faster, my friend.

So that means if you rely on what you already know; learn online; read in a class; or even discover from mentor’s like me — you may have a hard time keeping up with the Jones’.

Sure, I try to stay on top of trends, and inspire women to stay creative, intuitive, and true to their authentic uniqueness… but at the end of the day, you’ve GOT to tune into your Inner Knowing in order to THRIVE on this wild roller-coaster of life!

You’ve got to crack yourself open, and plug yourself into, the invisible network of answers, insights and inspirations floating all around you. You’ve got to tap into the very Source of all creativity; wisdom; and knowledge.

Then and only then do you become the CREATOR of the next trend. The INSPIRATION for countless others. The WIND beneath other people’s wings…

‘Cause let’s face it: things are changing way too fast for just your wee human brain to keep up. Your mind alone is quickly becoming an outdated operating system — systematically being replaced by a limitless database of solutions received only by… (you guessed it!) … Your INTUITION!

Let’s take the global financial “crisis”, as a tangible example:

Most people on the planet are stuck in their heads. They’ve forgotten to think for themselves, and therefore they go along with the crowd (the worst idea EVER). That means they focus on the problem, and more and more afraid with each passing day.

But Intuitive Women know better. They’re able to see the TRUTH of this financial situation, so they don’t get freaked out.

Their intuition helps them:

1. Remember that abundance is limitless – and know where to go to find great opportunities

2. Follow hunches that plan out financially – knowing when to strike on new ideas while the iron’s hot! 

3. Prepare powerfully — so they always come out ahead, with the perfect training, skills, confidence and zip!

4. Stay positive and excited — which keeps their intuition wide-open for solutions

5. Listen to their inner guidance system — so know who to call, which direction to turn, and when to take action

And those who AREN’T so “intuitive”?

Well, they slowly close themselves off with fear, doubt and anxiety – inch by inch, every day. And unless that changes, their scenario isn’t going to get better (in fact, it’s guaranteed to get worse…)

Sad Depressed Woman In Dark Bubble

Here’s What Happens When Women Are NOT Plugged-In:

Women who avoid using their intuition may experience these types of symptoms:

• They follow the crowd — which almost always has an unhappy ending 

• Worrying about what others think — squashing their dreams in the process

• Spending money on all the wrong things, trainings, mentors, etc.

• Fearing change, and trying desperately to hold onto what’s familiar or “secure”

• Working HARD because they don’t believe the world will support them

• Staying in bad relationships (or leaving good relationships way too soon)

• Believing they could screw things up, or do something wrong — causing them to avoid taking risks

• Feeling a lack of faith — causing them to push, effort and “force” things to happen all by their lonesome

• Living from their head — believing they can solve life’s problems by just “thinking things through” hard enough

• Relying only on other “Humans” for their support – so they end up feeling let down and disappointed regularly

…And a slew of other lovely traits! [Insert sarcasm here.]


Fairy. Beautiful Girl in Blowing Dress Flying. Magic

Here’s What Happens When Women ARE Plugged-In:

On the flipside, if you ARE plugged-in and leading with your intuitive know-how, you’ll likely experience these types of scenarios:

• Going against the grain in most things — staying on the cutting-edge of… well… EVERYTHING!

• Not caring what others think — and following your dreams: NO. MATTER. WHAT.

• Have more money in the bank because you know what investments are the SMART ones

• Feeling FEARLESS and embracing change — causing miracles become a regular experience

• Going with the flow, and having FAITH that you’re not alone, and that life is there to support you

• Having fulfilling relationships, and love unconditionally — because you fill yourself with SOURCE energy, not from fellow mere mortals!

• Knowing that you are PERFECT and can’t do this life “wrong” — so you take risks, fail often, and have a shit-ton more fun!

• Trusting that you have 24-7 support — and using it to receive solutions to all your daily challenges

• Living from your heart – and staying open to Higher wisdom and information

• Relying on a Higher Power for support, so you never expect “perfection” from the people in your life

… Which sounds pretty darn delicious, yes?

But don’t get me wrong: Intuitive talents can go WAY beyond just the list above. While it can help in general ways throughout your life, it can also be used to access very detailed, focused solutions to: EVERYTHING!

And best of all: Becoming an “Intuitive Woman” goes WAY beyond just “success” and business. It is who you are. It inspires a life of joy. When you know you’re plugged into the entire Universe (and beyond), it’s pretty darn tough NOT to feel intuitive.

We’ll talk lots more about how to develop your Intuition, and surprisingly practical ways you can use it, in the weeks to come — so you can feel more empowered, dispel the myths keeping you from trusting your OWN gut, and learn how to expand and strengthen this natural skill-set.

In the meantime, if you have questions about intuition you’d like me to cover in upcoming blog posts, just leave your comments below…

And as always, till next time: BE UNSTOPPABLE!


© Copyright 2014 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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