3 Simple Steps: The More you Focus on your Finances –
the BIGGER Your Bank Account!

woman looking trought hole on money bacground

I’ve never worked with a woman who DIDN’T want more money.

(You probably can relate.)

And most of the Unstoppables I work with are VERY aware that their thinking and energy can make (or break) their financial status.

But . . .

There is 1 devastating pattern that I see MOST entrepreneurs struggling with (especially ones who would LOVE to make 6-figures – but just haven’t gotten there yet):

You are NOT paying enough attention to your MOOLAH!!!!!!!

Sure, you may be thinking about money, envisioning making loads more, or meditating on higher-paying clients, etc.

But it’s how you treat, track, spend, save, count, watch, and LOVE UP the money you do have that is equally important.

So here’s some simple tips I use to help handle your money — so you make (and save) a whole lot more.

Because as you know, I’ve “been there, done that” — running my 1st business to the ground. Hard.

And I don’t want YOUR business to suffer the same sad fate. So if you’re game to learn from my unstoppable financial failures, here are 3 important tidbits you can apply in your own biz, pronto:

 1.  Give the Money-Monster a Big, Fat SMOOCH!

Most female entrepreneurs who’ve studied law of attraction have gotten the LOUSY idea that putting their head in the sand around their current financial situation will somehow make it BETTER (or go away entirely).

AVOIDING your money situation — and/or focusing just on “thinking abundantly” — ONLY works if you can go live under a rock for the rest of your life.

Unless you wrangle a way to avoid spending money FOREVER (ie. no more groceries, lattés, mortgage payments or electric bills)  then sooner or later,  your money shit is going to hit the financial fan.

So you’ve got to be brave . . .

Turn and face that Money-Monster . . .

And give her a bit, fat, wet smooch on the kisser!

Sure, it’s always a tad nerve-wracking to barrel head-long toward a (seemingly) dangerous foe — but once you get over the initial shock of it all, you come to realize that the Monster has pink fingernails. (And is a darn good dancer, too.)

Your freedom and financial power comes from living with eyes-wide-open, and arms flung wide-out! …NOT living with your butt in the air (and your head in the mud).

 2.  FERTILIZE Your Finances.

If your money was like a plant, how would you treat it?…

Would you water it, feed it and tend to it sweetly? … Or would you lock it in a closet and throw away the key?

Just imagine that your thoughts, time and loving attention were like a sacred pile of cow-poo — energetic fertilizer that makes your money-plant grow big and strong!

The more you are crystal-clear of: where you stand; how much you’ve got; how much you need; and how much you make; the less “avoidance” voodoo you (inadvertently) use to hex your earning potential.

Here are some ways you can fertilize those finances:

• Pay yourself first (before the government, creditors, etc.)

• Tithe to people and organizations that make your heart soar!

• Have a clear debt-repayment plan

• Track your spending (daily)

• Track your income (often)

• Track your business stats (at least monthly)

• Knowing your Net Worth (always)

• Knowing your Profit (and Losses)

• Knowing your monthly budget

• Knowing your financial goals + projections

• Reviewing your expenses (regularly) 

But don’t worry if you have 0 clue about some (or all) of the items above. No matter where you are, just pick 1 of these areas, and commit to becoming crystal-clear around it in the next 30 days.

Then pick, another, and another… and another! Before you know, you’re a stealth, fertilizin’ machine…

3.  Invest in Your FINANCIAL Future. 

Since the very definition of business is: an exchange of money for goods or services, it seems obvious that your education around all-things-buckaroos should be #1 on your Priority Plate.

Unfortunately it’s often the LAST place entrepreneurs look when it comes to making their business go: Vrrrooooooommm!!!!!

If you don’t have your head on straight around money, you won’t spend wisely, budget accordingly, save smartly, or ever attract the big bucks.

I learned this lesson the hard-way — but luckily someone yanked a knot in my red-headed tail and told me point-blank: “If you don’t clean up your money house, your business will NOT ever succeed.”

(Boy, was that person right.)

Taking time to read, study, mentor or enroll in money-oriented trainings can be the difference between making a great living doing what you love — or closing up shop for good.

So be brave enough to dive deep into your own money history — from the habits you have, the beliefs you hold, and the role models from years gone by.

So there you have it! — and may these 3 tips above get you rollin’ in the right (richer) direction — inspiring you to recommit to healing your financial past, and expanding YOUR financial future.

Doing this same type of deep money exploration COMPLETELY transformed my business (and bank account). …And I know it can transform yours, too.


Make sure to share 1 tidbit you’re committed to changing this week in the comment box below — financially unstoppable minds want to know!


© Copyright 2013 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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  1. Lisa
    Posted June 14, 2013 at 4:53 am | Permalink

    What’s a good way to track your income? I know it sounds stupid, but I never seem to know how much I am making.

    • Stephanie McWilliams
      Posted June 14, 2013 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

      Hey Lisa! Fabulous question…

      And no, it’s definitely NOT a stupid one!

      I’ll actually be doing a free training on this soon, so your question, along with a free tool to solve your income tracking issue will be solved shortly — so stay tuned!

      How are you tracking your expenses currently? At minimum, I suggest you use something like Quicken, so you have a constant finger on your stats. That way you can log your expenses daily, and print out easy reports weekly (at minimum) to see what you’ve spent, and what you’ve made, etc.

      I also recommend having a SEPARATE sheet of paper where you track/list ONLY your income (just write #1-31 on a sheet of paper and fill in any money you make on that day of the month)… I have my tracking sheet on the wall right by my desk so I have constant visual access to how much I’ve made so far this month — that way it becomes a fun game to see if I can fill in as many slots as possible!

      Ask away if there’s anything I didn’t cover — and thanks for posting!



  2. Jess Webb
    Posted June 14, 2013 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for this timely reminder, Stephanie! I haven’t been paying much attention to my money lately (have actually had my head back in the sand a bit), and it’s time to make it a PRIORITY! So this is going to be part of my first-hour-every-day strategy for the next month and I’m going to check in with my Money Honey on a daily basis. Yay! Looking forward to getting reacquainted! 😉


  3. Jessica
    Posted June 24, 2013 at 11:26 pm | Permalink

    EVERYTHING changed for me when I took Stephanie’s money course. EVERYTHING!!! Her advice is golden! i cannot thank you enough, Steph!

  4. Miranda K.
    Posted November 9, 2017 at 10:24 am | Permalink

    We attract to ourselves whatever we give our attention and focus to, whether positive or negative.

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