What To Do When You’re Feeling Frazzled, Fried and Flustered. 

Feeling overwhelmed.

A common feeling for many of us…

But why does 1 person stress, freak or go into overload – while another person just rolls right through their to-do list?

If it ever feels like you’ve got 1 foot on the break — and one foot on the gas — while trying to move your life forward… You are NOT alone.

This usually has roots in early childhood. But that’s fora  longer, deeper chat.

In the meantime, let’s look at what tends to happen: You stress, worry, waste time, do dumb stuff… mostly because that feeling in your chest when you DO sit down to tackle those tasks is just too darn uncomfortable.

So no matter what the cause might be, for your current level of angst or overload, the things I’d encourage across the board is:


No matter what the reason, where it started, or why it’s here…

You MUST become willing to be with yourself.

To breath through the discomfort.

To embrace what’s happening within your body.

And to realize that the fears will NOT kill you.

They are sensations. Nothing more. And sure, your brain may kick in when those feelings kick up — telling you to run for the holy hills: There’s mutiny in your mind!

But no matter what the dramatic story playing out within — at the end of the day, it’s just sensations. Pure and simple. And no person has ever been hurt or harmed by those innocent, emotional lil’ visitors.

(Although plenty have kicked the bucket by suppressing them, though…)

So stop running from your pain. Stop trying to “happy” your way through life.  ( That’s SO 2015… and quite unbecoming for an advanced and seasoned Soul like yours! )

Whatever you run from, follows you. What you resist, persists.

There’s no escaping it until you embrace it. Face it. FEEL IT.

Over-n-out, Hotstuff.



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