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Intuitive You™ Intuitive Tune-Up

Book a private, 1-shot Intuitive Tune-Up session whenever you need it most!

Get a regular Intuitive Tune-Up whenever you’re feeling stuck, ready to start something new, or need a massive jolt of clarity + inspiration about your mission ahead!

*If you’re a first-time client, visit this page for a very special offer on your FIRST Intuitive Session – for a limited time!

This 1-shot private session will allow Stephanie to explore a multitude of life and business issues – tuning into everything getting in the way of you having your unstoppable life. Depending on where you’re struggling, she will review various aspects of your life, career path, marketing plans, money issues, relationships, stuck family patterns, Soul contracts, energy field, health challenges and more — spending at least 30+ minutes doing intuitive investigation before your call ever begins.

The options is great for yearly, quarterly, or monthly insights – to make sure you are living your mission to the best of your abilities. Or any time you’re hitting a major life challenge, relationship issue, the loss of a loved-one, job, marriage or pet – and anything else you’re eager to explore.

You can see what Unstoppables who’ve gone before you have said about their work with Stephanie here:

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Intuitive You™ Training

Tap In. Get Answers. Connect Powerfully to Source. 

This Intuitive Training will teach you countless (and super-simple) exercises, techniques and tools to get answers to ANY question. 24-7.   

Intuitive work is the foundation of much of my own success and fulfillment – in every area of life. And intuition is the KEY to the results I get for all my clients — whether with business or personal mentoring — due to the intuitive readings I do before each session. But unfortunately most women don’t believe they’re “intuitive”. Yet I’ve discovered that EVERY woman is powerfully intuitive — and deserves to know how simple, crazy-easy, super-straight-forward and uber-life-changing.  So if you’d like to learn how you can learn to do this for yourself too, click below to learn more:

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Unstoppable You® Business — Platinum

Get 6-Months of Powerful Business Guidance + Personalized Support in an Elite Group Setting.

If you’re not ready for private 1-on-1 Mentor, then your next best bet is to join one of our ongoing Group Coaching programs. 

This is for entrepreneurs ready to step into the spotlight – and know that they just can’t do it alone! If you’d like the benefit of Stephanie’s laser-insights on YOUR business, and the magical benefits of a supportive group setting — filled with a small group of 4–6 like-minded women — then this definitely is for you.

Each group will focus on both: 1. struggles with mindset, confidence, and taking action; and 2. struggles around business, marketing, sales and strategy.

Program includes: 
• Group phone sessions 2x a month — where everyone gets plenty of personalized TLC!
• Private online forum where you get to mix and mingle with other members
• Special access to the entire Unstoppable Business Academy Training Program  ($1500+ Value)
• Private online support page with a growing database of added training tools
• Downloadable recordings of all the Group Coaching calls – in case you can’t make it live!

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Unstoppable You® Business — Diamond

Our High-End 6-Month Private Mentorship To Rock Your Mission, Deepen Your Intuition, and Dramatically Increase Your Own Healing Skills + Client Effectiveness.

When you’ve outgrown the life (and business) you’ve got — you’ve got a choice. Stay where you are and get stuck, or stretch yourself and grow. This private 6-month program is for women who already have some experience working with clients, and are eager to up-level every part of their life in big, bold ways — specifically designed to help you dramatically grow your business, income + coaching effectiveness over the coming year. The program includes:

  • a VIP Day to begin your program
  • 2 monthly private 1-on-1 calls with Stephanie
  • Intuitive readings before each call 
  • 3 Energy-clearing sessions to use during the 6-month program
  • 1 monthly group Mastermind Call
  • Unlimited E-mail Support – including personalized VIDEO responses to your questions!
  • Surprise “Unstoppable Breakthrough Box” filled with goodies ($250+ Value)
  • Access to the Unstoppable Business Academy training ($1500+ Value)
  • Access to all other programs and classes that are taught while you’re a Diamond member ($Priceless!)
  • Private online support page with a growing database of training tools ($Priceless!)
  • Private online forum just for Diamonds + Platinums
  • Personalized daily/weekly/monthly accountability 
  • Feng Shui support

Learn more by downloading a review of our Platinum and Diamond Mentorship Programs: CLICK HERE!

Stephanie works with only a handful of Private Diamond clients. Apply for a complimentary “Unstoppable Breakthrough” session to learn more, and see if YOU are a great fit.

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Unstoppable You® Business — VIP Days

When you want to move fast, dive deep + get rapid results.

Stephanie offers Virtual VIP Days – the perfect solution for women on a serious mission who want to hit the fast-forward button and get rapid results in their current business. You can focus on numerous business + life challenges:

• rebranding your company and clarify your niche
• designing a new marketing plan to get your practice filled with ideal clients
• burning through decades of old outdated beliefs and juice up your mission
• removing life-long blocks that are holding you back
• increase your intuition and learn advanced healing techniques + tools
• developing strategic and advanced online marketing strategies
• building your mailing list
• creating a detailed launch-plan and sales strategies for an upcoming program
• crafting a smokin’ hot signature talk and booking dreamy speaking gigs
• attracting (and executing) complimentary discovery sessions like a champ
• designing your own lucrative, customized VIP days
• building a client-attracting website

No matter where you’re at, Stephanie can help you create a solid business plan and structure to make YOUR unstoppable mission a reality — while teaching you how to radically increase your income and reach! The sessions can be done using just your phone and your computer screen – we’ll handle all the rest! CONTACT US to get further information, or apply for a Breakthrough session to see if this is the right next step for you:

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Unstoppable You® Energy Alignment

This deep, powerful energy work rejuvenates and restores your unstoppability — when you need it most!

*Also perfect for clearing homes + offices of various energy blocks, stagnancy after illness or major life stresses, residual energy from previous occupants, entities and ghosts/hauntings

  • Are you going through a big transition – and need to freshen up your mojo?
  • Are you experiencing paranormal activity that is disrupting your life?
  • Has your life been negatively affected since moving into a new home or office?
  • Are you just not feeling as optimistic as you used to be?
  • Are you eager to break a lingering, lousy, life-long stuck-spot?
  • Are you going through a major illness (or just recovered from one)?
  • Have you tried everything else to change a pattern, but nothing seems to work?

This 60-minute energy-clearing session is for Unstoppables who need an extra boost to stay on course. Apply for a complimentary Unstoppable Breakthrough session to see if this, or another service, is right for you.

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Unstoppable You® Feng Shui Design

This is a RARE opportunity to get this HGTV Star’s Feng Shui design Wisdom For Your Very Own Home or Office!

Stephanie works on a per-project basis to help you transform your home into a healing and manifesting tool – so your feel more empowered, confident, balanced, focused, centered and vibrant! Chinese medicine has long heralded Feng Shui and THE MOST POWERFUL aspect of healing – over even acupuncture and Chinese herbs, etc. The possibilities unleashed when your home becomes a physical representation of what you desire, and who you TRULY are, is often nothing short of miraculous, and can provide years of energetic and psychological support for your entire family, too.  This option is perfect if you:

  • Desire a new, healing color-pallet for your entire home – or just 1 room
  • Are feeling heavy, depressed, sluggish or stressed when you enter your space
    • You KNOW something’s not quite “right” — but you’re not sure how to fix it!
    • You want to make a huge impact in the world, and know your space is holding you back
  • You’re struggling with clutter, paperwork, and visual overwhelm
  • You want to organize, design and order your office to support your growing career
  • You’re experiencing relationship, health or money issues – and think your home may be the cause

Reach out below and we’ll be happy to help you determine what would be best for you, and your current project. And if you live long-distance, Stephanie can easily work with you virtually via photographs, video and phone.

Note: Stephanie may wish to see photos of your current space in order to determine the scope of your project. We can help you send these digitally, if they are required.

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