Looking to Fire Up Your Audience?

You’ve just found your secret weapon.

An intuitive business coach, speaker and leader of the Unstoppables, Stephanie McWilliams is known for her insightful, upbeat and irreverent speaking style. Stephanie’s message rings true with women on a mission who have important things to do, amazing places to go, and “impossible” feats to accomplish.

Combining “uncommon sense” and spiritual principles with her own wisdom and lived experience, Stephanie is a talented communicator who has presented to millions of people – including entrepreneurs, women’s groups, teachers, healers, and professional organizations.

Nationally-recognized as the former host of HGTV’s “Fun Shui” program, Stephanie is a gifted speaker with a refreshingly wicked sense of humor. Stephanie’s signature talks cove a range of topics in achievement, personal mastery, and entrepreneurship, including: wealth creation, the habits of success, business savvy, and productivity.  Her talks can be tailored to meet the interests of your audience and the message of your event.

Stephanie’s signature talks include:

  • THE “UNSTOPPABLE FACTOR”: 3 Simple Shifts that Help You Stand Out from the Rest, Attract Tons More Money, and Find Higher-Paying Clients (Or Your Old Life Back!)
  • MONEY INTERVENTION: 5 Hidden Blocks that Sabotage Women’s Finances & How to Get ‘Em Out of Your Way for Good!
  • “THE WEALTH IS IN YOUR “WOO-WOO”: The Surprisingly Soulful Way to Stand Out Like Lady Gaga, Get the Best Business Coaching on Earth, and Make a Fortune – Without Spending a Dime!”
  • THE TRUTH ABOUT GETTING CLIENTS: How to find your next 5 clients who will happily pay you more, deeply appreciate your work…and refer you to their friends!
  • DO LESS — ACCOMPLISH MORE! What it takes to get things done faster and with less stress — and TONS more fun!

Stephanie is available for keynotes and speaking engagements for women’s groups, entrepreneur meetups, corporations, special events and seminars.

Stephanie has also appeared on countless radio, tv, magazine and telesummits, including HGTV 1-hour TV Specials, Good Morning America NOW, Martha Stewart Morning Living, Martha Stewart Radio, Sirius Radio, People Magazine, John Edward’s Infinite Quest, CBS News, Women’s World Magazine, New York Newsday, HGTV Podcasts, Your Time with Kim Iverson, The “X” Zone, The Wayne + Jane Show, Delta Mornings, The Debbie Davis Show, Chicago Tribune, Herald Tribune, South Magazine and INside Indiana Business.

To inquire about Stephanie speaking at your next event, email press@stephaniemcwilliams.com

Stephanie’s “Fun Shui” Reel:

“I invited Stephanie to be a guest on my Success Talks with Alison Marks interview series. I knew she was going to be great, but WOW! Her information is top notch, but maybe even more important she’s as intuitive as she is articulate. She just really knows how to get inside peoples’ heads – even 100s of people on a phone line! – and give them what they want and need. I’m quite sure that everyone listening in left Stephanie’s interview with great new information, as well as powerful inspiration.”

— Alison Marks,  M.A, CFSC | Author, Speaker, Organizing + Productivity Mentor
Founder of 6 Figure Home Office | www.6FigureHomeOffice.com

As a teacher, Stephanie is a very kind, extremely intuitive lady who can flip your thoughts upside down and make them land right side up, enlightening you to the beauty of you and your life during the process.  Her information was delivered in a timely, consistent manner that kept you digging deep to untangle messes created in your head.

— Melody Granger
Spatial Expert | http://www.melodygranger.com

“Stephanie is a masterful teacher and storyteller.  She’s easy and a joy to follow because she is very organized, inspiring and has exceptional presentation skills.  She kept me captivated and encouraged throughout the program with the stories she used to illustrate what she was teaching.”

— Jackie Fitzpatrick

“Stephanie’s an absolutely brillant teacher!!  Her classes were well organized, very inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and delivered in a super positive manner.  She understands where you are and where you want to go.”

— Gretchen Powers
Small Business Owner | CreativeMemories Consultant

“As a teacher, Stephanie is the embodiment of a wise spirit in human form.  She shares her knowledge Whole-Heartedly.  She is truly committed to everyone’s higher good/purpose. I love her – she is completely authentic!”

— Gloria Passarella

“As a teacher, Stephanie is fun, full of great stories, information, wisdom, experience and so supportive.  I love her enthusiasm and honesty about her journey and her willingness to share it to empower women.  I was blown away by the  information, how well presented it was, how I could take notes and complete the exercises all in one place!  There is a lot of material, but Stephanie was clear about advising us to do what we can now and not worry about doing it all.  I know this is material I can return to and find completely new and exciting insights and support again and again.”

— Ann Barton
Virtual Assistant | https://annebarton.coachesconsole.com

“I think that Stephanie is a great teacher and definitely the perfect leader for Unstoppable Women!  The information for each class was well organized and she delivered it in the perfect fashion!  Not a dull moment!”

— Shea P.

Stephanie’s programs are always well-planned.  I love the way she delivers the content thoroughly. She utilizes auditory, visual, and interactive learning.  I found myself taking action immediately after the modules.  She does not just inspire; she launches you into action, and you get real results.

— Kathryn Quintana
Literacy Specialist and Family & Organizing Coach | SimpleSolutionsOrganzing.com

“As a teacher, Stephanie is knowledgeable , sincere,and extremely enthusiastic…She just empowers the heck out of you — she’s totally infectious! Stephanie is strong and makes me feel like a SUPER HERO…YAhoooooo!!!  I can not wait to start another day… Bring on the world and all its ZIGS and ZAGS because I am ready!”

— Brenda Booth
Day Program Support Assistant

“I just think the WORLD of Stephanie as a teacher. She has the gift of making you feel comfortable & relaxed and still inspired! I love her style of weaving in stories – whether her own or that of past clients.”

— Jessica Aycock
Holistic Health Coach | www.Deployment Divas.com

“…Stephanie is an extremely effective teacher.  She is very easy to listen to, and you start by getting the sense that she is truly your friend and you learn that she has “been there, done that” for most everything she talks about.  I liked the real life examples, which helped to understand a concept.  I loved the module forms that we could print and work on and follow.”

— Louise Hudson

Stephanie is so passionate about what she does. She has a way of making the information very accessible, and gets you excited to apply her insights to your life. She’s an EXCELLENT speaker — her talks are simply awesome!– Brenda Crosby

Stephanie is such an enthusiastic teacher. She brings you to awareness in a gentle and supportive way. I can’t say enough praises for her. Her presentation skills were superb. What an engaging discussion!– Lourdes Long

Stephanie is a great teacher – with easy-to-follow material and topics. She has a pleasant and easy to understand manner, and gave me the incentive to explore my life, beliefs and home in a way I never imagined. She truly left me pondering, and wanting more! I can’t wait to dive into implementing her insights!– Sharla Cassey

Stephanie was a delight to listen to – such a calm and relaxed voice and presence. I learned so much about her work and how she operates just from her energy and how she communicated. This wasn’t a sales job – this was a joyful sharing! I am implementing everything she shared, and am actually excited now to start moving the stuck energy in my life and break out of my current rut. I’m forever grateful!– Robert Aunet

Stephanie’s energy is SO high and upbeat! And her materials are layed out so well. I haven’t seen presentation skills like this in a long time — she’s a class act, and one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve come across in ages.– Ingred Stapleton