You Just Can’t Smell Your Own Stink

stinky2Sniff Out Your Biggest (Hidden) Stuck-Spot – And Stay On the Sweet Road to Success!

This week a friend sent me a surprise treat: a FitBit Flex – a “bracelet” that you wear day-and-night, tracking your sleep; your steps; your food, etc.

I’m normally not into detaily-gadgets like this. But as I started playing with it, my eyes opened to the hidden habits that were lurking EVERYWHERE: Places where I’d been sticking my head in the sand.

No matter how smart I and aware I might be, I just could NOT see what was right in front of my eyes.

So I used my newfound insights to get out of denial, make some fun, inspired additions to my day – and not only have I been having a total BLAST (with tons more energy), but I dropped 9lbs. overnight (well, practically).  All without effort. And after months of failed attempts to get that scale to budge.

But I see the SAME thing happening in women’s businesses: That good ol’ land of denial runs rampant for us all in various ways. And what you don’t know can bite you in the business-butt.

That’s why I want you to meet Lauren…

I met Lauren at the beginning of last year. She was passionate, driven, smart, and has a gift to share with the world. But she was feeling stuck.

“So tell me, Lauren: How many clients do you have right now?”

There was a heavy silence. And after an uncomfortably long pause, she said with frustration: “I don’t have ANY…”

After talking a while longer, and doing an extensive review of her website, marketing and programs, I saw the BIGGEST issue getting in Lauren’s way…

Lauren was under the assumption that she should be able to do this business-thang all by her lonesome.

And because of that, her entire marketing message, mindset and relationship with money were so out of whack that there was no way she could generate any positive results.

She was like a big, invisible dog-whistle with boobs: Energetically radiating a silent (repelling) message that felt “wonky” to the rest of us . . .

But she was just too darn close to it all to see what she was doing wrong.

Her situation reminded me of a past camping trip where several of us gathered together for 5 days straight — without a shower!

I never once noticed how smelly we’d become — until I went to wake up a friend who’d been taking a nap: When I unzipped their tent, a green cloud wafted out. My nostrils burned. I swore my pal was rotting from the inside, out.

Paradise In Tent

Without a clean, clear, sweet-smellin’ 3rd party to tell you and I the God’s-honest straight-scoop, it’s easy for things to get pretty darn funky (without you being the wiser).

But you can’t become successful without some outside support.

In all my years, I’ve never EVER met 1 single successful woman who got there on her own.

(In fact, the more successful people become, the MORE support and help and mentors they usually have!)

I was where Lauren was myself several years ago. So were all my clients. That’s why my heart melts for women like Lauren — because I know the pain of not getting to live out your life’s mission…

But I ALSO know the sweet, sweet smell of success, too. And I’m on a mission to help other women taste that sweetness.

So let me sing it again, baby: You can NOT take this trip alone!!!

It’s like trying to create a beautiful picture  — with lush textures, and intriguing shapes, and an inspiring rainbow of colors.


All you have in your pocket is 1 big, fat red crayon.

So you get to work: You spend months perfecting your crayon-coloring skills. You learn to draw delicately. And with deep, thick bold lines, too. You explore different compositions, and sketch various subject matters.

All in all, you’re becoming mastermind at drawing anything Red.

But no matter how many years you continue to try, that red crayon will NEVER give you the rainbow of colors that you’re needing.

The colorful masterpiece that your Soul LONGS for at the very core of your being will never get accomplished until you admit that you need to borrow some more crayons, and get some added input from a source more masterful at coloring than you.

Colour pencils isolated on white background close upThe colorful spectrum required for YOUR business probably looks something like a combination of: unstoppable confidence, a heart-soaring mission, aligned beliefs, an abundant relationship with money, smart marketing, soulful sales skills, a clear message, a powerful problem you solve, irresistible programs, a unique perspective… and sometimes so much, much more.

But Lauren had 0 clue that she was missing most of these things entirely.

We each get too close to our issues to sniff ‘em out before they start to stink.

Bingo CageWhen you try to “fix” you and your business all by yourself, it’s just as silly as trying to bake a loaf of bread when all you have is a big bag of flour. Or trying to win the lottery by betting on number 100 – when the balls in the cage only go up to 99.  No matter how much you spin those bad-boys around, you’ll never ever win.

And the same goes for you and your business.

If the info ain’t already logged securely inside your brain – no amount of mental mixing, pondering, futzing and fixing all by your lonesome is going to bring about the right result.

TrainingYou’ve got to get some external downloads inputted into your pretty lil’ gray-matter in order to give yourself a fresh, rejuvenated, aligned chance at success.

Now, I don’t say that to make you mad. Or piss you off. Or pinch up your panties.

I say it because I love you. (Like crazy.)

And that kind of love requires honesty so you can finally — at last! — have what you’ve always wanted.

Just think: in 6, 12 o 18 months from today, one of THESE women could be Y-O-U:

So NO: It’s not “weak” to ask for help, or admit you don’t have it all figured out.

In fact, the STRONGEST place you can stand is in the place of surrender. Arms open. Outstretched to receive something new into your world.

I don’t want YOU to become Lauren…

Why?  Because she left our last conversation believing she couldn’t afford to get help – and instead tried to save a few bucks by going it alone.

And unfortunately Lauren called me up again recently — after spinning her wheels for 18 months, blowing away her savings, and still in the same exact place she was when I saw her last.

But now it’s WORSE: because now she’s doubting her ability to ever pull off the business she loved, and is considering giving up altogether.

And she’s not alone. I meet hundreds of women like this ever year.

If Lauren had just taken the leap and gotten some help18 months earlier, she would have been a business WIZ-BANG by now – with experience, confidence, and a beautifully laid-out business plan she could trust. (Plus, the opportunity for a decadent monthly salary, to boot.)

Just like my other Unstoppables.

When you don’t keep growing and getting fresh new perspectives — from people who’ve been where you want to go, and know how to light the way — things get stale. Rotten. Ooper-duper-smellerific.

So take a stand this week and reach out. Ask for help. Find great support, Guides, Teachers and Mentors. People who will give you their time, tenderness and attention — so you FINALLY get your business-head on straight, and don’t waste another single, solitary (precious) moment playing it safe, acting small, or feeling afraid.

You’re better than that. You deserve more.  And you know it.

So if you’d like to grab up the opportunity to get some Unstoppable support this week, come apply for an Unstoppable Breakthrough session — where I can take a good long look at your marketing, your goals, your services, and your Soul’s journey – so we can figure out what’s “stinky” — and craft a plan to get things smellin’ rosy again!

I have 5 spots open – just apply here:

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