Stop Trying to be a Porsche – If You’re a BUICK!

The Deadly Game of “Comparisons” – and How to Squash ‘Em Flat So Your Business Can Soar

newsletter2_youtubegraphicI caught myself doing something EMBARRASSING a few weeks ago.

So I figured I should come clean.

Not just because it’s fun to tell you goofy stories about my life . . . But to shine a light on a habit that all of us soulful entrepreneurs have from time to time. A habit that is TOXIC to your success.

Because without this little icky tidbit running rampant in your life, your confidence will literally shoot right off the charts AND you’ll have a shit-ton more fun doing what you love. (Pardon my French.)

Now, who doesn’t want THAT?

So the question this week is: Are you a Porsche . . . or a Buick?

Watch this week’s episode of UnstoppableTV, and leave your comments and insights below – and feel free to forward it on to any friends or colleagues that could use a truth-tellin’ giggle today:

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  1. Nancy
    Posted December 12, 2013 at 7:36 pm | Permalink

    I keep thinking of this video. My response/feeling is: on the outside of me and my life, I look like a Buick, but inside I feel/and know that I am a Porsche! …. and yes! it has taken a long time to feel this way… now, to get the ‘outside’ to reflect my ‘inside’… and not because I am comparing but because I feel that this IS me!

    Thanks! Stephanie!!!

  2. Stephanie McWilliams
    Posted December 12, 2013 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

    Absolutely, Nancy! I totally get it…. So if you weren’t afraid to totally be your Porsche-y inner self, what would you do differently? What would you say? What different actions would you take?

    And what are you afraid would happen if you were to CLAIM that you’re a Porsche?

    For me: I realized that I was loud, and sassy sometimes, and had a huge passion for truth-telling… and was uber-driven. I used to think those things were “bad” – so I tried to squash them. But they’re a part of my Divine Blueprint. And whenever I’m not being true to them, my life or health suffers in some way.

    So I’d LOVE to see your top-3 things you’ve struggled to embrace! And I’d FLIP to see a brain-dump of all your amazing gifts and skills!!!! I’m sure that would inspire the HECK out of all of us! Want to take a bold, brave stab?…

    BRAVO, NANCY!!!!!!

    XOXOOXOX — Stephanie

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