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Unstoppable Business Academy

diamondThe Unstoppable Business Academy is the ultimate training to building a 6-figure business (and more!)—and a life that works for you.

This is a 10-Module intense digital training course special designed for committed women on a mission to ROCK their biz this year — women who want to know the exact detailed steps it takes to build a thriving business as a soulful service professional.  This product is the ideal first step before working with me privately for 1-on-1 mentorship.


Unstoppable Money

unstoppablemoney_productspread_mockup_smThe Unstoppable Money program is a 7-Module course special designed for women on a mission. If you have big dreams but your current relationship with money is holding you back, then this course will help you step into a new, bigger, bolder, more empowered place with the almighty dollar!

You’ll learn how to get 1000% clear on tracking, budgeting, and estimating expenses. You’ll also work through a lifetime of limiting financial beliefs passed down from generation to generation – wiping your money slate clean! From there you’ll build up a whole new way of attracting abundance, so you’re a powerful magnet for financial fitness. Then we’ll top things off by understanding exactly what it takes to become a 6-figure women ( and trust me, it’s NOT what you think!)

PLUS: You’ll get special *Bonus* Modules, helping you design a Money-Magnet home + office (and more!) – always the favorite topic for unstoppable women everywhere…


Unstoppable Bootcamp

5 weeks. 5 steps. Simple info. Endless possibilities.


UnstoppableBootcamp_CD_book_mockup_smI’m going to walk you through 5 vital steps necessary to become one of The Unstoppables — my tribe of women who stand strong in their power, strut their unique stuff and are radically on their own side. Which, if you’re female and breathing, should sound pretty darn YUM!

I’m covering those 5 sneaky places where I see smart women continually landing nose-down on the sidewalk of life — snags that can hold you a thin slice away from all that you’re wanting to be, achieve and accomplish.

I’m pulling back the curtain on my own practice to share with you topics that I only cover with my private coaching clients. It’s those juicy tidbits my Unstoppables pay thousands of dollars for — but you’re getting it delivered in a digestible, affordable and fast-action bootcamp style.


Your Space for Success: Starter Kit

This dynamic Success Starter-Kit is perfect if you’re new to spatial enhancement, or are hungry to start using your home (or office) as a tool for total transformation. When your home is aligned in just-the-right-way, it literally can help you manifest an infinite array of dreams and desires — magnetizing you to your mission in the biggest, boldest, fastest way possible.

Using your home or office a medicine for your Soul is hands-down one of the MOST powerful tools to shift your life (and long-held stuck-spots) so that you can step into your BIG life. Pronto.

If you know in your bones that it’s time to have a space that reflects your biggest, boldest, most beautiful self, then this is the perfect kit for you.

*This digital kit comes with over 2 hours of downloadable audio training and accompanying workbook and transcripts.

Just $97


Your Space for Success:
The Ultimate Room-by-Room Home Success System

For women on a serious mission, this is the must-have training program to learn everything you need to know in order to build a (literally) life-changing home or office environment.

But make no mistake: results from this kit can be extremely POWERFUL! Just click below to see the results you can achieve, and learn everything about this comprehensive, room-by-room system.

Stephanie will walk you through the basics all the way up to more advanced principles. You’ll learn about each room of the house, as well as complex theories made easy, like: the bagua, elements, color-work, energy clearing, and more!

This kit comes with over 10 audio CD’s, a beautiful large binder with full-color graphics, with bonus material and 3 done-for-you checklists – you’ll feel so pampered by this kit, you’ll feel like Stephanie’s right there beside you, walking you easily through each step of the process… and having a ton of fun along the way, too!


Insider’s Secrets to Health, Wealth and Romance

Enjoy our best-selling digital program — covering the most pressing issues in most women’s lives: Finances, Fat Loss and Falling in Love!

Dive deep into this complex and fascinating program, packed full of content — enough to keep your life transforming in big ways for months to come. This program includes 3 separate action guides with full transcripts, strategically-designed daily action assignments and over 7 hours of audio training. Learn all about this fascinating 3-fold program, and see just why it’s our #1 best-seller first-hand.


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