How FUN Affects Your Finances $$$

bobbleHow to Turn Ho-Hum Business Tasks into Laughter-Filled Lucrative Moves.


Unfortunately far too few are having enough fun in their day-to-day businesses. (Myself included some days.)

And that is a sad, cryin’ shame . . .

So if you’re crunched about cash-flow, worrying yourself sick over your to-do list, or nauseous about selling your services – never you fear!  I’m here to yank you out of that stuck-spot, and shake some red-headed sense into your unstoppable lil’ self.

Because the entire POINT of your life – and most especially your business – is, and will always be: Having F-U-N.

Which is why the image to the right is my very own “Unstoppable Stephanie” Bobblehead– my  daily reminder to lighten up + stop taking life oh-so-seriously…

Any time I’m not having fun – I start to stall, sabotage, and get stuck . And that slows down my client-attracting magnetism, jams up the flow of money, and turns life into a gray, overcast bummer that clamps a cold, steel cage around my pink, passionate heart.


So here are 5 jump-for-joy reminders of how to stay sane, silly AND successful in a wildly stressed-out world:

Tip #1:  Put Fun BEFORE Money.

This can be a tough one, I know…

But a lot of abundant opportunities get squashed flat by your fear about money.

It’s easy to get fixated on number in your bank account – thinking that by focusing, fixating and worrying about it, you’ll keep yourself from going belly up. (I’ve been there myself more times than I can count!)

But money is simply the result of ALIGNMENT.

People who are aligned with Source Energy – those who are tuned in to their highest, truest, wisest self-expression – automagically attract abundance into their lives.

T’is true. T’is true.

Money is simply the by-product of a person who’s flowing down-stream with life.

So prioritize feeling good above ALL else . . . PRONTO.

Tip #2: Delegate what you HATE.

Want to know a secret? Folks who are uber-successful don’t DO the stuff they despise.

That’s right. They don’t waste a moment on things that are not within their “Unstoppable Zone”.

The Unstoppable Zone is your TRUE area of genius– that place where you shine brighter than anyone else. The spot where your divinely-designed gifts get to finally take center stage.

So this week get at least 1 thing off your plate that you don’t absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE to do! Either: 1. Delegate it to someone else; or 2. Just ditch it entirely.

You want to be spending more and more time doing those activities that light you up, make you unique, and have you shine so brightly that opportunities are attracted to you like pretty pink fly-paper… 

Tip #3: Fun is ALWAYS you Choice.

There’s only 1 thing you have any control over in life – and that’s what you CHOOSE to think about.

While most people don’t want to admit it, there are always 2 sides to every situation. No matter how lousy, horrifying or crappy something might be, there is always a bright, golden flip-side to that same seemingly-dull, dingy coin.

Choosing to flip your perspective on any stressful, sucky story gives you a magic more powerful than Merlin, Houdini, and David Copperfield combined.

When you’re having fun, you’re “in the flow” — where intuition can finally guide you to the perfect spot, person, opportunity or idea. It’s how great sages, scientists and CEO’s operate, carrying the from 1 awe-inspiring opportunity to another.

So the next time you’re feeling blue – just tell a fun, new story! Like the click of 2 red ruby slippers, then you’ll realize that the power for fun has been with you all along.

Go grab yourself 2 Munchkins and get skippin’ to your own inner Emerald City — because the amount of fun available to you is limited ONLY by your unstoppable imagination.

Tip #4: Your FEELINGS “Predict” Your Future.   

Did you know that your feelings predict your future finances — more accurately than the world’s greatest psychics?

Sho’ ‘nuf.

Your thoughts are the very indicator of what income is around the corner.

So if you want to know whether you’ll have enough money down the road, just look at how you’re feeling TODAY about moolah.

Your feelings send out beacons of invisible energy – lining up all those things that are a match to it’s frequency.

So if you’re feeling radiantly abundant, and wealthy beyond words – then BRAVO! You’re well on your way…

But if you’re focused on lack, worry or floundering finances, it’s time for a belief-system tune-up.

The “game” is to become an energetic match to the money you want. Once you tap into that flow, you gain the chutzpah required to take bigger, bolder, braver actions, and attract money “Cha-Ching!”-ing  into your life…

Tip #5: SHOOT the Middle-Man.  

Most people have taken a big swig from the mythological Cool-Aide — buying into the brainwashed belief that happiness is “out there” somewhere.

That there’s some place to go. Somewhere to be. A thing to achieve. A race to be won.

But that’s the biggest lie EVER told.

If you only let yourself live when you’ve hit benchmarks or cross finish lines, then you’re missing out on 99.99999999% of life’s magic — because those kinds of “highs” are just microscopic blips on life’s fast-moving radar…

In fact, they never were meant to be the object of your ego’s affection in the first place. The REAL fun of life is all about the journey (not the destination).

You never want to wait to celebrate once your ships have come in. In fact, the more fun you have NOW, the faster those ships will finally reach your shore!

It’s time to cut out the middle man. Go straight for the giggly good stuff. It’s time to embrace fun simply for the joy of having it. Any time. Any place. No matter what, why or who.

So for your homework this week, simply pick out 1 of the 5 tidbits above, and take a simple action to help lock that insight into place.

Then share that 1 thing below — unstoppable minds want to know.


© 2013 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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  1. julie
    Posted May 19, 2013 at 5:09 pm | Permalink

    A great article on How Fun Affects your Finances….your business….your life……and bottom line…..your health.

  2. Lynda Metler
    Posted May 19, 2013 at 7:00 pm | Permalink

    Stephanie, thanks for this great reminder! I have been struggling with my business lately, and realize that the missing link is that I haven’t been having much FUN in the process. Fascinating! I truly hadn’t realize that had happened.

    I’ve learned a ton from you already about smart business practices, and have become far more financially successful last year, but have been doing work from my head lately, and not my heart. That’s when I notice that I start to procrastinate like crazy, and do all the dumb stuff first.

    This was an eye opener for sure!

    I’d love to hear more about what types of business training I should be investing in at this stage in my business. I want to make sure I’m taking smart business moves, not just following the various bright shiny objects that are so prevalent in the business world today.

    Thanks for reading this – I love your energy. Your newsletters always light me up for the week ahead.



  3. Jessica
    Posted May 28, 2013 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

    I am all about the feeling piece, and today I feel AMAZING!!! Feeling the abundance tremendously! Believing and seeing it!

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