Desire to Choose:

You all are magnificent creatures, yet you all amble about your lives without taking stock of your deeper truths. Let this card spread express your deepest desires to you more clearly, so that you can cause a cascade of momentum thru your life — without fear of failure or resistance any longer!

Time in your bodies is SO short from your Soul’s perspective, yet long from your mind’s perspective. So stop wasting time being something that you are NOT! Stop trying to fit into society’s structures to stay “safe” and status-quo. Enjoy the miracles of taking action toward your dream – whatever that thing is that has captured your eye!

Stop trying to maintain harmony within your social circles, too — far too many of you are keeping the peace to keep yourself away from conflict — externally and internally. There is codependency running rampant thru all your relationships, as you compromise your integrity to keep the peace.

But keeping the peace comes at a very high cost. It comes with fears about who you are, and your true worth if your nature and honest self-expression were to be expressed or revealed. You choose to stay small to remain connected to those people who help keep you trapped in a “community-cage”, set up to stop you from being your TRUE self — and designed to hold you back, push you down, and ignite conformity.

You fear breaking free from your “community” for fear of abandonment. So you choose to diminish yourself in exchange for companionship. You choose to stay stuck for the façade of “love” — which is actually nothing more than communally-accepted fear and attempted societal connection.

You can’t ever have what you long for most AND stand still in this existential quicksand — because the quicksand will devour you alive if you attempt to escape the confines of your community’s agreed-upon structures. To break free, you must surround yourself instead with expansive freedom-seeking people — those who love YOU — not your attempted façade. You will discover these people as you ready yourself to escape the 3-dimensional realities and stand strong within your spiritual self, instead.

The reason you have incarnated now was not to play things safe. You chose NOW to shake things up within this seriously-stagnant culture — as it is hard-pressed to transform on its own due to the immense intensity of fear that every member holds within.

Stay committed to your personal truth, as well as to love itself. Find compassion for yourself, your family and all sentient Beings who play a key role in your existence. Try to make a pathway to make a change, even if it appears slight. Each time you choose your dreams and desires over fear, you dismantle a piece of the mass-machine of denial — shining a light inside yourself, your mind and your heart also sends a shining beam of light out into the Universe — only to be felt by those who are already on the path, yet visible to All. Go forward this month beautiful Souls, to achieve your own unique liberation, sharing more and more of your authentic nature with those willing to share and shine their lights, too.

Together, we shall achieve amazing things on this planet, beginning inside each of your precious hearts. There is no time more important than now to achieve this collective goal — so scope out fellow light workers by p erceiving the light within their eyes — so that you all can come together, shine brightly, and create a profoundly important resonate wave of loving energy — rippling out and around the world. That is your quest — go with all our blessings behind you, cheering you on! You are beauty and worthiness, incarnate. You have come now for this task at hand. Carry it out swiftly and boldly — to support the human collective consciousness at a pivotal time on your planet. The work is immense. Yet it must be done to achieve the peace you desire. The infinite love of all Divinity is with you on your mission! Shine brightly…
Tell these women that they can’t move forward until they stop and get very honest about what is really happening in their lives — are they wrecking their dreams by putting things off, making excuses and adding on superficial tasks to their to-do list?

Tell them to get radically honest about their motives for spending their time on things or people in their lives:

Are they:

— With a partner because they fear aloneness?
—Think they won’t be loved by anyone else because they are unworthy or broken in some way?

Have them look at their vices: TV, facebook, spending, eating, alcohol, gossip, doing things out of guilt or obligation; or fear of what others will think? They HAVE to admit the underlying hidden motives for everything they do.

Are they lost in creative pursuits to avoid healing their past wounds, or sitting with themselves to explore their belief systems? Are they spending time with current friends because they are afraid they might be a bad person, or might not find more compatible friendships, if they let go of their outdated connections? Are they afraid of others disliking them for being angry, or disagreeing with their choices?

Have them write down their honest assessment:

“I am out of integrity here…”

“I believe this about this situation, which causes me to stay stuck within it…”


— No one will love me
— I am not safe
— Things won’t work out
— If I leave, terrible things will happen
— If I put me above others, no one will love me

Accept responsibility for your choices. You CHOOSE these situations because you believe that something good still can come from it:
— One day things will change
— I need the paycheck
— I feel superior

There is always a positive motive to stay in every situation! But explore those motives — are they as positive as you have been lead to believe? What other options are there?

Don’t DO them, just get creative with your solutions first… the actions will naturally follow.


— I could leave
— I could make new friends
— I could discover my worth
— I could find someone else to love me
— I could learn to love myself
— I could move steadily toward a change

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