Is your current life feeling WAY too small —
and you're tired of wearing your civilian clothes?

Tuesday, 10:32 a.m.
San Diego, CA

From the Desk of Stephanie McWilliams
Former host of HGTV's Fun Shui and Leader of the Unstoppables

(Yerba Maté in hand)...

Hey Lady:

Do you know in your heart that you're here for bigger things, but...?

• You're tired of always being the sidekick in someone else's show?

• Your dreams of making a difference are just that — only DREAMS?

• You're done with your current job, relationship or way of being in the world?

• You feel the "tug" of greatness, but that also kinda scares you silly?

• Your friends & family keep telling you how fabulously awesome and talented you are, but you're still keeping it a big ole' secret from the rest of us?

Hi, there. I see you, reading this. And I see this every day in my practice — wildly-talented, super-smart women like yourself...squashing themselves into teensy-tiny lives that are way too small for their big, bursting Souls.  

My super-psychic powers also make me willing to bet:

• You've already spent a fortune reading all the books, taking the classes, even perhaps hiring a coach — but you keep hitting the same roadblocks and inner self-sabotage...and you're freakin' fed up! 

You've developed an uncontrollable twitch whenever you hear the words "Law of Attraction" or "manifesting" — because you've tried it ALL, and it sure-as-shoot hasn't worked for you (yet).   

• You are a down-to-earth, funny, spiritually-oriented woman who doesn't quite fit the typical "woo-woo" mold —and you're wondering how to "tap into Source" AND pay the mortgage.

 • You love spiritual topics and self-help subjects, but none of them quite fit your unique personality and practical sensibilities...but you don't know any other options. 

• You'd LOVE to live in a home that's fit for a Queen... but your current space is feeling more like the Dungeon of Doom.  

• You have flickering thoughts of just throwing in the towel and giving up on ever championing your Inner Superhero (but luckily there's still a thin, golden thread of hope still left inside you... WHEW. ) 

• You're repeating lifelong cycles of longing and lack – and no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to crack the secret code. (And let's be honest: that B-L-O-W-S!)

If you're anything like the women I work with (and I'm sure you are), you already know a LOT.   

You probably get the gist of how this whole abundance-manifesting-thingy works. 

You bought the books, took the classes. And they seem to work for a little while... 


Just when you think you're onto something over-the-top-awesome, and you’ve finally felt THE SHIFT that you've seen in the movies (that thing that magically divides people's lives into neat, distinct BEFORE and AFTER’s) it backfires on you... just like all the other times before. And you're right back where you started — Left with nothing but a gift-box full of shame, blame and a steamin' pile of inadequacy.

(Sound familiar?) 

I'll also bet you know enough to know that there's something ELSE going on here...  

It's what you DON’T KNOW that's keeping you stuck.

You may have developed some helpful habits, clever practices and a life that feels "good ENOUGH". But you know as well as I do that it's just not enough (and MOST DEFINITELY not enough to your Inner SuperSoul). 

Are you ready for a little GOOD NEWS? 

That gap — you know, the one between the stuff you’ve learned from all the self-help books, CDs, courses, and conversations with kindred Souls, and the stuff you don’t know yet that will literally CATAPULT you into a whole new field of possibilities? — Well, that gap is smaller than you think...even if it’s been escaping you for years.

The 5 Biggest Ways Women Stay STUCK:

From all my years of experience, I've come to see a strong pattern — 5 ways that smart, capable women limit their "Unstoppableness":

3. They innocently operate off beliefs that are NOT TRUE for them.

Most women are unknowingly operating off of old, outdated beliefs that no longer serve their greater good — playing out ancient family and cultural programming that causes only stress, frustration and heartache.

1. They neglect their BODIES – energetically, physically and emotionally.

The only way you can be on this planet, and live out your mission, is through your oh-so-beautiful body. But unfortunately due to a lack of nutrition, R&R, soulfood and spirit, many feel more fatigued ...than fantastic!

2. Their spaces are a DRAG on their dreams.

99% of the homes of powerful, dynamic, Undercover-Superheros like yourself are secretly radiating old, limiting beliefs and structural blocks which can sabotage the success of even the toughest among us.

4. They have their HEAD IN THE SAND when it comes to cash.

No matter how smart, cute or bold you might be, the majority of today's modern women know little - if anything – about the energy of money. Without clarity around cash, you're destined for struggle.

5. They haven't built the RIGHT connections to inspire them forward.

As they say: "You are what you eat". Same goes for the company you keep! The energetic connections most women nurture rarely help to move them forward, and often do the exact opposite.

Calling all Undercover Super Heroes:
Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Remember when you KNEW who you really were...

Think back... WAY back: to the time when possibilities poured out of you like a bubbling fudge marshmallow river. To the time when you fully embraced your natural inner "BIG-ness." 

Back, back, back...before you started squashing yourself flat. Before you stuffed down desires by gobbling up triple-servings of guilt, regret and fear.  

NOTE-TO-SELF: That inner superhero is still hanging out inside you. (Granted, she's bored-to-tears that you've ignored her for SO long —but thank goodness she's so forgiving). 

Time's a wastin' — it's your turn to shine bright again! Not only for you, but for the world around you.

For your family, your friends, your coworkers and your community that are all waiting for you to step up, be an example and take the lead.  We all need a hero to look up to. And sistah, that is YOU!

x"Stephanie shook my world profoundly. In ONLY 2 years I have left an outdated relationship and have already met (AND MARRIED!) my soulmate...and will soon be starting a family."

It's hard to believe that I am the same person! I had just ended a long-term relationship at the age of thirty-seven and was in a state of fear. It seemed utterly impossible that I would now be able to meet someone, fall in love, get married and have a child by the time my hourglass had run out of sand. I resigned myself to becoming even more of a career gal than I'd already been. Then Stephanie asked me a simple question: "Who do you want to be in five years?" The answer was so clear. I want to be a wife and a mom and well-paid writer. I wanted the chance to have it all. Room by room and question by question, Stephanie guided me through a process of dreaming abundantly. Two years later (only two years!!!), I've met the man I'm going to marry (we got engaged last week!), we're planning our elopement and will soon be starting a family together. My second novel will be picked up by publishers next week and a third novel is already underway — and my play is now heading to New York with an ALL-STAR cast! I even lost 35 pounds in the process... Stephanie shook my world profoundly. It seemed so foolish to hope for what was clearly "impossible" - but with her guidance and her constant encouragement, I found the courage to dream big. And those dreams are coming true!

—Susan Johnston | Award Winning Author, Actress and Playwright

x"The time Stephanie spent with me was some of the best time spent, EVER! Stephanie's intuition is powerful. She is all value."

The time Stephanie spent with me was some of the best time spent, EVER! Stephanie's intuition is powerful. She is all value. Sheis genuine and knowledgeable, and I feel she was able to pinpoint the nagging issues and roadblocks that were just not all that apparent to me. I contacted Stephanie because I am interested in learning about Feng Shui, but much to my surprise I found myself talking to an intuitive person! I felt I had chosen Stephanie as someone who was very articulate, knowledgeable and savvy in getting to the meat of the matter so I was just interested in what she could reveal. But what I received was more than I expected... After the call, I was elated and revved. She has a knack of listening so well and targeting key issues - she kept the conversation focused and zeroed in on the true essence of the issue. And she is very generous with her time and attention. I felt I came away with some concrete ideas to implement for some of my key stumbling blocks. Now, after talking with Stephanie, I, feel I am able to clarify myself in actions and deeds. I definitely feel some cobwebs and clutter has been lifted. I am someone who has "done a lot of work" in the self help department, and she just picked up where I left off. It was so odd for me to reveal myself via phone, yet there was an instant comfort zone - It feels like she is right in the room because she exudes so much loving intensity. I feel a connection with her and feel her work has added a great value. I have never found someone that I felt comfortable with to help me sort out my life and I am hooked!

—Lauren Hider | Massage Therapist

x"No one else has had such a positive impact in my life.  Because of you, I have my son in my life.  Because of you, I have a hopeful outlook.  "Thank you" will never be enough, but it's all I can think of to say.  For once, I am at a loss for words..."

"I have gone from a 16 pants size to a size 12, started my own small business, and feel positive about my life for the first time in years, rediscovered my silly side, and have learned a technique that is way better than therapy. Stephanie's approach is like getting that V-8 smack in the forehead - It's good for you! Before, my life seemed to have become a stagnant backwater, and I was watching others live their lives and I wasn't even sure I had a life. I read about her coaching program and signed up! It felt sort of self-indulgent to have my own coach, but I realized I needed the support. If I don't invest in myself, how can I hope to have anything to give to those who matter most to me? I have felt such a lightness come into my life since working with Stephanie. I have someone to guide me through the parts of my life that are holding me back, provide tools that move me forward, and celebrate my successes with me. Stephanie's coaching is this amazing blend of teamwork when you need it and, yet, she also knows when to step back and just be your cheerleader. She keeps me focused, accountable, and laughing all at the same time. Her sense of fun is really infectious. I never expected that Stephanie would help me unravel the emotional tangle that was my life. Now I know what to do when I am having difficulty. People now say that I have confidence about life and seek it out, where before I was reserved and reluctant to change anything. I feel so much more positive about myself and others. I feel freer and unburdened for the first time in years — MAYBE EVER! Since working with Stephanie, I've noticed that I am moving forward with my life and trying things out I never would have done in the past such as public speaking! I just feel less stagnant and more willing to get out there and try new things. My life is so much better for having Stephanie as a coach in my life. With Stephanie's guidance, you can create a life that is juicy and beautiful and rich with endless possibilities."

—Alice W. | Certified Feng Shui Consultant

You Are Invited—Right Here...
Right In This Moment —to Decide
That Your Life is Bigger, Bolder, and
More Colorful Than It’s Been Feeling Lately.

Just what is this Bootcamp anyway? 

5 weeks. 5 steps. Simple info. Endless possibilities.  

I’m going to walk you through 5 vital steps necessary to become one of The Unstoppables — my tribe of women who stand strong in their power, strut their unique stuff and are radically on their own side. Which, if you’re female and breathing, should sound pretty darn YUM!

I’m covering those 5 sneaky places where I see smart women continually landing nose-down on the sidewalk of life — snags that can hold you a thin slice away from all that you’re wanting to be, achieve and accomplish.

Just some of what you'll learn...

• The 1 and ONLY thing you'll EVER need to know in order to lead a rich, rewarding life.

• The fastest, easiest way to shift ANY thought or struggle no matter what it is.

• My "Secret Question" that can get you unjammed in seconds (literally).

• 5 steps to shift ANY stressful thought so emotional baggage stops holding you back.

• Why most smart women stay stuck forever and how to avoid that fate for yourself, and for other women you love.

• The 5 Steps to Deep and Lasting Transformation (and why, if you don’t follow each step, you’re going to have a very hard time stepping into your purpose, power and divine path).

• How I landed my own TV show with 0 experience (and how you can manifest crazy-wild, over-the-top miracles like that, too)

• Why most manifesting techniques never work – and how to avoid these obvious mistakes so you can attract tons more of what you want.

•The easiest way to design a space for success so that your home and office literally have the ability to attract great health, more money and juicier relationships!

• How working energetically with your body in very specific ways can dramatically and directly affect your productivity, confidence, income, health and relationships – and how neglecting these steps can wreak irrevocable damage.

• Ways even the very brightest women go completely unconscious around M-O-N-E-Y plus lots of an easy-to-do exercises to get you moving permanently toward a more empowered financial future.

• Tips for spotting (and gracefully removing) "Energy Vampires" — and how to attract new clients, connections, comrades and confidantes that can literally boost your ability to succeed

Plus, I'll teach you these must-have Super-Skills...

1. Spot (and plug!) ALL your money leaks – so you can save (and make) more.

2. Build incredible "financial fitness" – in only 15 minutes a day.

3. Learn the #1 most shocking (& exciting!) secret of ALL 6-figure women.

4. Find 100's (or thousands) of dollars within your CURRENT budget.

5. Cure procrastination, increase productivity & decrease stress in just 45 minutes.

6. Use any body-challenge as a tool to teach you mind-blowing insights.

7. Shrink your appetite (or addictions) in under 30 seconds.

8. Discover your power-foods – and create outrageous focus, energy & optimism.

9. Quickly purge, clean and transform your home – in just 1 day.

10. Stimulate abundance and cash-flow using nothing but your home décor.

11. Learn my simple 5-step process to remove even the most ENORMOUS stuck-spots.

12. Learn my "secret question" to turn ANY bad situation into a GREAT one. (Really.)

13. Uncover the very special romantic requirements of women on a mission.

14. Build a support team that will literally pull you into your BIG life.

15. Remain unconditionally loving AND powerful – in ANY situation.

. . . and TONS more!

I’m pulling back the curtain on my own practice to share with you topics that I only cover with my private coaching clients. It’s those juicy tidbits my Unstoppables pay thousands of dollars for — but you’re getting it delivered in a digestible, affordable and fast-action bootcamp style.

With five 90-minute downloadable teleclasses covering the 5 biggest blocks known to womankind, I’ll paint a lush, personalized and step-by-step picture of what life could look like if your blocks were removed and your goals were in alignment. 

Then I’ll help craft a plan to remove physical AND emotional saboteurs standing in your way of your divine purpose, and support you in designing a future that not only serves you, but also the world around you — guarding you from making the innocent mistakes I see most every bright women make when it comes to dancin' with their dreams.  HOORAH!

To create a more powerful environment for learning, growth and change, I’m adding in special supplements beyond just the precisely-crafted content. You’ll receive 162 pages of beautifully-designed handouts and action-assignments. Add on even more bonuses and details (all listed down below) and you’ve got a dynamic incubator for massive change.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

When I say “unstoppable”, I’m referring to a woman who embodies….

1.  A powerful knowing that she can rise above and keeps moving forward, no matter what.

2.  An ability to listen to her intuition and follow through when life's mysteries beckon — even if the path seems scary, unknown or requires a huge leap of faith.

3.  A healthy sense of balance — knowing when to work hard, when to play hard, and how to keep her health, humor and hope alive and kickin’ throughout it all.

4.  A empowered view of the world where she knows her challenges are merely gifts (in disguise)— using them as opportunities for change and transformation.

5.  The wisdom of her TRUE power source — that sweet, still, strong spot that resides within and which no one can touch or take from her — that peaceful place which is unwavering, unshakeable and best of all, unstoppable!

...Plus, a good sense of humor sure-as-shoot can’t hurt!

Mission (Un)Impossible:

My goal is to serve as your launchpad for life — your BIG life. I’m here to help you build an unstoppable core foundation — one that you can rely on for any endeavor, challenge or opportunity you’re sure to meet in your future.

Until you build this solid inner foundation, you'll likely keep hitting the same roadblocks again and again and again. But once you’ve built it, “they” will come…

As Leader of the “Unstoppables”, my mission is to help STUCK women to stand on top of their "Mastery Mountaintops" with hands stretched high shouting “YES!” to the Universe. Once your energy is strong and solid, you’re an unstoppable force for all that life's waiting to bring your way.

Introducing . . . Unstoppable Bootcamp!

Bootcamp Curriculum:

In module 1 we'll take a creative and curious analysis of your external environment — making specific shifts and busting through baggage that’s holding you back. I’ll teach you how to transform your space into an expression of your greatest self — Once you do, it has the ability to unravel a lifetime of limited thinking. We’ll cover countless ways to spot environmental blocks and design a home or office truly fit for a Superhero like you.


In module 2 we'll cover my FAVORITE secret weapon, sure to blast any beliefs standing in the way of you and your purpose. This 5-Step process — The S.T.U.C.K. Solution — is what I’ve used behind-the-scenes in my own life for 15 years, and now it will be a tool for your transformation toolbox too. We’ll also delve into the 5 biggest beliefs stopping women like you from stepping into the spotlight – and 1 by 1, we’ll reevaluate your entire perspective on life as you know it.


In module 3 we'll cover physical, spiritual and energetic ways to empower your body and physical health. Learning to bring integrity, pampering and support to this most-important vessel can make a world of difference in terms of your optimism, outlook, energy levels and intuitive abilities. You'll learn surprising and powerful new ways to approach eating, movement and self-care so this becomes an effortless part of your normal routine. You'll even gain important insights into USING any physical challenges to strengthen and enhance your already-Unstoppable Spirit!


In Module 4 we'll dive into one of the hottest topics around — MONEY! We'll focus on 3 important aspects to this important area: 1. Your Money Mindset: unraveling your beliefs that are limiting your income and abundance; 2: Getting your Head out of the Sand: where you'll get crystal clear about your spending, debt, investments, tracking, accounting and all other dollar-details; and 3. Teaching you how to use your thoughts, energy and emotions to attract more money — and learn secrets from 6-figure women to help you start shakin' your own money tree!


It’s your 5th and final module — you’re almost ready for bootcamp graduation! In this last call we'll discuss building your Support Empire so you have powerful mentors, teachers, friends and colleagues built into your life for continued inspiration. We'll talk about transforming your current relationships, attracting Unstoppable allies, seeking out confident comrades and selecting just the right mentor for you. You'll walk away looking at support in a brand new way, and have new tools to start building your own team of Unstoppable support!


Hi, I’m Stephanie...

I used my own Superpowers to land my dream job, dream home,
dream cat (and even dreamier man).   

Can YOUR superpowers say the same?

The set of my HGTV show, Fun Shui — as we take an edible-paint break (YUCK!)
from designing a Green nursery for their adopted daughter arriving from Africa.

But it wasn’t always like this for me...

I grew up in the conservative Midwest in a family full of mostly math teachers and farmers. I didn’t have any “woo-woo” friends or mentors to show me the way. And to top it off, I had the constant nagging feeling that I didn’t fit in, wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough or worthy enough…and I soon came to agree with the boys on the third-grade playground: there really WAS something terribly wrong with me after all.

At the age of 19 I crashed and burned after years of depression and obsession. I had claimed the throne as the Queen of Stuck. But as they say: once you hit rock-bottom, it's all uphill from there! Fast-forward 20 years (and 20 gojillion epiphanies later ) — and here I am, ready to help dramatically speed up your process, with the goal of helping you step into your superpowers at the speed of Superman.

I’ve learned a thing or two (or ten) — mostly the hard way. Now, I don't claim to have every answer for every person (who does?)... But I do know this: through my Unstoppable coaching practice I’ve witnessed how women trip themselves up time and time again over small things that reek huge havoc — and I've found some key missing pieces to un-stick them.

And that's what I'm here to share with you.

"But wait... aren't you the Feng Shui lady?"

Truth be told, Feng Shui is one of only MANY tools I've learned (and used) for my own transformation — but when you get a TV show teaching Feng Shui, it's easy to be pigeon-holed as a "1Hit Wonder". But behind the scenes I use many powerful principles to shift stubborn stuck-spots for myself, and my clients. And with the economy what it is, and redecorating OUT of the question (for most), what better next step than to redesign your INNER world?

So see this as my official "Coming Out" Party — where I get to reveal ALL my favorite goodies — going above and beyond what I've ever taught publicly before.

One of the many pivotal points I'll be teaching YOU in the coming 4 weeks is the often-overlooked, fabulous 4-letter-word: GIVE. Once I learned to shift my energy, thoughts and goals toward being of the greatest service possible, I literally manifested a lifelong dream — to make a huge difference in the lives of millions. And less than 2 weeks after hitting my own "service" sweet-spot, I landed my own TV show with 0 experience.

No joke. Really.

Here's a lil' secret: getting a TV show was actually EASY
(once I got my hands on the right Rule Book).

And that's what I'm giving to YOU in this bootcamp — the Superhero's Handbook of Life.

Cause once you've got the right answers and awareness, life doesn't HAVE to be hard.

Yes, I know, I know... you've read all the books about how to do this stuff already. But here's the deal-e-o: my bright gorgeous clients had read them all too — but they were still making the SAME mistakes! Once I finally walk you through what NOT to do — with real-life "student" examples — you'll start to see that manifesting is exactly what the gurus have claimed all along: easy, effortless and super-fun.

Once you learn the steps to finally get your boat plonked back into life’s river (and trust it enough to kick up your feet), all the world is a smooth sailin’ stage, baby!

Look, let me reiterate: I’m not special. Except for the fact that I’ve been insanely blessed to have learned some VERY powerful concepts from some very powerful mentors. So I’m here to be your Mommy-Bird — chewing up wild, esoteric “woo-woo” concepts and spitting them back at you in simple, funny, practical and step-by-step ways. I've taken all my miracle-filled moments and turned them into simple and easy-to-understand insights.  

Cause that’s my mission: To bring powerful work to powerful (practical) women — women who want (and deserve) to have these tools at their fingertips, too.

I don't blame you if you don't believe me.

But in the past 20 years I've learned to manifest one miracle after another. Scroll down and I'll give ya the whole scoop... 

x"You tapped so beautifully and powerfully into your intuition to read me and show me places where I was stuck. The week after our call I got three new clients!"

“Wow Stephanie, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing Intuitive Coaching Session we had recently. Truthfully, I had no idea what to expect because in addition to your coaching, you do Feng Shui, so I wasn’t sure if you’d tell me to move some pillows and paint my walls to reach my goals. But our call was really transformative, right from the start and it had nothing to do with moving furniture and everything to do with you tapping so beautifully and powerfully into your intuition to read me and show me places where I was stuck. I’m one of those people who have done it all in terms of transformational work, so when you pinpointed the very subtle energy that was blocking my success; it feels like you unlocked something that had been elusive to me in the past. And what’s really cool is that the week after our call I got three new clients! Coincidence? I doubt it. I do know that it’s only the beginning of a whole new way of doing business and working in the world. Your ability to hone in on my purpose and reflect back to me my potential was the thing that helped me get off the phone and take an even bigger stand for what I’m supposed to do in the world. I can’t thank you enough for shining your light and being such an amazing woman!”

—Therese Skelly, Business Coach |

x"In a marketplace where many claim to have the key to helping people live more successful, fulfilling lives, Stephanie McWilliams actually has and delivers a whole set of keys that open doors to health, harmony and success."

I have benefitted personally and professionally both from her support, her wide open heart, and her accessible, practical applications of transformative tools that before were merely theory to me. Stephanie is also one of my favorite collaborators. I gratefully and joyfully accept her invitations to participate in projects where she offers her students and subscribers access to her impressive network of teachers and experts. Her generosity, creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious, creating ripple effects from whatever she touches."

—Carol Skolnick | Founder of Clear Life Solutions |

x"In just a few months working with Stephanie, my confidence has skyrocketed & now I look forward to taking risks on a daily basis!"

Working with Stephanie is/was a life changing experience. Before working with Stephanie, I was stuck in negative thought patterns which were stopping me from trying new things and getting to what I really wanted to do in life. I was stuck in such fearful thinking that for years I couldn't even attend my own daughter's horseback riding lessons. I was also feeling fearful of the world in general, which kept me isolated, nervous and alone. But now, in just a few months working with Stephanie, my confidence has skyrocketed and now I look forward to taking risks on a daily basis! What I received was a total new way of thinking allowing me to let go of damaging thoughts, fears, and expectations.  Stephanie’s intuition is extremely accurate, and her information is priceless. She has a gift for helping people change their lives. She truly cares about the people she works with and that is hard to find. I never expected to come as far as I have in such a short amount of time.  I have been given the tools and confidence to move forward with many things I have always wanted to do and I never expected such a gift. Now, after talking with Stephanie, I am starting to really live again and that creates endless possibilities!

—Cristy | Holistic Health Coach

x""The freedom and exhilaration resulting from one phone session was worth the investment in the whole package! Her information and support are truly priceless..."

I am so grateful to have found Stephanie! It's difficult to express in words the exhilaration and excitement I feel. She is fun and loving and inspiringly insightful. In my first phone session with her, Stephanie provided me with a simple, yet crucial insight that resonated so deeply with me, and my understanding of my life has increased a million-fold! For the longest time, I'd been struggling to figure out what I'm supposed to do with my life. I was frustrated that nothing I did really gave me the fulfillment I knew I could have. I'd been trying to piece together all my disparate interests and occupations, figuring out how they fit together into a path that felt meaningful and gave me a sense of purpose. Stephanie, with her graceful intuitiveness, sensed and explored a beautifully accurate truth about me, and I just "got" it. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle, and it has liberated me! Now, instead of spending so much mental energy trying to figure out how everything is supposed to come together in my life and worrying about what I should be doing, I now experience an unbelievable sense of self. My life is making more sense, and I live each day with so much more joy and confidence! I have a greater capacity to experience the present, and I'm more trusting that what I need will come my way. The freedom and exhilaration resulting from this one phone session was worth the investment in the whole package! I've now had two sessions with Stephanie, and I really feel that through love and joy I'm going to take my creativity, success and personal "power" to the level I've always known it could be but couldn't reach previously. I'm really, really excited!!

—Kiki Ong, Small Business Owner |

x""Stephanie's intuition is dead on! The overall experience was life-changing. Not only was Stephanie a fabulous coach, but she was an example for the type of coach I'd like to be."

Stephanie is amazing. She instinctivly knows when to push when you need it, when to pull back, and most importantly: when to tell you how much she believes in you...and makes you believe in yourself! Before coaching with Stephanie, I had an idea, but no direction. I expected support and guidance. But what I received was someone who believed in me fully, gave me TONS of support, made me believe my gift is invaluable and made me feel truly loved. Stephanie’s intuition is dead on. There were many, many times I laughed out loud because she was describing me and my personality to a T. She often tapped into things that I was even unwilling to admit out loud to myself. I never expected to feel like I had gained a friend. I very much looked forward to our talks and e-mails because I knew Stephanie wouldn’t hold back and would tell me like is. I think Stephanie has a very unique gift and can inspire and lift people out of their own fears and worries and show them how great they can be. Now, after talking with Stephanie, I am more prepared to continue building my business. Not only can I see the final idea, but I know what I have to do to get there. Stephanie helped me see the ways I was sabotaging myself and has helped me work on techniques to avoid slipping back into the gray area of “what if”. I felt like I was sharing experiences with someone who had been there, done that. I love Stephanie’s energy and she always makes me feel like I can do anything in the world after our talks. I’m always motivated to move forward after speaking with Stephanie.

—Jessica Aycock, Health Coach |

“Life Shrinks Or Expands In Proportion to One’s Courage.” – Anaïs Nin

What if miracles became second-nature for you?


• Landing your dream TV show in less than 2 weeks after shifting your energy.

• Meeting your dream man 2 hours after breaking up with the last stinker.

• Receiving a dream job just a few minutes before you’re laid off from your current gig.

• Locating your dream home 3 days after daydreaming about it.

• Getting a dream check in the mail mysteriously — in the exact amount you needed.

• Holding your dream kitten just 24 hours after losing your past precious pet to an illness.

• Finding your dream sofa within 1 day of picturing it in your mind.

Sounds far-out and far-fetched, right?

FYI, oh Doubting-Dynamo: ALL those things above happened to ME — and they can happen for you, too. Heck, just read through the testimonials on this page alone to find out what’s possible once you get unstuck — living at 100%, full-out and on-purpose.

Where YOU could be 1 year from now…

When women step into the information I’ll reveal in this Unstoppable bootcamp, the following are the types of outcomes I’ve witnessed (both personally and professionally):

• Renewed love and intimacy — When you allow in strong love connections, this can provide an environment for incredible partnership, spiritual deepening, increased femininity, heightened trust and compassion for everyone in life.

• Increased income — allowing in the extra resources for taking vacations, spending quality time with friends, designing a beautiful home and pursuing further education.

• Vibrant Health (and Decreased Weight) — removing the blocks and baggage keeping you from being present with food and your body’s hunger signals… gaining renewed energy and a shrinking waistline.

• Job Changes — having the inner wisdom, guidance and knowing that you’re capable and willing to step out of your J-O-B and into a fulfilling and creative career path.

• Instant Miracles — stepping SO into the flow of life that things bigger than you could have dreamed for yourself literally come out of nowhere, easily and effortlessly.

• Unstoppable Confidence — accepting yourself so fully that you become a beacon for new friendships, connections, opportunities…and more!

• Dreams as Reality — opening your energy so much that you allow life to bring you chances and moments that are beyond your current comprehension.

This could also be you in 1 year (unfortunately)….

Life is constantly moving and changing — a flow of abundance that is utterly unstoppable. And as Esther Hicks says so perfectly: "You're GOING — It's just a matter of whether you're going WILLINGLY!"

When you stop moving forward and stepping out of your comfort zone, life can come and kick you in the keister. Standing still causes life to shrink and shrink and shrink until you feel like you’re suffocating.

When I’ve watched women hold themselves down and sabotage their success, pretty darn icky ramifications can show up. Marriages break down, businesses fail, body’s get sick and deep depressions can set in.

But you’re NOT powerless against this. You’ve got the answers clutched right in your hands (and you didn't even know it). There is a new movement — a new wave of Wonder-Women stepping up, and stepping out, to leap off of life’s long-overdue edges.

Change isn't comfortable...but neither is staying stuck. And trust me, the answer you're looking for is FAR simpler than you have ever realized. Hip-Hip-Hooorah!

Holy Cowabunga, Batman—I think I smell a Revolution!  

Spirituality no longer = SERIOUS. 

It's time for a Spiritual Revolution — a new face for today's Soulful Seeker. 

It's time to lighten up, laugh a little... and learn a LOT. Cause in my world: if it ain't fun — it's not worth doing. 

What my clients say they love most about their experience working with me is that I get it — I understand esoteric and trippy spiritual principles. I love-love-love the underbelly of life, the secrets of the Universe, the mysteries of the mind.  I also love to curse like a sailor. Yup.

Spirituality doesn't have to be separated from reality. Doing the dishes is just as spiritual as sitting in the lotus position. You can have fun, be silly and poke fun at the absurdities of life, too.  It's ok to be yourself, delve deep, commune with God AND have a damn good time doing it.

I'm giving you permission and paving the way for a whole new generation of down-to-earth Spiritual Divas. Ah, the rules, they are a-changin'... 

Stuck to Unstoppable Bootcamp Includes:

Super-Support + Unstoppable Guidance

Get guidance, training and mentorship from a fellow Superhero who’s been-there, done-that… and will show you how to do the same!

x Five 90-minute Downloadable MP3 Teleclasses ($397)  

162 pages of beautifully-designed + POWERFUL
handouts and Action Assignments
Downloadable Graphics to create an Unstoppable Bootcamp Binder (Priceless!) 


x"In just ONE session she helped me resolves an issue that has been going on for 8 years. It is truly miraculous how my life has been transformed!"

From the first moment that I spoke with Stephanie I felt surrounded by her love.  She exudes such love and openness in her voice, I trusted her immediately.   Her enlightenments have made massive shifts in the perceptions of my life. Through the years I have spent more money than I care to count, trying to solve my personal problems.  Therapists, classes, life coaches and many prayers, they have all come and gone.  The hope of resolution has continued to be elusive.  Even though I made that promise to myself I still wanted to find peace.  So I kept trying and I'm glad that I didn't stop because then Stephanie entered my life. She's a true gift from heaven! In ONE session she helped me resolve an issue that has been going on for 8 years.  It is truly miraculous how my life has been transformed. My life was miserable and this problem was affecting my marriage, my mind was consumed with angry and hateful thoughts.  Then I started to have health issues.  Little by little and piece by piece I was becoming someone I did not know.  I was walking around daily feeling awful, trying to pretend that everything was OK. Then Stephanie introduced to me to a new perspective. Doing this process with Stephanie has set me free from all the pain and anguish that surrounded my problem.  I no longer feel like any of my emotions are in any way connected to the problem, I feel as if it has just dissolved.  VANISHED.   No more wasted energy, no more anger, no more health issues.  I am FREE.  I can truthfully say that I feel complete peace and continue to feel that way today.  It is like I have been reborn.

—Gloria Passarella

xI recommend her coaching program to everyone because she will get you where you need to go!"

"Working with Stephanie is like having a wise woman by your side to help you get to where you want to go. Stephanie is gentle yet persistent. She keeps you moving in small steps .... and then one day you look back and you have made a major shift (and you had fun doing it). I never expected that I would benefit both personally and in my business through working with Stephanie. Stephanie also helped my husband and I resolve a sleep issue with our 5 year old daughter that we had struggled with for two years. We are now all sleeping so much better. Stephanie has become a valued friend, she can see right through all the things I'm trying to hide, and help me to work through them without even realizing I'm doing it. Before meeting Stephanie I was frazzled and depressed. I am now far more balanced and forward thinking, and feel much more focused and energetic!"

—Meredith Eisenberg | Small Business and Internet Marketing Guru |

x"I've lost 55 pounds since you came to the house!"

Stephanie, I just weighed myself and I've lost 55 lbs since you first came to the house. I expected to get a room makeover, and instead I got a jumpstart to a way-of- life makeover! It’s like you lifted one of the biggest boulders off me. I feel more in touch with what IS, versus what WILL BE. It helps me live in the present moment… And as a side benefit, my girls and I have never been closer...Get this — my 14 year old gave me a “friendship” ring last week... I almost hit the floor! This may sound silly, but if that U-G-L-Y room could be transformed, then there is the possibility of my own transformation. It is profound how you took the things I loved so much and used them in a completely new way. It’s like a work of art—like a beautiful portrait of me. You really got to know me, and reflected me in this room, which is a special gift you have. Perhaps that’s what makes you so great.

—Joan Gugliotta | Vice President of Marketing of Major Advertising Agency

"I was profoundly moved by the accuracy of the intuitive information I received. "

I was deeply and profoundly moved by the accuracy of the intuitive information Stephanie received and shared with me. I had come to another crossroads along my healing journey. Stephanie helped to bring forward profound new awareness’s about myself that no longer served me and my path of service assisting others along their healing journey. One of which was my “energetic “sensitivity to my environment. I had described feeling energetically “bogged down” and how “distracted I become with too many choices. So, with some hesitation I took her suggestions... This experience has helped me to release another layer that was blocking the flow of my Soul. By the time I was done I felt more joyful, peaceful and lighter. Less has become more... more energy, more present, more clarity and confidence about my path and future. Stephanie, I am forever grateful. Thank you for sharing your gifts, your humor, your wisdom and your beautiful heart and Soul.

—Tama Bevans | Body-Mind-Spirit Bodyworker

x"Stephanie's coaching work definitely exceeded my expectations! The experience was priceless — She could charge $1,000 for what I got in just 1 call..."

During my recent coaching call with Stephanie, I knew I was part of a personalized "treatment plan"- she considered me, who I am and how she could serve me. The experience was not only touching, but powerful -- like, "Wow I really matter!!" I expected to be sold a program, but nothing could have been farther from the truth. She laid out practical steps on how I can begin working on my core issues and clear my blocks. Stephanie coaching work definitely exceeded my expectations! In just one coaching call she really saw who I was on many different levels, gave tons of details and shared lots of powerful ideas. I now feel grounded and clear about my path and future. The experince was priceless - She could charge a thousand dollars for what I got from just one call! It was SO worth it...

—Jen Fanning, Holistic Health Practitioner |

“How Can I Know If I’m A Good Fit For This?”

This class IS for you if:

1. You're hungry for change more than you're wanting to keep playing it safe.

2. You’re fed up with struggling, disappointment, heartbreak and suffering.

3. You're willing to do whatever it takes to get unstuck to become an "Unstoppable". 

4. You realize the importance of investing in cultivating your Inner Superhero.

5. You’re clear that the cost of this class is microscopic compared to the cost of staying stuck.  

This class is NOT for you if... 

1. You have NO sense of humor. (Eeeek!)

2. You're barely able to pay the rent and are struggling with your basic survival.

3. You don’t want to hear the real truth of your current situation, challenges or struggles.

4. You're expecting me to perform magic and do all the work for you.

5. You insist on playing the blame-game and refuse to take responsibility for your circumstances.

This group is for women who are READY to step out of their box and step into their biggest life.

“I'm smart enough to figure this out on my own.”

If you’re trying to run your life's relay without a partner, think again. Every successful person I know has someone who has “passed the spark” to them — that spiritual baton handed down from wise woman warrior to the next.

Heck, even I have a whole TEAM of people supporting me and am NEVER without support — no matter what my finances are at any given time. Likely the ONLY difference between me and YOU is that I’ve learned the value of external guidance.

Getting support means having a mentor who’s several steps ahead of you — here to save you decades of time (and money too). Someone to show you where you’re stuck, reveal new insights and teach you how to fit all the pieces together. And that's what I'm here to do for YOU.

Doing it alone gets obvious results: you end up recycling old information, hoping that a new combination of the old junk will somehow reveal a sparkling jewel. Well, tough noogies, ladybug.

“But I already KNOW all of this stuff”.

Let’s be honest: if you REALLY “knew” this stuff… wouldn’t you be living it? Having intellectual information is FAR different than having a gut solution to something. While brains SOUND good, knowing the truth of something in your belly allows you to LIVE it. And that’s what you’re REALLY wanting….right?

“It’s not the right time — I’ll wait!”

I hate to be a downer, but... Most women DIE playing the waiting game.

Many wait for years, decades and lifetimes — hoping that the situation, funds, timing, schedule, partner and work would all conspire, into the perfect picture… that the clouds will part, the sea will separate, and the perfect “moment” will land in their laps so they can at LAST start to really live.

But it's those exact moments when we take uncomfortable, inconvenient leaps of faith that the clouds DO part, the seas DO separate, and life's wings magically appear to help us SOAR.

After completing this Bootcamp you'll feel like the Wonder Woman you were born to be.  

But don't Dilly-Dally...
We can't guarantee how long this program - or this price! - will be available. 

It’s time to fly, bluebird. Join us for Unstoppable Bootcamp now: (scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up!)

x"We're enjoying each other and a good night's sleep for the first time in years... and Robert's quit his "sucky" job of 20 years!"

We can’t thank you enough for our Fun Shui-ed bedroom! I never dreamed that beyond it being absolutely beautiful, that the design principles would actually change and enhance the way we spent every night! I have had insomnia for 11 years...and Robert was usually up suffering from his “sucky job” insomnia, as well as sleep apnea. But since the makover, well...where to start?! We’ve been enjoying the room, each other, and a great night’s sleep for the first time in years...and Robert’s quit his “sucky” job of 20+ years! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing with us your beautiful vision, your impeccable good taste, your wacky humor and your Fun Shui beliefs.

—Lorie Honor | Elementary School Teacher

x"We immediately began to notice a difference in our moods, sleep patterns, and productivity in our creative and professional lives."

I've come to realize how important it was to have Stephanie’s objective opinion; to pull us out of our comfort zone. Even my once-skeptical husband was put at ease by Stephanie's down-to-earth, practical approach. We've only just begun to implement the changes Stephanie suggested but have already noticed a big difference! We immediately began to notice a difference in our moods, sleep patterns, and productivity in our creative and professional lives. And we were so surprised at how much we LOVE the new colors! -- our once TV-centered living room is now an oasis of calm and peace.

—A'ndrea Blake | Plus-Size Model |

"I need this, but I can't afford it." 

I hear ya, fellow traveler.

Even though I’ve purposefully kept the price extremely low for this bootcamp in the hopes that as many women (regardless of finances) can have the opportunity to learn some of my most invaluable life lessons and spiritual solutions, I understand that there are times in life when the funds just aren’t there. Heck, I've made 6-figure incomes…and I've also gone bankrupt — so I appreciate both ends of the spectrum.

My private coaching clients gladly pay me thousands of dollars to get my undivided attention — and I realize that’s not possible for everyone. So I’m super-excited to treat you to over 6+ hours of my personal time (and FAVORITE insights!) for the same price as just 1 mini-session with me.


I've often caught clients (unknowingly) telling themselves big fat lies like, "I don't have the money!" ...when in fact they actually DO.

Without fail, every time I start poking around in my clients’ spending habits with my money-magnifying-glass, I almost ALWAYS discover “mystery money” magically available — where people who “claim” to be tapped-out are still delighting in: dining out, Starbucks Lattés, vacations or decadent designer shoes.

Now, let me clarify: there is NOTHING wrong with this — as long as you’re being honest with yourself (and you likely aren’t). In fact, this is actually VERY good news — it means abundance IS there, it’s just being misdirected.

It comes down to telling the truth about your priorities.

If you REALLY want big change in your life, but you’re expressing your priorities by spending on “stuff” over support, then just be straight about it:

What you’re REALLY wanting is more STUFF than your Big Life. (Eeeewww... Doesn't that make you wanna throw up a lil' in your mouth when you say that out loud?)

And let’s not overlook the obvious fact that without strong support, we ALL tend to crawl to a standstill (especially financially).

I’ll be frank: I invest a LOT into my well-being (understatement). And what that has bought me is a sense of fulfillment greater than all the gorgeous, beautiful, fun stuff on the planet COMBINED. 'Cause once you’ve got your inner game working beautifully, then all the “STUFF” is just icing on an already yummy life-cake!

Still have questions about whether this investment is right for you? Just email us at:



In my work, I'm committed to helping women like you step into their power in big ways. And I'll always do all I can to ensure you get your money's worth (and more) in whatever I do. But I also realize there are exceptions to everything, and I simply may not be a match for everyone. Since I'm dedicated to working with super-satisfied clients, if for ANY reason you're not 100% giddy, or this simply doesn't feel like the right "fit" for you — just drop us a line within 30-days from your date of purchase, and we'll get you a no-hassle refund. Easy-peasy... 

I hope that helps you step into this very unique and empowering opportunity with 0 worries and 0 risk. Just try it out, see what you think, and take things from there... I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Want to know what Graduates said about our
Unstoppable Bootcamp?

Graduates RAVE about their Bootcamp experience:

I have done a multitude of courses over the past few years -
Debbie Ford, Landmark, several online programs, and retreats… but Unstoppable Bootcamp was one of the top courses I have EVER been a part of!!!!

"Stephanie delivers more than she promises, and she's absolutely brilliant as a teacher!  The classes were well organized, very inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and delivered in a super positive manner. Stephanie understands where you are, where you want to go... and then gets you there!"
—Gretchen Powers, Creative Memories Entrepreneur

The Unstoppable Bootcamp experience was priceless!
The difference in the way I am perceiving life will impact everything and everyone else I encounter —
for the rest of my life.

Before bootcamp, I was confused on why the heck everything I was doing in business and life was not getting me the bigger results.  After taking Unstoppable Bootcamp I see myself as an even happier person, open to opportunities, making more money, and effortlessly living life with more excitement and ease! I'm so much more peaceful, open, and "flowy"....  I have already started receiving new requests for interviews and article contributions for my business. Stephanie can flip your thoughts upside down and make them land right side up, and dives right to the heart of what you are struggling with. Her information was delivered in a timely, consistent manner that kept you digging deep to untangle messes created in your head. I've taken other programs, and the exercises in Unstoppable Bootcamp are easier to do because she gave plenty of lists and examples to help navigate where she wanted us to go. In a way, she brought previous concepts “home” for me.     
 — Melody Granger, Spatial Expert |

This was by far the best program I've ever taken.
My whole way of thinking has changed!

"I loved, loved, loved Unstoppable Bootcamp!  Before the program, I was... well, STUCK. But since the end of Unstoppable Bootcamp, I've marked the date on my calendar to quit my job, move 1,200 miles, am sleeping better, getting up earlier, planning my very first teleclass, and am finally EXCITED and confident about building my coaching business! Had I known just how much Stephanie would give out, I wouldn't have hesitated so long to sign up! And the cost of the bootcamp was a fantastic value for the amount of information Stephanie gave out! Now I definitely feel as though I've stepped into my path, and there really is no stopping me! Now EVERYTHING is possible – SERIOUSLY! Now I'm so much more aware of my thoughts and actions and how things affect me. This will help me be more positive, more enthusiastic, more adventuresome ... just MORE, which is exactly what I've always wanted to be.  I'm definitely feeling as thought I'm ready to take on the world!"  
— Jessica Aycock, Holistic Health Coach |

Stephanie over-delivers! She not only inspires;
she launches you into action... and you get real results!
I am so glad that I invested in this experience...

"I loved Unstoppable Bootcamp and the energy that Stephanie puts into her programs — I come away feeling I received more than expected.  The modules were rich with content, and got me thinking in new directions. I will definitely go back to listen to the mp3’s again and again. Stephanie has the ability to get to the heart of the matter and inspire action. Her programs are always well-planned, and I love the way she delivers the content so thoroughly. She utilizes auditory, visual, and interactive learning, and I found myself taking action immediately after each of the 5 modules, as the ideas build upon each other from week to week.  And her visual aids and handouts reinforce the learning.  Now, after Unstoppable Bootcamp, my thoughts are calmer, I am inspired, and have taken action to move my projects from an idea to reality.
— Katherine Quintana |

This course went much "deeper" than other programs I've taken —
and because of this, I feel as I embrace and embody more of what I learned, I can't help but become "Unstoppable!"

I loved Unstoppable Bootcamp! Stephanie is a masterful teacher and storyteller.  She's easy and a joy to follow because she is very organized, inspiring and has exceptional presentation skills.  She kept me captivated and encouraged throughout the entire program! The information I received will be something I return to again and again.  As I embrace and embody more and more of this information, I will manifest the true work I came here to do. I'm learning to trust more, and I'm working much more diligently on paying attention to my intuition.  I loved all the different exercises Stephanie provided to help us hone in on our life purpose.  I definitely got more than I paid for from this bootcamp...”
 — Jackie Fitzpatrick |

Since starting Unstoppable Bootcamp, I feel more balanced
and focused. I have a new outlook on life, I am happier and DEFINITELY more hopeful about the future.  ...And this is pretty amazing given my level of "stuck" prior to bootcamp!

I loved Unstoppable Bootcamp – and the price was a steal!  During the first week alone I discovered so many interesting things about myself.  Stephanie is a great teacher and definitely the perfect leader for an Unstoppable Bootcamp – there wasn’t a dull moment!   Before the program, I thought I had an understanding of my underlying motivations, but I quickly realized during the program that I had only scratched the surface.  Since starting Unstoppable Bootcamp, I feel more balanced and focused.   I have a new outlook on life, I am happier and definitely more hopeful about the future.  And this is pretty amazing given my level of "stuck" prior to bootcamp!” — Shea Pride, Conflicts Analyst

Stephanie is an awesome teacher! I have paid much more
for programs that delivered far less than this one...
There was tons of information!

"Stephanie's energy and enthusiasm shines through. And what was promised was delivered, which to me is very important because often these kinds of programs fall short. The supporting material you need to get you there is provided. Stephanie is very inspiring, very down to earthm and very practical – but extremely intuitive and able to get right to the core of things, too.  I've definitely noticed changes since taking Unstoppable Bootcamp. This program is helping me grow more in to my authentic self - the person I'm meant to be.  I've begun to notice where my energy has been stuck, where I've been blocking myself creatively and career-wise.  So far, I've rearranged my office and bedroom and started to work on other areas of my home.  I've started to practice speaking my truth and being authentic.  And I am bringing more movement and joy in to my life.  After a period of two years of not blogging, I've started a new blog and am also feeling more creative energy flowing through me. And, most importantly, I'm learning to be gentle with myself!"
— Eveline Maedel |

There was so much information in Unstoppable Bootcamp!
 Stephanie gave us so much material – not overwhelming, just a TONS of value!

"I loved the workbooks that came with Unstoppable Bootcamp and the option of downloading audios for future reference. And I loved the bonus goodies! It's great that I can re-use all the exercises again and again as I need to. Stephanie is SO enthusastic; so open. And I love her delivery style – she's hilarious!!! I gained some valuable insights into why I’m stuck, and how I can work through it. She is so personable and approachable; it was so much fun! I see the possibility of a calmer future, and have greater trust in the big picture for myself. I now pay more attention to my external environment, as well as my thinking and feelings. It's amazing."
— Donna Herrington |

Ready to become a Bootcamp Graduate too?...

*Our 2x Sold-Out Live Program —
Now Available Digitally*

Unstoppable Bootcamp

I understand I'll receive:

Support, training & guidance from your own Superhero Mentor($997)
Five 90+ minute downloadable MP3 teleclasses ($197)  
162 pages of powerful handouts and Action Assignments ($197)  
Unstoppable Binder-building graphics (Priceless!)  

My personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Priceless!)   

That's over $1,400+ in Total Value!




Pay in Full:
* Billed immediately.
3-Pay Option:
* Billed Monthly.

Got questions? Email us:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." —Marianne Williamson

I've been where you are. And I've come a long way over the past 20+ years... This is why I'm SO excited to share my personal and professional insights to save you heartache, headaches, time and money. 

Life's short. Are you ready to FINALLY live big?   The decision is yours. The time is now. Hope to see you in the Unstoppable Family soon...

Love & Superduperness,   

PS:  Yup, that photo to the right IS me — "Soopah-Steph" (corny, but true – I love a good Halloween party) — And this may be YOU too after "Unstoppable Bootcamp"!


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