Attention Female Professionals, Entrepreneurs + Women on a Mission:
If you’re a woman who’s broke,
under-earning or overspending,
you have a problem.

But it’s not money.

Dear Kindred Spirit,

• Are you spending so much time worrying about money, it keeps you playing small?

• Is your focus on the problem of “no money” . . . so you keep getting more of that?

• Have you hit a financial glass ceiling that you can’t seem to move past?

Yeah, I know you’re struggling - I've been there myself, Sister!

You’re trying hard to make ends meet. You can’t ever seem to keep enough in your bank account. Perhaps you’ve made some unsound decisions in the past, too.

Heck, you may even have a great career, but still don’t have your money stuff handled.

So let’s just lay it on the table: You’re smart enough to know you’ve got some pretty deep stuff going on around moolah — but you simply don’t know how to tackle it.

...You know that something HAS to change.
...You know this situation can’t continue as it is.
...And you know it’s unacceptable and utterly unworthy
of who you are in your heart.

So now is the time.

Because I know you have the ability to do whatever it takes to make it happen —even if you don’t know how (yet).

Here’s the deal: You know your train is bound for glory (but you keep having to scrounge for train fare.)

You know as well as I do that there’s greatness inside you — but you’ve simply got way too much money garbage getting in the way.

And unfortunately, until you get to the root of it, its going to keep coming up. Over and over and over and over…

We both know that you’re awesome —  you’re out there with your big mission, learning to make a bigger difference, and changing people’s lives.

But on a very basic “take care of your money” level, you’re still a disaster.

• Maybe you lost your job.
• Maybe a divorce wrecked you.
• Maybe you bought a house you couldn't quite afford.
• Maybe you didn’t have healthy money role models as a kid.
• Maybe you took a big risk to start your own business.
• Maybe your partner did a lousy job handling your finances.

Whatever your story, it’s important that you make a change — ESPECIALLY as a woman.


1. As women, we’re not trained to deal with money — At all.

2. As women, we’re trained to take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves.

These 2 things are no longer acceptable.

And they need to stop.

Think about it:

• If you run yourself into a financial hole, how helpful are you going to be to your friends, family, your loved ones (or the rest of the world?)

• If you're spending your time worrying, stressing, thinking about, or handling financial challenges — how will you ever have time for the truly important stuff?

• How can you ever step into new possibilities if you keep focusing on your money problems?

• Haven't you been spinning your wheels for YEARS — never truly getting to the root of the issue?

•  How much money are you losing every day, simply because you're playing small in the game of life?

You MUST get your money house in order if you’re going to have the impact you know you could have in the world.

You can actually USE the Lousy Economy to your Advantage.

No joke.

When you use the current global challenge to grow smarter, stronger and savvier around money, you can actually THRIVE in this tough economy, even though others may be sinking. And the best part about that is you become a role-model for everyone else around you.

I want to show you that the world's economy doesn't have to impact your life. Not 1 tiny bit.

In fact, the worse the economy, the more money I make.

That's because I continue to clean up my financial house, and focus on doing the "right" things. And I'm here to show you my secrets, so you to do the same.

Here's What Unstoppable Money Graduates Had to Say:

x"I've gone from making a few hundred dollars a month — to making over $7,000 a month!"

"I think what makes Stephanie's program excel beyond the programs I have taken in the past is due to her own self-awareness and authenticity. This program was life-changing!

Before entering this program, the word "budget" had me go into utter freak-out mode.  Thinking of money caused such huge anxiety that I simply ignored it.  It was embarrassing and frustrating because I knew what my mission was, and I knew ignoring money was only slowing down my process – but I had not found the guidance yet that felt fully authentic to my being.  That is, until I learned of Stephanie's program...

Boy, big shifts happen when you make investments in yourself! Since beginning the Unstoppable Money Program, I have faced my own financial numbers!  I thought it would be terrifying, but the more I learned that my mood and emotions affected the amount of money I would allow myself to bring into my life, the easier it was for me to shift my perspective.  Now I enjoy calculating and keeping track of my money on a daily basis.

Stephanie really knows how to teach all different types of learners.  Her visuals, voice, worksheets and communal support make learning and implementing an enjoyable, thrilling and honorable experience. And Stephanie has been through so much within her own life, that I can feel her empathy and strength in everything that she does. I also enjoyed is that Stephanie sees no one as a victim and she promotes radical responsibility. I have immense, immense gratitude for what I have learned and integrated.  For my financial and career future, so much more is possible now. This experience has been truly priceless!

— Jessica McCleskey Hood, Holistic Health Coach | Atlanta, Georgia  |

x“Now I’m having $5,500 DAYS, $10,000 WEEKS — and 5-figure MONTHS!”

In just a few weeks I’m already seeing a lot of changes, like feeling more positive about money, attracting more clients, making more money, and having tons more confidence...

I've struggled with money for YEARS and have always felt broke and frustrated. I knew it was time to change this, and I wanted an holistic approach that would cover mindset and well as action steps. After the program, I am way more conscious and aware of my limiting beliefs around money, especially the ones that came from my family and  heritage. I can spot them now when they pop up, and it's helped me to shift my thoughts and realize that I don't have to believe everything my mind tells me about money. I'm no longer walking around blindly acting on my limiting beliefs - I can SEE them now and take action to shift them!

I loved how Stephanie brought in so many different pieces into course... the program was amazingly comprehensive, and gave me tools that I will use for the rest of my life!  Without this program, I would have stayed stuck in the same old crap, feeling frustrated and broke. Now I’m recommending her to all my friends because she rocks!

— Jess Webb,  Irresistible Online Marketing Goddess   |  Windsor, Ontario  |

x"The investment in Unstoppable Money was by far the best I’ve made! I am finally charging what I am worth!”

Before taking Unstoppable Money, I was struggling with the “not enough syndrome.” Not enough money to pay my bills, not enough money to run my business and the guilt and shame over having messy finances. I even feared losing the money I did have! So I decided to start Unstoppable Money because I was sick and tired of having this mentality. I knew it needed to change.

What I loved about this program is that Stephanie focused on my mindset about money rather than just stuffing me with new ways to pay down debt and increase my income. It became clear to me is that my mindset needed to shift before I could put any of the money information to use.

She goes above and beyond with the information she shares. She is honest, gracious and doesn’t pretend she hasn’t made her own share of mistakes. In fact, she actually talks about them so we can learn from them too. I really appreciate and admire that. Thank you for being so damn authentic and for putting all your “shit” on the table!

As a result of working with Stephanie I let go of the guilt and shame. The information was priceless. I know I have the information available to me to use again and again and that is worth any dollar amount.”

— Kimberly Riggins Body Image Expert |

x"So many programs out there offer "life changing" benefits. Unstoppable Money actually delivers them. The happier I get, the more productive I am — and the more money that flows!"

My relationship with money (or lack of it) was a dark cloud over my life for the past 20 years. Even when I had it, I feared losing it.  I ignored it. I hid from it. Before I took this course, I actually carried all of my bills in a huge purse, on my back, everywhere I went. It was my burden. I didn't want anyone at home to find it, so I carried it with me everywhere I went. It was heavy. It was a constant reminder of debt. Today, that big bag is empty. In fact, it's been replaced with a small bag--filled with joyful things like a pretty lipstick, a ticket to a good of people I love. And, envelopes that hold green papers that I exchange for the things I need. The bills are paid..and those that need paid are out in the open. Where I can see them. And the guilt, sadness and insecurity is gone. Amazing......but true!!!

I loved unstoppable money. It made me re-think, re-organize and re-wire all my beliefs about myself and money in my world. It's going to be an ongoing life process...but now, the fear of looking at my money is gone. That's huge! Now, I find myself checking my bank balances, looking in my purse and smiling at the sudden accumulation of money that did not exist before. I guess I can sum this up in one statement: "A relationship with our money is alot like our love relationships. If you ignore it, it goes sour. If you refused to deal with it, it leaves. If you honor it and give it your grows and supports you in return." That's it. Simple and sweet!

Thank you for your voice..comforting and supportive..on this journey to finding a new relationship with our money. I'm going to be ingesting this information for a very long,long time. Thank you for showing me how to empty out my big bag of insecurity!!!! I believe the cost of the course was attractive and affordable. When considering whether I would invest in this class, any money spent at the time felt "risky" – but staying stuck was more expensive!  Now I know that I will always be provided for...

— Linda Monteleone, RN Hospice Nurse and Graphic Designer  |  Pittsburgh, PA

x"Since taking the Unstoppable Money course, I have dramatically increased my monthly income!"

Before taking Unstoppable Money, I was struggling with being stuck in a monetary dry-well - no matter how much I worked there was never enough money to pay all my bills. I was at the end of my rope emotionally and mentally. I knew that I had to do something different and find a new way of thinking. I knew that I had to take the Unstoppable Money course.

Since taking the Unstoppable Money course, I have dramatically increased my monthly income! From where I was (on the edge of deep despair) I can honestly say that I am feeling 100% more optimistic than when the course began. With the knowledge Stephanie has offered me, I now know that there is hope, great hope for me to have a successful financial life.

I have never before taken a money course. This was my first. There was much spiritual wisdom intertwined in this course that reinforced what I had known. I did not realize that all things that I do are connected - what is misplaced or misconceived in one area of my life will affect the other. Money is not just a physical piece of paper or coins it is energy that needs attention and relationship. I never knew that before.

Once you absorb the knowledge Stephanie offers, you can never go back to the way things used to be. This course has truly revolutionized how I think about money. I would not even know how to calculate how much this course has saved me in grief, bad choices and stress due to financial lack of understanding.

I now know that my financial future is a bright one. I know that my financial goals and career dreams are really possible rather than just piercing yearnings. I have never come across a course like this before - full of compassion yet steady urging mixed with solid reasons to embrace a new way of looking at money and finances.

If you're wondering whether this course is for you, don’t hesitate even one minute! NOT ONE! JUST DO IT! Push past the apprehension and take the step that will change your life for the rest of your days.

— Brenda Reynolds, Schoolteacher

x"Since taking Unstoppable Money, opportunities are coming to me out of the blue!"

"Before taking Unstoppable Money, I was struggling with lack of money. I wanted to dig deeper into my belief around finances:  “Why can't I make the money I deserve, what's holding me back?”

I have done a lot of different programs over the years and I must say that this was one of the BEST EXPERIENCES I've ever had. Stephanie made herself so available - that has not been true in most of the programs I've done. I loved all the guidance and tools she provided. I now track money coming in and going out daily. This is HUGE and it feels so empowering. This course is well worth the investment.

Since taking Unstoppable Money, opportunities are coming to me out of the blue! It has made all the difference. I LOVE it! I so appreciate Stephanie’s energy, authenticity and brilliance. I would highly recommend working with Stephanie — it is a MUST if you're struggling with money! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Stephanie! This course ROCKED!

— Deb Bergeron | Personal & Professional Coach |


Making Money is Actually Part of Your Mission.

You see, your relationship with money determines whether you get to live out your mission in a big way…or not.


x a life where money isn’t an issue.
x that money doesn’t keep you from doing anything.
x being able to do whatever you dream of (and the money is there).
x If you ever did lose your money (or lose it again) you knew in your bones how to get it back.
x money being your friend.
x not having any stress around finances.
x seeing your worth as separate from the money in your bank account.
x trusting that you can increase your amount of money at any time.
x never having to chase the dollar because you knew that it would be there for you?
x money being F-U-N.
x that you no longer have to spend countless hours fussing with bills, payments or credit cards?

The truth is: You can be a Spiritual Woman + Make Great Money, too. (Hallelujah!)

…How would you live?

…Who would you help?

…Who would you be?

If this is ringing true for you, then it brings me great pleasure to invite you to..


Hi, I’m Stephanie McWilliams, leader of the Unstoppables. And I’m so tired of seeing smart women sabotage themselves and their mission with money troubles. So I created the Unstoppable Money Program – a 5 week crash-course in getting your money house in order so you can live out your mission AND take care of yourself financially.

WHY stay in financial misery,
when you can discover…

Crystal-clarity about your current finances so you can move forward with gusto.
How to enhance your connection to Source through your relationship with money.
How to get your mindset, energy and actions in financial alignment.
How to handle your current money stresses with grace, calm and easy.
How to use your family’s wealth-weaknesses to build up your money mojo.
How to feel powerful around money, even if you don’t have much of it.
Surprising revelations about all rich people (they’re not what you think they are!)
Ways to easily create new, empowered financial habits and beliefs.
An inner confidence around stocks, investing, retirement, and more.
Ways to make your financial activities and education tons of FUN! (Oh Yeah.)
Learn to set bold (limitness) money goals that grow steadily over time.
A clear picture of your current budget and spending habits.
The skills to become super-spiritual AND super-wealthy.
How to live from a 6-figure money mindset.
How to joyfully track every dime you spend, earn and invest.
The exact reasons that you're stuck, and how to turn those blocks into benefits.
Ways to shift your money magnetism so opportunities are drawn to you effortlessly.
A sense of financial safety — knowing you have money saved to support your dreams.
How to build up "Attitude Money" — without feeling deprived, depressed or defeated.
How to have your morning Latté and those new shoes while still saving money.

Welcome to your Unstoppable Money curriculum:

Module 1: Spending with Eyes Wide Open

In this module, you'll take radical steps to gain crystal-clarity around where you stand, what you spend, and where you want to go. Without awareness, you won't get anywhere — this is your foundation on which the rest of your financial life is built. You'll receive a special downloadable wealth worksheet to attract more abundance, financial forms to determine your net work, handouts to get clear on what playing small has been costing you, and so much more!

Some of what you'll learn:

• How to track your income so you magnetize more into your pocketbook
• How to track your expenses so you never have to overspend again.

• Get clear on your net worth, budget, earnings and more
• Discover what your inner "Money GPS" is set to, and how to increase it's set-point
• Boost your "Money Speedometer" so you gradually make more and more money over time

Module 2: Discovering Your Money Makeup

In this module, you'll open your eyes to 3 powerful influences in every woman's life: your unique money personality type, your family lineage and your external influences. These 3 things together help to make up your original money blueprint. Once you understand each of these 3 powerful keys, you can begin changing their effects upon your life, and finances.

You'll discover your unique money personality — the beautiful one you were divinely gifted. You'll come to work WITH this unique trait, instead of against it. You'll also gain clarity about where your money issues originated so you can finally begin to separate yourself from your family tribe, and claim your own financial future, instead of blindly playing out someone else's money baggage. Lastly, you'll learn to separate yourself from what others think, so you can finally be free to become the women you were DESIGNED to be — with all the money, happiness and fulfillment you can muster! Put this module all together, and you'll begin finding your own answers, and creating new habits that perfectly support your unique dreams.

Some of what you'll learn:

• What money issues belong to you, and what belongs to other people – and what to do about it.
• The legacy behind your current money troubles – so you can release them and move forward.
• How to work with your own unique personality type and enhance your natural strengths.
• Activities to uncover your first money memories so they no longer sabotage your success
• How to live your own money legacy while staying connected and loving with family & friends

Module 3: Resetting Your Money-Mindset

In this module, you'll explore the deep-down beliefs that are the biggest root of your financial frustrations. I'll show you how I work with my own beliefs, as well as what I use for my private Platinum clients. This is the most powerful module of the program — sure to shock, surprise, and excite you in ways you can't imagine. You'll learn my favorite, simple 5-step approach to changing ANY life-long, limiting belief — in just seconds! And you'll discover the easiest way to spot a hidden limiting belief before it reaks havoc on your life.

Some of what you'll learn:

• My 5-Step Solution for removing hidden, self-sabotaging beliefs at their core - and FAST!
• Discharge the negative emotions around your long-held limiting beliefs
• Learn an entirely new way of looking at money, rich people, and debt

• Embrace a life where being spiritual AND being rich is pretty darn wonderful!
• How to transform toxic relationship with negative partners — without divorce or breakup.

Module 4: Tuning Your Financial Frequency

In this module, you'll learn how to shift your internal energy so you're a magnet for more money. We'll explore the ways most women trip themselves up in this area, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls. You'll discover the difference between how wealthy people feel vs. everyone else, and understand exactly why everything you've ever learned about making money has been completely and utterly wrong.

Some of what you'll learn:

• Why wanting money keeps it away from you (and how to stop "wanting it" in the first place)
• How to shift your energy to optimal levels when you're feeling down, angry or frustrated
• Why "avoiding" your issues can actually work to your benefit
• How to enhance your intuition and follow Source-guidance toward the most lucrative avenues
•Ways to tell the difference between "head" and "heart" energy, so you follow the right calling

Module 5: Taking Wealth-Building Actions

In this module, you'll learn how to take actions and push past fears and limitations just like other 6-figure women do. You'll stop waiting around for money to fall from the sky, and start taking bigger, bolder actions that are downright enjoyable. I'll show you how to "decide" to be wealthy, and take actions from a place of "expectation" (and how to distinguish the difference).

Some of what you'll learn:

• Begin paying yourself first, no matter what.
• Start an "Attitude Money" bucket so you avoid future financial surprises
• Learn the secrets behind 6-Figure Women so you can duplicate their success
• Move past fear easily so you can take the leaps necessary to open up your money gateways
• A new way of pursuing your goals that is bolder and bigger than any action you've taken so far
• How to take actions that are beneficial, and stop taking actions that just waste your time
• To have fun and get so excited about learning about finances that you do it DAILY!

Plus, you'll also receive
($294 value)

BONUS 1: Feng Shui for Finances

In this module, you'll get my personal secrets to making your home and office like velcro for all-things-financial by learning how to design your own Money-Magnet environment and clear your financial clutter. You'll get my deepest wisdom about the power of your environment — the insights that landed me a show on HGTV. I promise you'll leave this call filled with renewed inspiration for your home and office — ready to leap off the phone and start to clean, purge, sort and paint. ($147 value)

Some of what you'll learn:

• How to spot financial design-drains, and how to plug them quickly and inexpensively.
• The best tips that will ensure you have an office environment built for your inner CEO.
• The most imporant problem spots in your home, and what to do about them.
• The nature of "money energy" so you can start bringing in more and more of it!

• Insights about "Wealth Chi" so you can move it, boost it and enhance it throughout your home

BONUS 2: Advanced Money-Mindset Session

In this bonus module, you'll hear me working 1-on-1 with a woman around her money-mindset — an amazingly-deep additional 1-hour lazer coaching session where we'll explore your toughest money stuck-spots until we shake those beliefs loose using my favorite transformation tool. ($147 value)

Some of what you'll learn:

• Practical ways to apply my favorite 5-step process
• Experience a freedom from your limiting beliefs so that anything becomes possible
• Real-life applications with fellow participants
• The opportunity to ask your most pressing questions LIVE on the call!

• Experience the 1-on-1 support and personalized feedback that my platinum clients enjoy

Who am I and why am I qualified to teach this?

Here are the 3 reasons you want to learn this from me:

1st: I've been there, done that.

I've made over $100,000 in 3 months, and also wracked up $80,000+ in debt. I've gone from flat broke and bankrupt, to running my current 6-figure thriving business.

Because here's the scoop: Over the past many years, I was finally able to get to the real root of my money troubles. And I can teach you how to do this, too.

2nd: I'm on a mission to teach smart women how to shift all their stuck-spots, so they can show up in a bigger and bigger way.

So, like it or not, if you don't take care of your finances, you're not going to be able to do the work you were meant to do in the world.

3rd: In my travels and studies, I've become convinced that "Money" and "Spirit" are totally intertwined. There is no separate. There is no difference. There is no distance.

And I'm completely fed up with Spiritual people turning up their noses around money. Quite frankly, the world needs lots more rich, spiritual folks. And to do that, spiritual women need to get there heads out of their butts about their finances.

I'm uber-clear about 1 thing: I'm here to help as many spiritual women as possible get RICH. There's no faster, better way to turn this planet on it's ear.

Hopefully you'll be one of those women...

Here's What Other
Unstoppable Money
are saying:

x"Stephanie's Unstoppable Money class was powerful, enlightening  and got my butt into action! If you have any issues with money and want to stop the madness, take Stephanie’s class. You and your wallet will be thankful."

"I have taken quite a few classes on money. Most of them have left me feeling overwhelmed which in turn left me feeling paralyzed. So although I might have received amazing information, I found myself taking very little action. That is until I found Stephanie McWilliams Unstoppable Money class. Stephanie broke it down into concepts that made sense to me. We talked about the numbers and the mindset. She shared with us her journey and gave us permission to start where we felt most comfortable. It was quite refreshing.

Since Unstoppable Money, I have been slowly unraveling my own money story. I have let go of the shame, shifted my lack mentality and have been actively working on bringing more abundance into my life. Now, I treat money with much more respect because after all money is just energy. And what goes out must come back. I also have been learning how to invest and, of course, have been saving more."

Kimberly Riggins,  Body Image & Self-Love Expert
Chief Initiator of “The Watch Her Thrive Project” |

x"I put the cost of the Unstoppable Money program on my credit card because at the time I didn't have the money — but within just a couple of weeks of the program I was able to pay it back… and more!"

I was struggling with many issues having to do with money before I started the Unstoppable Money program. I lived way beyond my means, had significant credit card debt and I continually spent and had no savings. My husband and I also had a strained relationship and a very poor relationship with money to say the very least!

After just the very first bonus module, I felt optimistic for the first time. I found with the more knowledge Stephanie shared with me, I felt stronger and able to tackle my "demons". Now my husband and I no longer fight about money. We are both aware of our finances and are no longer hiding anything from one another. This class has had a profound effect on not only our financial health but our relationship as well.

The Unstoppable Money program is different from other programs I've participated in — it's not just about money... it goes much deeper. I am even using many of the tools Stephanie gave me in other aspects of my life. I am so happy I joined the program! The material and knowledge I received were invaluable. I will use this knowledge for the rest of my life. Thank you Stephanie. This program is like nothing I have ever seen and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering it. I loved every minute of it!"

— Sheila Bellefeuille,  Holistic Health Counselor |

x"It took Stephanie's Unstoppable Money class and coaching to get me in gear and conquer my “I give up” attitude about money!"

"Working with Stephanie is a game changer - a life changer. I feel empowered to stand in my strength and follow my heart to show up in the world! Stephanie's Unstoppable Money class is content-rich and information-packed. She is very thorough in the topics that she addresses. She has a great sense of humor and shares generously from her own life story and makes herself available to answer private questions. Her class is what a class on money should be – straightforward, empowering and en-rich-ing! The value is immeasurable.

Since working with Stephanie, my career continues to grow and expand! I would like to thank Stephanie for growing, sharing, learning and being a leader in her field - for walking her talk!"

— Katie Adler, Voice Artist |

x"Gosh, this course was a total bargain.  The value was at least 10X what I paid. Now anything is possible!"

Before the Unstopapble Money program, I felt so much stress around money.  When I sat down to pay my bills I could feel the tension in my neck and shoulders.  I decided to do this program because I loved the preview calls for the program, and wanted more!  Since doing this program, I feel so much more positive and there are so many more possibilities for me. I actually lost a couple of pounds during this course!  Now I don't feel the stress in my body when I pay my bills. I 100% recommmend working with Stephanie. If you’re on the fence about one of her programs: Just do it!  You will get so much more than you can ever imagine...

— Marla Schechs, Healthy Cooking Coach  |  Philadelphia, PA  |

x"Since taking Unstoppable Money, I have taken responsibility for my own money and have set up systems to know how much I have and where the funds are located."

"I became Power of Attorney for my 89 year old great aunt's affairs due to her failing physical and mental health. What an eye opening experience: She had money "hidden" at the bottom of a wastebasket in plastic bags! Her monthly expenses are about double her monthly income. My main reason for signing up for Unstoppable Money was to help me get a handle on her financial situation. I am fearful that she will outlive her money. I also resented the fact that her failure to invest or take care of her money may result in me having to cover some of her expenses.

Instead of guessing about finances, I now have written documents and plans. This program made me take a close look at my own finances and know where my money is and how it is working for me. This program also highlighted the baggage money can carry. Taking over my aunt's finances caught me off guard and I didn't understand the impact on me until I participated in this program.

The course was an excellent value. I learned that how you handle money is a reflection of your life. I believe that is the key to getting the money you deserve. Often money programs focus on investing but don't reveal how people feel about money, but Unstoppable Money definitely did.

Since taking Unstoppable Money, I have taken responsibility for my own money and have set up systems to know how much I have and where the funds are located. I have also applied the same systems to my aunt’s money and this has left me feeling so much calmer and in control."

— Jennifer Miller | Chief Training Officer

Stephanie is an awesome teacher! I have paid much more x
for programs that delivered far less than this one...
There was tons of information!

"Stephanie's energy and enthusiasm shines through. And what was promised was delivered, which to me is very important because often these kinds of programs fall short. The supporting material you need to get you there is provided. Stephanie is very inspiring, very down to earthm and very practical – but extremely intuitive and able to get right to the core of things, too.  I've definitely noticed changes since taking Unstoppable Bootcamp. This program is helping me grow more in to my authentic self - the person I'm meant to be.  I've begun to notice where my energy has been stuck, where I've been blocking myself creatively and career-wise.  So far, I've rearranged my office and bedroom and started to work on other areas of my home.  I've started to practice speaking my truth and being authentic.  And I am bringing more movement and joy in to my life.  After a period of two years of not blogging, I've started a new blog and am also feeling more creative energy flowing through me. And, most importantly, I'm learning to be gentle with myself!" — Eveline Maedel |

x"I would easily pay double the amount for the Unstoppable Money course! Anything is possible now. This course has given me tools to re-image my entire life."

Before the program I was struggling with my financial details.  This course showed me the practical steps I had to undertake to start gaining back control in this area of my life.  It’s helped me examine my motivations and history to see how they have contributed to the way I handle my finances.  This has resulted in a shift in my attitude about life choices and directly on my money management. I am gaining an understanding of a better philosophy and authenticity of my life as reflected by my finances. I have read a lot of financial books in the past but this went way past that with its core internal exercises and fabulous forum support.  I can see going through all the classes over and over again, gaining more and more insight each time. If one of Stephanie’s programs call to you — DO IT! The rewards will transform your thinking and your life.

— Stasia Kroker, Research Support Officer  |  Adelaide, South Australia

x"The information in Unstoppable Money was so valuable & very complete —  something you can keep using over & over, endlessly."

"I have struggled with money issues for a long time. I signed up for the Unstoppable Money program after a friend sent me the information about Stepanie's preview call. It sounded like something I was looking for and I immediately resonated with Stephanie's bright energy. Stephanie is SO giving! She gives you loads of information and tools.  First of all, she really goes into depth about the subject and what tools she is providing and mindsets and how to deal with them. And she is over the top in participating in the forum, offering guidance and advice and cheering everyone on. I have not been in a class where the person teaching has taken the time to participate on such a level. I would highly recommend Stephanie, and would gladly work with her again -- She totally rocks!

My whole feeling about where I am at, and the anxiety I was carrying around with me, have TOTALLY shifted -— I feel so much more calm, centered & confident that I CAN do this! I feel like I am more free to step forward towards the things I want for myself and my business, and move towards my goals with more confidence. Now I know how to break out of where I have been holding myself back & stopping myself (without even realizing it)!"

— Christine DeCamp, Creative Artrepreneur  |  Point Reyes Station, CA  |

x"Since taking Stephanie’s Unstoppable Money course I have noticed that little miracles and opportunities have come my way, and I am feeling much more empowered!"

"Before taking Unstoppable Money, I was panicked about money. I was in debt and not making enough money with my business. I didn't realize that using my credit cards was really causing me stress - and affecting my business. No one ever taught me about money.

There just aren't any other courses like Unstoppable Money out there to help women with their finances! But Stephanie’s course is life changing, and well worth the investment. I took another money course with another coach, but there was no accountability or support, and it didn't really make a difference. But Stephanie's program is life-changing!

I love working with Stephanie. She is intuitive, funny, brilliant, and really cares about you and your life. All her courses are very well structured. Since Unstoppable Money, I have much more self awareness. (I had no idea how much denial I have had in the area of money.) Thank you Stephanie - I loved it!"

— Gretchen Powers - Personal Photo Organizer |

This program is for you if…

X You're tired of feeling financially stuck or trapped.   
X You're giving your power away around money. 
X You undervalue your worth and talents. 
X Financial stress has you eating compulsively + gaining a lot of extra pounds
X Money troubles are wrecking your love relationships.
X You sabotage yourself around career, success and finances. 
X You don't have a clear financial plan created with the help of a professional. 
X Have lots of financial drama.
X Know you could making SO much more than you are today. 
X Have a family history of financial challenges or under-earning. 
X Have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to build a solid financial foundation.
X Are vague around your money, spending, savings and financial goals. 
X Are codependent in any way  Have fear around money, and are ready to let it go.
X You simply want to dive deeper and gain more financial confidence and clarity!
X Money troubles are kicking up other addictive behaviors that are hurting you.
X You're always living on the edge financially.
X You're bouncing checks or getting hit with overdraft fees.
X You've become a pro at robbing Peter to pay Paul.
X You're using credit cards, but unable to pay off the balance each month.
X You spend without thinking, and end up regretting your purchases later.
X You don't have enough money to invest in mentorship and support.
X Your finances make you to feel like a "fraud" in your career, business or life.
X You totally stress out whenever life throws you a financial curve-ball.
X You spend more than you make, and have no idea what to do about it.
X Live under constant, low-grade financial stress.
X You aren't saving sufficiently (or regularly) for retirement.
X You don't pay yourself first (and don't know what the heck that even means!)
X You don't feel like you have enough to be financially generous with friends and family.
X When you do have money, you spend it, lose it, or give it away.

This program is NOT for you if…

X You're not interested in taking responsibility for your current situation.   
X You're unwilling to do what it takes to turn things around. 
X You want to continue blaming others for your money challenges.
X You are looking for specific training or advice on investing, stocks, 401K's, etc.
X You are totally happy with the state of your financial affairs.
X You're already a money wiz... Ha-Cha-Cha!

You got questions? I got answers…

Q: I make plenty of money. Why would I need this course?

A: The real question is: How much of your income are you able to keep? It’s 1 thing to have a high salary. It’s another thing to actually save what you make.

So if you're not where you'd like to be financially — and are spending too much, or saving too little, this course can help.

Q: This program sounds perfect for me — but I can’t afford it.

A: I hear this a lot when I talk to smart women stuck around money.

This is what I tell them:

I invest heavily in myself. And I have easily spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on mentors, courses, programs, trainings and seminars.

Investing in myself is not easy, and it always make my palms sweat. BUT… it totally gets me moving forward because my butt is on the line. I know I have to recoupe that money, so it’s hands-down the best way I’ve found to kick my tushie into action. Every single time I'm ready for a quantum-leap in my life, I've had to take a quantum-leap financially too.

I've also noticed that we ALWAYS find the money for the things that are a priority for us. So if getting your finances in order is truly a priority, I'm 1000% sure you'll be able to find the money. The question is: how badly do you want it?

If you had a life-threatening illness, and you needed surgery, I know you’d find the money to pay the surgeon. The same goes for money, or any other major life goal.

So if you find that you’re repeating the same money patterns over and over and over, you have a chronic problem with money. And you can’t get out of this on your own. You’re going to need help.

The Unstoppable Money program is here to do just that.

Q: I want to enroll — How Do I Participate in the Course?

A: The minute you enroll, you'll receive instant links to well over 10+ hours of MP3 audio downloads of each call. That way you can listen to these at your leisure: Have time on your daily commute, while traveling or at the gym? How about a few minutes at work, while surfing the internet, or even while doing the dishes? Perfect.

And the best thing is: You can listen to this program over and over for years to come — this information is timeless, and will apply as much to your life NOW as it will 20 years from today. The more you listen, the more you'll learn!

The Unstoppable Money
Program includes:

x Five 90+ minute teletrainings — all downloadable instantly as MP3 files  ($997 value)
x 175+ pages of lists, guides, quizzes, checklists + templates ($197 value)
x Beautiful graphics to create your very own Unstoppable Money Binder ($47 value)
x Instantly downloadable MP3 and PDF files ($67 value)
x BONUS #1:Feng Shui for Finances” Training ($147 value)
x BONUS #2: "Advanced Money-Mindset" Training ($147 value)
x BONUS #3: 2-Part Training: "Your Money Wake-Up Call" ($147 value)


What’s my investment?

Over the years I’ve spent many MANY tens-of-thousands of dollars studying with the best teachers out there – all in my quest to learn the work I’ll be sharing with you in this Unstoppable Money program.

I share this same work with many of my private clients — women who work with me over a long period of time, and investing thousands of dollars.

That’s why I’m so excited to be offering this program.

For 2 reasons:

1. My mission is to make this information available to as many women as possible — at a price that’s much more affordable than working with me privately.

2. It makes me grumpy to see women struggling like I did.  (And I don’t like to be grumpy.)

Best news is: This stuff isn’t hard!

You just need to have the right guide to talk to you candidly about this stuff.

Ready to get started?...

Just Pick the Payment Option That's Right for You:
Pay Now in Full:

Pay in Installments:
3 Payments of $197x
*Billed every 30 Days

If you have any questions or need assistance,
just email my team at:


I want to make sure you extremely comfortable and excited about making the decision to step into this program. believe SO strongly in the information we'll be covering in this course, that I want to ease your mind by giving you my heartfelt, money-back "100% Happiness Guarantee".

You have my promise that if you listen to all of the Modules, apply all the steps of this program, and still don't feel like this information is radically transforming your money habits, mindset and actions — as well as the potential to dramatically transform your entire financial future, from now till forever! — then simply email my team within 30 days of purchase, and we'll happily refund you investment — along with my blessings!

I'm THAT sure that this program will rock your financial world. Just take a look at what the Unstoppable Money Graduates below had to say!

And here's what even MORE Unstoppable Money Graduates
are saying:

x“Your life will change from working with Stephanie even for just 1 session!”

“Before taking the Unstoppable Money program, I was not making any money as a health coach. And I knew my relationship to money was the thing in the way! During the program, I sold my first client program of the year. Stephanie’s passion and knowledge run deep, and your life will change from working with Stephanie even for just 1 session! I was amazed at how laser-focused her tools were on shifting my stinking-thinking. Stephanie has an abundance of tools and tips that are invaluable to being ALIVE — Her resources are top of the line! Now I can get out and earn money and spend money from a more power-filled place. Working with Stephanie is a must!"

— Jennifer Fanning, Holistic Health Practitioner  |

x"Money began to come into my life in ways that were totally unexpected!"

"I was struggling with so many issues, all of which had to do with money. I was angry, scared, and totally afraid of not being good enough. Not having any clarity or faith in taking steps to follow my passions. I came to the Unstoppable Money after taking Unstoppable Bootcamp with Stephanie. It rocked my world.

Some things were very difficult to face, but after the first call, I knew that I found someone that I want to learn more from.  Stephanie encouraged me to take small risks and get used to how that feels. She was so right on. I think it scared me because I thought I wasn't ready, but she encouraged me to get OUT of my comfort zone. Well… I did! I would never have had the courage to do that. She helped me see through so many limiting beliefs. And Stephanie is also so organized in the way she presents the information. She is one of the best presenters I have ever heard. She is extremely generous with the material. She truly gives you tools for your life - a wonderful balance of information that is practical and information that pushes you to make changes. This is one of the best programs I have taken and would gladly do it again.

If you're on the fence about whether to take this class: Don't hesitate! It WILL change your world. Your life is NOT what it appears to be. You have choices... just do it! It was great... sad to see it end!"

— Joanne Demetra,  Artisan and Lifestyle Designer   |

x"Since beginning the Unstoppable Money program, I am feeling 100% more optimistic about my finances and being able to save a substantial amount of money. "

"Before starting the Unstoppable Money program, I was struggling with money and creating a budget. Based on the results I have gotten, I would have expected to pay hundreds more for this program. It is sooo worth the cost.

The Unstoppable Money program was quite different from other programs. Yes, it included actual budgeting and allocation of funds information. But even more importantly it included another aspect I hadn’t ever considered - my thoughts and feelings about money. This actually turned out to be the most revealing and most helpful aspect of this program.

Stephanie also includes her intuitive expertise in the program. She is so generous with her insight and she is always spot-on. She is full of valuable information, compassion and great ideas! She truly listens to what you say and can even hear what you do not say. She is amazing!

Since beginning the Unstoppable Money program, I am feeling 100% more optimistic about my finances and being able to save a substantial amount of money. I would definitely recommend Stephanie's program. The information received in the Unstoppable Money program was invaluable.

If I hadn't learned what I did in this course, I would have continued to be unaware of my money thoughts and habits and how they contributed to my just living paycheck to paycheck."

— Felicia Messina-D'Haiti | Energy Empowerment Practitioner |

xI have done a multitude of courses over the past few years - Debbie Ford, Landmark, several online programs, and retreats… but this was one of the top courses I have EVER been a part of!!!!

"Stephanie delivers more than she promises, and she's absolutely brilliant as a teacher!  The classes were well organized, very inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and delivered in a super positive manner. Stephanie understands where you are, where you want to go... and then gets you there!"

—Gretchen Powers, Creative Memories Entrepreneur

x"Stephanie's insights into my money obstacles were key to helping me pull my head out of the sand and take charge of my finances and my life."

"When I began Unstoppable Money I was struggling with money both in my business and personal life I realized something needed to change, but didn’t know how to do it. I had to pull my head out of the sand, deal with my fears about money and take action. Stephanie's Unstoppable Money course came along at exactly the right time, and addressed exactly what I needed!

Since taking the course, my finances have done a full about-face! Instead of being paralyzed around my finances, and avoiding looking at them, I’ve accepted full responsibility for tracking and managing my money. I know where I stand, and feel empowered. I'm taking action to build my business in a way that will assure me a consistent and reliable income — And I'm having fun in the process!

I've taken many coaching programs in the past, but none have reached down to the core beliefs that had been holding me back and limiting my ability to earn the way Unstoppable Money has. Stephanie's insights into my money obstacles were key to helping me pull my head out of the sand and take charge of my finances and my life.

The information Stephanie delivers is worth every penny and much more! If you have the slightest issue or concern with money, you MUST do this for yourself! Enroll in the course, play full on, and it will change your life! Unstoppable Moneyis the best training I've ever enrolled in!"

 — Anne Melnyk | Marketing Mentor  |

x"So many programs out there offer "life changing" benefits. Unstoppable Money actually delivers them."

"My relationship with money, or lack of it, was a dark cloud over my life for the past 20 years. Even when I had it I feared losing it. I ignored it. I hid from it. So a good friend pointed me in the direction of Unstoppable Money... And I LOVED IT! Unstoppable Money made me re-think, re-organize and re-wire all my beliefs about money and even about myself.

Before I took this course, I actually carried all of my bills in a huge purse, on my back, everywhere I went. It was my burden. I didn't want anyone at home to find it, so I carried it with me everywhere I went. It was heavy. It was a constant reminder of debt. Today, that bag is empty.

Now the fear of looking at, dealing with, and delving into my money is gone. That's HUGE! Now, I find myself checking my bank balances, looking in my purse envelopes and smiling at the sudden accumulation of money that did not exist before.

The guilt, sadness and insecurity are gone. Amazing, but true!!! THANK YOU for showing me how to empty out my big bag of insecurity!!!! So many programs out there offer "life changing" benefits. This one actually delivers them. Plus, the cost of this course was SO affordable — staying stuck was so much more expensive! I would recommend taking this course, because there is NO risk when Stephanie teaching a program. JUST DO IT!

Stephanie, thank you for your voice, comforting and supportive, on this journey to developing a new relationship with money. I'm going to be ingesting this information for a very long time."

— Linda Monteleone | RN Hospice Nurse and Graphic Designer

x"Stephanie covered topics of 'major' financial importance in a down-to-earth, loving and cozy way."

Money-issues have kept me small and stuck on both a personal and creative perspective. They were keeping me in "less than" living situations. I was feeling very stagnant! I was not paying attention to recording money nor looking at my checkbook. I needed something to get both my mind and my actions aligned and moving; some new ways to look at my money issues. That is what I found in Unstoppable Money.

This course is VERY valuable. That 'stuck place' in me has been shaken. I LOVED IT!!! My beliefs have been stirred up from all the great material, ideas and exercises. I loved the examples that she gave. Stephanie covered topics of 'major' financial importance in a down-to-earth, loving and cozy way. Her encouragement and the Forum allowed for ideas, encouragement and support from her and the others taking the course.

My advice is: "Take this class!" You will learn to see from a new perspective, there are tons of great exercises to do and learn from. There is SO MUCH in this course that is very beneficial and applicable.

 — Nancy McEwen | Artist


Just Pick the Payment Option That's Right for You:
Pay Now in Full:

Pay in Installments:
3 Payments of $197x
*Billed every 30 Days

Now, imagine 3 months from now when you’ve already started seeing changes in the way you relate to money, and how money comes to you...

Imagine finally putting an end to, and getting relief from, these money issues that have been dogging you for so many years.

It’s TOTALLY possible.

Love & Abundance,

Stephanie McWilliams
Your Unstoppable Money Mentor


So what happens if you decide to pass on this program? What are you going to do about your money situation? (You and I both know it’s not going to fix itself….)

If you don’t act, where will you be?

As your fellow Soul-Sister who’s been-there-done-that, I want more for you. And I know you want more for you too.

I realize this may not be the right time, or maybe it's not the right "fit". But I want you to get in the habit of doing something.

And not tomorrow, today.

Whether you join this program or not, I'll be fine. But I want you to take action regardless — because that's the only way you're going to change your financial situation.

The world needs you. I need you. All the people you were meant to touch need you.

So, whadda ya say?

Stephanie McWilliams is a women's Intuitive Mentor, International Speaker + cutting-edge leader for women on the verge of big breakthroughs. The founder of her newest company, Unstoppable You ( and the former host of HGTV's Fun Shui — Stephanie is on a mission to inspire women around the world to live BIG, make a huge difference + love every minute of the journey. But Beware: Her unique mix of practical concepts, humor + spirituality is irresistible!

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