Women Who Leap Too Soon

How to Tell When It’s REALLY The Right Time To Leave Your Day-Job


Leaping into the land of full-time Entrepreneurship: It’s what EVERY Unstoppable woman dreams of, deep down.

Thing is, how do you know exactly WHEN to take the leap? What’s REALLY the “right” time to step off that day-job ledge, and soar out into the big, wild world of the entrepreneurial-unknown?

It’s easy to mistake those inner “It’s Time to Quit!” signals:

1 leaves you standing tall, and taking massive momentum — with things working out in a divinely-designed sort o’ way.

(The other leaves you rocking in the corner, paralyzed with fear . . . wondering what in the WORLD you were thinking when you kissed that paycheck goodbye…)

And unfortunately most women are leaping WAY too soon – tricked into thinking the timing is “just right” . . . (when it’s NOT.)

So here are some tips to tell whether you’re REALLY ready to fly solo – and when it’s perfectly fine to stay where you are (at least for a little bit longer):

A. When Your BRAIN Tells You To Quit:

Brains are clever little buggers!

I love ‘em a LOT: don’t get me wrong. My Brain lets me drive my car, brush my teeth, type this article, and pick up the phone when my clients call.

Very cool.

But if you don’t understand how Brains REALLY operate, and you inadvertently let that cute little con-artist make major decisions for your life, you could find yourself in some seriously deep doody.

Important Tip #1:

Just because a Brain tells you something DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD BELIEVE IT!

Your Brain is nothing but a giant compilation of beliefs handed to you by utterly unenlightened people. No offense to your parents – I’m sure they meant well. But I’ve yet to meet someone who’s an offspring of the Buddha (or anything close).

Everyone walks around believing their Brains. And Brains do an AWESOME job at seducing you into doing so.

A Brain’s most important job is to convince you that it’s right. Always. No exceptions. (Even when it’s wrong over 99% of the time.)

But until you question every thought’s validity (instead of taking them at face-value like all the rest of the Zombie-Humans roaming the Earth), you can’t KNOW that those beliefs are “right” (even when it’s shouting otherwise).

(Check out Byron Katie’s work if you want to dive DEEP into this whole concept of REAL truth with a Capital “T”.)

Important Tip #2:

Just because your job feels lousy does NOT mean that you should quit.

“What? That’s CRAZY-TALK!”

I know. I know… bare with me:

Here’s the thing… When you’re torked off at your work. Cranky about your coworkers. Ticked at your supervisor. Or wasting away in a cubicle, you are majorly, utterly, outrageously OUT OF ALIGNMENT!

Your energy is Wonky. Weird. Twisted. Craperific.

And that’s all because you’re believing thoughts that are utterly different than how your SOUL views the same situation.

Feeling lousy tells you 1 thing and 1 thing only: You’re believing your Brain!

Making decisions from ANY state other than “bliss” causes you to make choices that are a MATCH to that wonkiness.

Yup. That means if you leave that job because you hate it – and that’s the major motivation to quit – you’re focused on what you DON’T want. And you’re almost guaranteed to get another gig just like it.

What you think about, you get more of. (Whether you like it, or not.)

Sure, you THINK you’re moving away from something lousy. But if you could look at yourself and your life energetically, you’d see the exact opposite is what’s REALLY taking place.

Always. Forever. Amen.

But… there’s another way…

B. When Your HEART Tells You To Quit

When your heart tells you to leave, it’s because you’re tuned-in, connected-to and aligned with your SOUL’S perspective.

You’re moving TOWARD a future that’s a match to your new, expanded Core-Self (effortlessly releasing everything else).

You’re feelin’ Zen. Happy. And a match to your Soul.

And that feels like a whisper. Stillness. A non-flashy less-than-uber-excited sort o’ state.

It’s something you can’t describe to anyone else. You just “KNOW.”

SPOILER ALLERT: the brain can disguise its cunning-self as feelings of: euphorial; elation; exuberance; and a I-Can-Conquer-The-World sort of attitude. Most women interpret this (seemingly) good-feeling state as “trustable” and “positive” (but it’s anything BUT).

Real TRUTH and trustable intuition is not a heady sort of energy. And it’s most definitely not manic.

It’s often just a calm “knowing” that it’s time. (Whether it makes sense or not.)

This heartfelt calling to leave may not be convenient. You may not know the next step, or have a clear plan, or money waiting in the bank.

That’s what makes this so tough: BOTH scenarios can look similar on the outside.

But it’s an inner feeling. A pull within you nudging you forward – and that comes from a profound connection to your Heart. Soul. Love. And “The All that Is”.

I know how you may be feeling: “Great, this broad has totally, utterly confused the pants off of me! NOW what do I do?

And my reply would be: “IT ACTUALLY DOESN’T MATTER!”

Sure, that may make me a bit of a hypocrite, from what I’ve said above. But there’s a method to my madness…here’s why:


No matter what you decide: to stay or to go; to turn left or turn right. They ALL can lead to the same end result.

Wacky, but true.

You can leave your job because of your Brain’s sneaky, sabotagy whispers – end up on a pretty bumpy road. But then at lightning speed, you can course-correct — until you’re back to smooth sailing once again.

You can focus on what you don’t want, run screaming from your job – AND at any moment you can make the decision to do things differently. To get aligned. To tune in, and make new, powerful choices for the rest of the journey…

I’ve followed my Brain COUNTLESS times! And I’ve lived to tell the tale. I’m sure you’d say the same thing…

In fact, some of those “Hot Water” situations have taught me the most priceless, life-changing lessons of my entire LIFE. (So heck – what could be so bad about THAT?)

So don’t sweat it. Just keep moving. That’s the most important thing at the end of the day.

But if you enjoy a challenge – and really love the feeling of things going smoothly; easily; joyfully more and more of the time — consider today’s insights. And apply them when you can.

And when you can’t? (Or don’t?) – forget about it. Pat yourself on the back. And keep enjoying the journey, no matter where your feet may roam.

I’ll leave you with my best advice: Practice, practice, practice! Look for small decisions you can test out every day. Get good at knowing which feelings “work”, and which lead to stress and chaos. Then you’ll be a SUPERSTAR when you find yourself standing before those big decisions and giant leaps.


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  1. gala
    Posted June 14, 2014 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    this text resonates so well with me..i don’t usually comment, but just want to let you know that this is the case with everything you’ve written since i started following you 2-3 years back..amazing 🙂

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