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Try THESE next time you’re feeling “Stuck”….

5 Simple Steps Guaranteed to Shift Even the Biggest Stuck-Spots Smart women get stuck each and every day. And getting stuck is NORMAL (although you brain tells you otherwise). So the name of the game isn’t to avoid life’s many roadblocks and challenges, but rather to learn how to maneuver through them more gracefully (and more quickly) each and every time. So what can  you do when you’ve hit a wall, and can’t seem to break free? What’s a smart, stuck woman to do? My favorite, fastest way to shift out of “reverse” and into “drive” is by doing this […]

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Only 1 Thing Separates YOU…from Me.

How 1 Small Thing Makes a World of Difference Across the board, I see 1 thing separating the movers-n-shakers from the residents of Stucksville – those lone soldiers unknowingly missing 1 key piece of info that affects the quality of their entire lives… and futures. And while it may be small, it’s obviously significant. With it, you thrive. Without it, you flounder. So what’s this mysterious missing link that holds smart women back each and every day? Support. And truthfully, I’m going to lose my marbles if I hear 1 more woman declare that she’s dying for change… yet refuses […]

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1 Thing your Soul has in Common with the Gym…

I was at the gym this morning listening to a great mp3 lecture, and an insight hit me… I’m sharing it here because I think you’ll dig it. Here’s the scoop: I go to the gym, eat pretty darn well, take deliciously long walks – all of which is a NEVER-ENDING process. (Sounds awful? – it’s actually great news – keep reading…). Here’s why I say that… Staying physically healthy isn’t just a 1-time deal. I don’t hit the gym for 18 hours straight and store up for the winter. I don’t eat well once, and call it a […]

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Ewwwwww….. Take off that Stinky Dress!

If Your Thoughts were like Clothes…How “Smelly” would You Be? I’m going to take you on a slightly odd journey today… So lay back, close your eyes, and picture your mind as a walk-in closet. (Stop giggling, and just do it!) A closet full of fashionable (and not so fashionable) wisdom where some things fit, some don’t. Some pieces you wish you could still fit into. Some you’ve forgotten entirely. There’s clothes that comfort, conceal and boost your confidence. And some you’d like to just burn. This freaky fashion show started the moment you popped into the world […]

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