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The Spaghetti-Hair-Mango Massacre…

Arguing the Case for Intuition: What Happens On Those Days When It’s Just Not Working Well? So here I am, multitasking (the NICE word for what was happening this morning). Frenetic scheduling. Frantic emailing. Attempting to strap a to-do list tourniquet around my hemorrhaging busy-business-brain. But the energetic bleeding wouldn’t stop… Sinking behind. Spiraling downward. (Or so my brain was dramatically ranting within my head.) Yup, I was having an hour from panicky Productivity-Hell. And while I profess to be a pretty darn intuitive gal, my brain was putting the kabosh on all-things-insightful. No matter how many THOUSANDS of intuitive […]

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What To Do When You’re Feeling Frazzled, Fried and Flustered.  Feeling overwhelmed. A common feeling for many of us… But why does 1 person stress, freak or go into overload – while another person just rolls right through their to-do list? If it ever feels like you’ve got 1 foot on the break — and one foot on the gas — while trying to move your life forward… You are NOT alone. This usually has roots in early childhood. But that’s fora  longer, deeper chat. In the meantime, let’s look at what tends to happen: You stress, worry, waste time, […]

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SuperCat Catches Treats With Her Bare Paws!

Yup, this is what we do for fun every single morning . . . Shmee goes CRAZY if she doesn’t get a chance to strut her feline fabulousness every single morning. I’ll post more videos as I catch her brilliance in the act – normally she catches 75% of her treats either directly into her mouth, or catching them mid-air and bringing them to her mouth — without them touching the ground! Ah, an Unstoppably-talented kitty, indeed… […]

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4 Tarot Cards Taught Me to Be a REAL Woman

What 4 Cards Taught Me About Love, Womanhood, Romance and Life I’ve been reading tarot cards since I was a kid. My mom remembers the day I discovered them back when my childhood friend, Jennifer was the first to introduce me to all-things “Woo”. Now, I’m no tarot-wiz-bang… Over the decades, I’ve dabbled here and there, take classes now and then, and use the cards in my personal life (sometimes whipping them out when I’m doubting my intuition regarding a client challenge – just to confirm what I’m sensing inside). But after a recent discussion with my longtime […]

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A Fender-Bender Landed Me Dinner for Two

Following Hunches and Leading With Love Innocently Ended in the Sweetest Surprise! So I’m at a wine bar in my neighborhood late last night — sitting at the outdoor bar overlooking the street (delighting in some seriously-great people-watching)… and *CRACK*!!!!!! = a parking car smacks right into the front end of the car behind it [a pristine, sparkling-black beauty of a vehicle, fyi]… making a noise that definitely didn’t sound “good”… : ( The driver obliviously, and aggressively, wedges into the spot… gets out of his car… and without even a glance, heads to the nearby BBQ joint on the […]

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