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4 Secret Steps When They Say: “I Can’t Afford You!”

An Advanced Technique to Turn an Ideal Prospect Into a Client (Even If They’re “Broke”) Money, payments and pricing. These are challenging topics for most heart-centered entrepreneurs. It can make even the most unstoppable woman shudder — especially when she hears these dreaded words: “I just can’t afford you!” Thing is: When people say this, it’s RARELY true. Why, just the other day a woman vowed she had 0 money to her name — and 24 hours later had paid-in-full for my 6-month program. (Go figure.) When you have your own heart-centered business, having solid, confident skills when sharing your […]

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“LOVE” = The New Business Model

How Falling in Love with your Prospects Reaps the Best Financial Rewards Love. It’s what makes the world go round. Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in life’s many details and fast-paced distractions. But when people come to the ends of their lives, it’s always love that counts most. And since how you do 1 thing is how you do EVERYTHING — why not apply this to how your run your heart-based business? Because I’ll tell you a little secret: Those who can connect most deeply and intimately with their prospective clients are the ONLY entrepreneurs that will survive […]

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The “SPIRITUALITY” of Making Moolah…

How to Change Your Thoughts About Wealth — So You Attract Better Clients, More Money + Endless Freedom For centuries rich folks have gotten a bad rap. Because of this, smart women have been sabotaging their careers and finances due to limited, lousy thinking  — thinking handed down from 1 unenlightened (yet well-meaning) generation to the next. …Generations taught to believe that there were only 2 ways of being:
  1. Rich, Arrogant Tyrants
  2. Poor Spiritual Souls
And while things are changing, I still find that most women still (secretly) operate off of these oppressive, outdated money modalities. And it’s doing nothing […]

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The Fear of Death will Ruin your Biz

How this (Seemingly) Unrelated Phobia Can Wreak Hidden Havoc There is an ironic (and slightly amusing) phenomenon running rampant across the planet — a seemingly-normal (yet totally paralyzing) phobia that wrecks more lives, missions, and businesses than just about anything else: The fear of death. And every time someone close to me dies, it reminds me of this fact all the more. So to honor my friend Brian who left the physical world last week, it feels only right to honor his memory by kicking YOU (lovingly) in the butt — because you never know how long you’ve got. […]

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