Your Thoughts Are the ONLY Thing Standing Between You and Your Soul’s Wisdom

Angry little girlI remember back to 3rd grade art class . . .

Little girls on either side of me were whispering “I’m just no good at art!”

And that always made me scratch my head.

Sure, drawing and painting always came easily to me. But when I’d look down at their little 3rd grade creations, even I knew that their artwork was a-o-tay.

In fact, with a little practice, they all could have been pretty gosh-darn great!

But they’d already bought into some pretty crappy thinking. Yup, starting all the way back in third grade.

They’d decided that if they weren’t Picassos by elementary school’s end, they were hanging up their crayons and finger paints. Forever.

The older I get, the more adults keep climbing aboard this creaky, creepy, stink-o bandwagon…

“I’m not good at music.”

“I’m suck at math.”

“I’m a terrible writer.”

And now, as I launch my new Intuitive You™ training, I’m hearing the same ol’ thing once again:

“I’m just not very intuitive.”

So when I got this sweet, LOVELY email from a woman in Australia this week, I knew it was time to address this, once and for all.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Stephanie, I know I can’t be as intuitive as you — you’ve got a special gift. But still, I just don’t think I’ve got what it takes to develop my intuition, even just a little. I doubt it will be worth my time to even pursue it…”


That statement made my heart hurt as I read it. (But BOY, do I get it!)

I could have written the same thing 15+ years ago. No doubt. Thing is, she couldn’t be more wrong about her statement.

Yet until you get real-life results, and you give yourself permission to dream big in this area, I get that it’s tough to believe intuition could become a strong part of your life. That used to be me once, too.

But the double-edge sword is that if you don’t hold out some hope, and keep those intuitive dreams alive inside, most women just give up, and never give it a go… If they don’t find themselves instantly in the “naturally-extraordinary intuitive” category, they just give up.

It’s no different than how people give up on art, or music, if they aren’t born a child prodigy.

But that is total B.S. all-or-nothing thinking.

Sheesh, most of the talents I use, teach and revere most on a daily basis were NOT things that came effortlessly, easily or “naturally” to me.

…Quite the opposite.

And with the right mix of desire, and elbow grease, you too can develop skills and talents — in ANY area (not just around intuition)!

So if you’ve ever desired to become intuition, have been fascinated with the world’s gifted psychics, or are simply drawn to the topic (without even knowing “why”) = TRUST IT!

Those passions are likely whispers from your Soul — nudging you lovingly toward a path, and a tool, that is key to your divine journey.

But while your Soul can nudge you all day long, at the end of the day you’ve got to DO something with those wonderful whispers. You’ve got to take action, learn, practice and put it to work in your life.

That was my journey. And I’ll bet money it’s how your intuitive journey will roll, too.

If you think the rewarding parts of life are (or should) come easily, think again.

The people you admire most probably didn’t come by their fabulousness by twiddling their thumbs or sitting around waiting for things to land in their lap. They followed a calling, faced their fears, stretched themselves into new, unknown territory, and practiced their craft until it looks like “perfection” to those of us watching in awe…

Things that are the MOST rewarding, valued and cherished are often those things that end up showing you what you are really made of. What you’re REALLY capable of creating.

Who would want it any other way?

And of all the dreams I’ve pursued in my life, intuition has been the most rewarding one to date.

It could be yours, too.

So don’t toss intuition aside just because you don’t understand it, have been taught you’re “not good enough” to embrace it, or don’t know where to begin your development. Those are just noodly details and gaps that life is more-than-delighted to fill in — once you commit to the path.

Life always brings you the answers, and the Teachers, as your inner Student wakes up within…

If you have a passion for becoming more intuitive, come over and consider hanging out with me, and some other wonderfully-committed, Soulful women over the next few months as we dive deep and help you strengthen your own natural intuitive muscles in my upcoming Intuitive You™ 12-week training…


It is going to be a TOTAL blast. And you probably won’t recognize yourself by the end.

Or if you have another passion that you’ve put off, squashed flat, or believed you couldn’t pursue — do SOMETHING (even the teesiest step!) today to move that desire forward. There is nothing more toxic to a woman’s life than sitting on her dreams, and not following her inner-calling…

Blah. Phooey!

Have questions about intuition, or the upcoming Intuitive You™ training?…

Leave them in the comment section below, or join me for a live Q+A call happening Wednesday, December 3rd:

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