Are Vaccines BAD? Hear a SURPRISING Answer…

A client asked me a question recently about the safety of vaccines, and her concern over immunization, in general… So I tossed it out to my Guides, and here’s what I heard:

QUESTION: “Tell me about vaccines….”


“They are antigens that create a chaos response throughout the body to trigger an immune reaction — to strengthen your system against attack in the future. The only reason vaccines are lethal or toxic is when combined with dangerous chemicals that do not serve the overall desired results. When purely created, they can be immensely beneficial. But most vaccines do not have this pure expression. Do not fret too much over immunization, as the negative side effects from the additional toxins mostly are eliminated from your bodies in subsequent days following most immunization dosages. Try to stay focused on the healing benefits when taking any medication, as this aligns you with the proper potency, type, and strain of immunization or any other chemically created healing tool. God comes in all forms – even through medicine. It is up to you to become savvy in intuitively understanding which directions and choices to make throughout your life so that you may benefit from your world, and not fall prey to situations, substances and people that do not serve you.”

Hope this perspective might be helpful for you – or anyone else reading.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is NOT intended as medical advice. Nor is it necessarily “accurate” information… it is always your job to discern what is TRUE for you. Do not ever use anything I say, or what any other person or intuitive says, as “The Word of God“… Use them as guidelines and tools, if they speak to you. NEVER EVER give your power away to anyone… not even me!

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