Why Most Women are Still Using Only 1% of Their Potential — and How to Crack Yourself Open To 100% of Support, Answers and Guidance Available To You

beautiful young girl in little room. creative conceptNobody likes playing small.

Blah. Gag. Phooey.

In fact, we’d all like to think we’re out there in the world –– living life to it’s fullest.

BUT THE Shocking truth: Even though you literally have an entire Universe at your fingertips –– most women are still only tapping into (less than) 1% of what’s ACTUALLY available.

Yucko-Frowny-Pants . . .

It’s time to crack you open to a wide new world of possibilities – so you can dream bigger, get answers faster, and receive a ton of (invisible) support. Day or night.

So today I want to tell you a little story about a ladybug – then teach you one super-simple 2-minute intuitive exercise that will flip your work (and world) upside-down.

So let’s just imagine that there’s a beautiful ladybug named Lucy who’s spends her entire life inside 1 small room. It’s the same room that her parents, grandparents and great grandparents grew up in, too. It’s all her ladybug family has ever known…

And that Lucy is a dreamer! (Much like yourself.) She longs to travel the world — and her heart especially flutters at the thought of visiting Japan one sweet day.

“But how in the WORLD could I ever get to Japan?” thinks Lucy as she scratched one of her polka-dots on the tippy-top of her head.

“Why, it takes me a whole DAY to walk across just this 1 room!!! I could NEVER make it all the way to Japan . . .” And Lucy lays down, defeated on the floor, as her dreams fade away with each exhale of her sad little Soul.

But since Lucy has only ever known the world within the 4 walls of her small little room, she has no idea about the big, wide world outside her door.

She believes that if she wants something in life, she’s got to go out there and MAKE it happen. All by herself. Even though she’s just a sweet lil’ bug in a big ol’ world. . .

But what Lucy doesn’t realize is that her small 1-room apartment is just 1itty-bitty space inside a big, giant, sprawling skyscraper (1,000+ floors high)!

No one ever told her that just down the hall — and in all the countless floors above her head — are LOADS of folks who would loooooove to help Lucy make her way to Japan – all without lifting one of her delicate red, polka-dotted wings.

If Lucy would just ask, she has neighbors who:

  • Work for UPS — and can overnight her to Japan – safe and sound in her own luxury cardboard cruiser.
  • Have relatives in Japan — who could pick her up upon arrival, and show her all around town.
  • Are “bug travel” experts — knowing exactly what foods and provisions to arrange so Lucy would stay warm and feeling well during her exciting journey.

… and that list goes on infinitely!!!

Ladybug On A FingerAnd you too are just like Lucy…

If you just remember to reach out — and ask for help now and then from all the invisible Beings surrounding you day and night — your own soulful-skyscraping-neighbors would swoop in to assistance you.

…It’s what they’re DESIGNED to do!

Woman carrying heavy boxesBut unfortunately most women are trained to go it alone. And this outdated modality is causing burn-out, exhaustion, struggle and stress.

Thing is: That’s NOT a sustainable way to roll (or much fun, either).

So if you’re out there running yourself ragged — and working hard, blazing trails, efforting, striving and pushing to do more, more, MORE! — then it’s time to wake up to the endless resources all around you.

So here’s a quick 2-minute exercise to try out the next time you sit down to work, or are simply needing some support:


The next time you’re starting your day, opening your computer, or hitting a road-bump, just take 2 minutes to hold your very own “Team Meeting”.

Close your eyes, and imagine that you’re surrounded by your Spiritual Family — those wise, invisible helpers that are at your beck-and-call, 24-7.

Now, you may have already developed a relationship with your “Team”. Or maybe you’re brand-new to this wonderfully Woo-Woo concept. Either way, it will still work wonders!

Simply see yourself surrounded by a field of supportive Beings – and delegate whatever you need to your own private team of outrageous-experts.

Maybe you’re: 

— struggling to stay focused and productive.

— stressing out over a technical computer issue.

— needing support in eating healthfully or exercising regularly 

— wanting another client, or more money in the bank.

— desiring some creative insights + inspiration so you can finally write your book.

WHATEVER it is = simply assign the task to your team, and trust that they’ll take care of it.

Sure, you may feel silly doing this. You might think you’re just making things up. That’s totally normal in the beginning…but don’t let that get in your way.

Learning to connect into the vast, loving world outside your teensy 3-D reality not only helps you feel less alone (and more connected!) — but also can provide your Team with the opportunity to:

  • Hand you specific answers
  • Coordinate miracles
  • Arrange for a new, perfect client
  • Help attract more money
  • Download new creative concepts

… or endless other pretty darn groovy tidbits like these!

You just have to get into the habit of doing it.

If not? You’re missing out, Sweet-Cakes! There are experts on EVERY SUBJECT and SKILL — just waiting to swoop in and help.

So start delegating your desires, questions, frustrations and fears over to Beings far more equip to handle these things than little ol’ you.

…It’s time to learn to turn the BIG stuff over to the BIG guns!

You may be SHOCKED at the results of just this one activity over the coming weeks + months. I’m eager to hear your results….

Just drop your stories and questions into the comment box below!

And we’ll explore lots more ways you can tune in, and get answers in upcoming articles – so stay tuned for more!


© Copyright 2014 Stephanie McWilliams LLC

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