Why Does Everything Smell Like Phoenix-Poop?


Hey there, Beautifully Unstoppable-Soul!

If you’ve been wondering where the heck this redhead disappear to: I’ve been busy “Deathing-and-Re-Birthing” myself . . . over and over and over and over . . . for the past many, many months. Whew.

As the title of this email suggests: after last year’s painful heartbreak that cracked open my inner “Pandora’s Box o’ Hidden Pain” –– I’ve risen myself from the ashes so many times, that now I’m sitting here surrounded by countless steamin’ piles of Phoenix-poop . . .

(The BIRD, not the city, silly . . . )

Some may call what I’ve been through: an Ascension. Or a Spiritual Awakening. Or a Dark Night of the Soul. . . . Or just a reeeeeeeeeeeeally shitty time!  : )

Whatever it was, I’ve been doing nothing short of DISMANTLING myself, from head to toe — while subsequently trying to figure out how to put myself back together again. (With NO instruction manual . . . Oy. )

The CRAZY thing about life is: If you’re dodging an issue, or inadvertently blocking your Soul’s mission — the Universe has a wildly-genius way of choreographing challenges, heartbreaks, health issues or outright catastrophes . . . custom-designed to get you unjammed in a jiffy!


But on top of all that, this HUGE rebirth has also included things like:

• Leaving San Diego (at least for now)
• Giving away almost everything I own
• Getting married (sort of: I’ll explain soon!)
• Traveling back to my childhood roots
• Blasting open my intuitive abilities
• And writing a book about it ALL!

. . . All while still working with my beautiful Unstoppable clients. 

But the wildest part is: I’ve met so many soulful gal-pals and clients over the past two years that have been going through this SAME kind of turn-you-inside-out and flip-your-world-upside-down sort o’ transformation, too.

(So you’re definitely NOT alone if you’ve been facing some pretty tough stuff lately . . . and I’ll actually explain WHY in upcoming writings and webinars!)

Thru this recent challenge (and the endless insights from my Guides) I’m FINALLY embracing the fact that:

EVERYTHING (even the most painful stuff) is here to SERVE your Soul.

Always. No exceptions.

The challenge is just to know WHY it’s there, HOW to learn from it, and WHAT to do to turn it to your advantage!

But trust me: I do NOT expect you to believe that — especially if you’re in the midst of your own personal Shit-Storm right now . . .

Yet I’ve come to believe in my bones that life actually loves you and I MORE than we could ever know. And quite often that “love” comes in the form of things we mislabel as: bad, wrong, painful, hurtful, humiliating, betraying, heartbreaking, lonely or outright Suck-o-Rama!

And I can honestly say that NOTHING but the heartbreak I experienced last year could have EVER forced me to finally learn what self-love REALLY, TRULY meant . . . (and how little of it I actually had).


. . . Ironic how those Spiritual Shit-Storms work, ain’t it!?

But someone from my mailing list, who had a private intuitive session with me recently, said:

“Stephanie, I wish you would have been sharing more about your journey with all of us in the newsletter . . . it’s FASCINATING what you’ve been going through!”

Which was true: Only my ongoing private clients and closest confidants knew the depth of the transformation I’ve been stumbling and fumbling through . . . mostly in the dark.

My response was:

While I would have LOVED to have shared it all –– it just did NOT feel possible at the time . . . “

Because basically: I was literally dismantle aspects of my subconscious-self that had been WAAAAAY WONKY my entire adult life (without even ME being aware of it!) — a hefty job which took ALL of my energy and focus. . . .

And is definitely still an ongoing process, fo’ sho’.

(Who knew transformation has a life . . and time-table! . .  of it’s own?)

As you may already know about me: I take my behind-the-scenes spiritual work VERY seriously… It’s the foundation of EVERYTHING I share here with you, and with my amazingly heroic clients.

And if I would have attempted to teach or share with you WHILE going through this tough time, I was afraid that it would limit, slow-down or block my own healing experience.

So I committed my process 10,000% –– to what has been by far the TOUGHEST leg of my spiritual journey, to date. (And if you know my story, that’s REALLY saying something.)

But I’m SOOOO glad I did: because now I get to bring all this expanded awareness and wild intuitive insights into my practice –– and the results my clients are getting is nothing less than MIND-BLOWING. Truly . . . As they bravely heal life-times of wounds around: love, money, worth, confidence, purpose, intuition, etc.

So Kudos to the Almighty Mama-in-the-Sky for that soulfully-sneaky, uber-loving SHIT-STORM she placed sneakily into my lap:

. . . Fist-bumps, High-Fives and Hip-Hip-Hoorahs to her wise-n-wacky ways!!!! 

And thanks a MILLION to Y-O-U . . . for patiently awaiting my return. Staying committed to yourself. Hanging in there through the tough stuff in your OWN life. And being all-around “Unstoppable” . . .

(Even if you don’t feel that way, or realize that you ARE!)

I’ll share loads more soon about this profound, humbling and healing experience — But for now I’m sending HUGE buckets of overflowing love your way . . .


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