Your “Sensitivity” IS Your Super-Power!

Stop Turning Away from your Soulful Strengths – and Start Tuning Into Them Instead.

Young fit brunette meditating isolated on whiteI was talking to a few women last week who all said the same FASCINATING thing to me:

“I’m a very spiritual woman, and a very sensitive person – but I have NO interest in becoming intuitive.”

Now I say this with love, but: What a super-stinky boat-load o’ hoo-hah.

I hate to break it to them, but: being “sensitive” IS being intuitive.

And you can NOT fully embrace your spiritual side without becoming more intuitive, too.

Boy, the words “intuitive” and “psychic” are in desperate need of a new PR person –– because way too many smart, soulful, modern women still have some pretty screwed up, outdated, crystal-ball-gazin’ ideas of what all this actually means.

Call it whatever you want . . . but intuition, at it’s core, is simply the natural byproduct of having a deep, rich, intimate connection with your very own Soul, and all the other Divine Dimensions.

So sister, it’s time that today’s spirituality 2.0 got kicked up a notch. Look out, world –– here comes Spirituality 3.0!

Today I want to show you how intuition is a REQUIREMENT for your spiritual journey. Not some weirdo parlor trick, or doing psychic readings to make a buck.

That poopie perspective is what’s kept intuition out of the hands of wonderful, wise, mission-driven women like yourself for FAR too long.

It’s time you saw it as an utterly natural extension of every true, powerful spiritual path. (Because it is!)

Try to dodge it, and you will be seriously missing out on the glorious goodness and invisible wonder that is everywhere you turn.

Are You “Sensitive”…or are you “Intuitive?”

Beautiful  girl with yellow flowers. green backgroundFirst, let’s talk about “sensitivity”…

Being “sensitive” just means that the energetic influences in the world around you affect you more than most.

Your intuitive-antennae is bigger, broader, and more fine-tuned — allowing you to relate to subtle sensations and signals from the people and places in your life.

You may:

  • Empathize more deeply with others
  • Feel more pain when others are suffering
  • Lose your focus if there’s a lot of activity around you
  • Have a tough time being in crowds, or around stressed-out grumpy folks
  • Feel strong emotions wash over you (for no apparent reason)

And I could go on and on and on…

But most people actually use the word “sensitive” when:

  1. Their abilities aren’t fine-tuned enough to feel like a full-blown “intuitive”
  2. They have a wonky relationship with the word “intuitive” (and prefer not to wear the label)

But in most every circumstance I’ve ever seen, “sensitive woman” ARE intuitive women –– and it’s about time we all learned to LOVE IT!

Here’s why:

Intuition is the VERY DOORWAY into your spirituality.

stressed young woman holding a telephoneThink about what “spirituality” means to most of us:

It’s that elusive, all-encompassing, wise, benevolent presence that inspires, guides and supports us along our Human adventure.

But the relationship we have WITH that benevolences has a bit to be desired. Sure, it’s great to be aware of Source energy. It’s awesome to ask, pray and send out our wish-lists to the Universe…

But while all that is wonderful (and helpful) – it’s still only half the picture.

“It’s Time to Stop Talking . . . And Time to Start LISTENING.”

Most spiritual practices are like holding up the phone to your mouth, and yapping orders to your Soul (but never once putting the receiver up to your ear so you can actually HEAR what it has to say in response).

Most EVERY WOMAN I know (and I know a LOT of spiritual women) are having a 1-way conversation with the Divine.


Intuition is simply the act of LISTENING.

It’s opening yourself up, and fine-tuning your beautiful sensitivity, so you can receive clear, loving and life-changing insights…straight from Source itself.

Intuition is having a 2-way conversation directly with God.

So many women I talk to also think that becoming “intuitive” means you’re going to turn into one of “those” people – and  start reading fortunes, seeing ghosts, dressing funny (and getting banished from all family gatherings).

But that has little to do with what intuition really is (but unfortunately that’s the only role model many have ever seen).

…It’s time to ditch all o’ that!

If you want to:

  • Feel intimately connected to your own Soul – so you never feel lonely again
  • Hear loving guidance from the Higher Realms – guiding you toward what your Soul desires most
  • See the easiest pathway to what you want most – so you get what you want, FASTER!
  • Feel safe, guided and loved, 24-7 – so you boldly live out your mission
  • Not sweat the small stuff – because you see the REAL “big picture”
  • See the profound depth and goodness in EVERY human being — experiencing more unconditional love than you ever thought possible

… Then welcome to the Intuitive Club.

EVERY woman can do this.

Becoming intuitive is not hard.

You don’t have to be “special”. (And you don’t have to turn into a Wackadoodle, either.)

You and I, and the rest of the world, are all made up of the very same stuff: We’re just big watery bags of cells – all animated by The One. The All. The Infinite.

So gosh-golly: if you want to be more spiritual…more intuitive… more tapped in — it’s your birthright. It’s who you are at your core.

The Side-Benefit of Becoming More Intuitive

The coolest thing is: In order to become more intuitive, you’ll likely be…

  • Raising your vibration
  • Flushing out old blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Feeling more alive, aligned and vibrant
  • Standing in a solid state of faith and trust
  • Opening your heart wide, and feeling more love

Sheesh: That’s like winnin’ the lottery twice!!!!

Feelin’ good AND hangin’ with Source? Ooooh baby: SIGN ME UP!!!!

And of course the best way I can help you with all this is to join my upcoming Intuitive You™ Training – starting next Tuesday, December 9th.

Take a look at the program here:

(Note: I don’t have any set plans to teach this again… so jump in while you can! It will be the ride of your life… in a safe, gentle, loving (super-fun) environment.)

I hope you’ll be joining me, Beautiful!





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